Seth Rollins goes berserk, destroying “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, Oct. 14, 2019

>>Hello fireflies. [LAUGH] Seth, I saw you. [SOUND] Yowie wowie, I saw you. [LAUGH] People say really
mean things about you, but I think, you’re strong. And I think you’re brave,
and you’re definitely smart. But please, you have to understand,
he never forgets.>>[SOUND] Dude, dude. Seth’s coming here right now. And he looks really mad. I’m scared, man.>>Rambling, it’s okay. I promise. Everything’s gonna be fine. You’re safe, so please,
trust me and go play, okay? Go, go on, go play, it’s all fine. [LAUGH] And remember. He keeps us safe here.>>Aah.
[NOISE]>>This is not, good, no, no, no.>>[SOUND] This is not good.>>Seth, please dude, no, no.>>I can’t watch this. Please stop. [NOISE] What have you done?>>Seth. Why are you doing this to me? Please Seth, please stop it-
>>Aah. [NOISE] Burn it down.>>[SOUND] [LAUGH]

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  1. When the Abby the witch painting was burnt but remained on the wall with nothing but black….

    Just like Liv Morgan’s Twitter pic🧐

    Clue or coincidence? Let me know what u think

  2. If the Bray doesnt win the Universal Title after all this BS then Im gonna be pissed. Why cant you just let a great character shine for once? Turning Seth into Super Reigns.

  3. RIP seth Rollins anger management 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭see you again-wiz khalifa

  4. My theory: the funhouse was the only thing keeping the Fiend from taking over Bray completely. Also, tying into Bray's tweet here, the line "how did you get here, are you dead" is intriguing. My theory on that is Seth has "Let Him In" and embraced his inner Darkness. This may lead to a more even match between him and the Fiend but I guess we'll have to wait. But I absolutely love the angle they are playing with these characters.

  5. Bray Wyatt Trying To Plea With Seth Rollins* *Seth Rollins Trying To Murder Bray Wyatt With Fire 🔥 😱🤯💀👻*

  6. Vince your not gonna get people to boo Bray and cheer Seth. Face it you killed them at Hell in a cell. The quicker that title gets of Rollins the better.

  7. Brays tweet basically confirms that the funhouse isn’t gone he said he forgives Seth but ‘they’ don’t referenceing mercy,huskus and Abby

  8. I never used to notice bray before too much but now he's one of my favorite. If he doesn't win the universal championship then WWE ruined his character lol.

  9. hmm A) This is a way to (I love the fiend but i like seeing just Bray too) remove Bray from the equations and JUST have The Fiend… or B) This shows Bray is unstable and "Seth is in Bray's head" …

  10. WWE won't stop till they completley messed Bray Wyatt's character. They had the opportunity to put him over against Cena,Taker, …oh well

  11. The Fiend wanted this. Notice the laugh at the end. Side note, are the funhouse characters free to roam now that the funhouse is burned down? They are no longer contained. There has to be a twist here.

  12. I think Vince's life goal is to ruin everything the fan love! And ya wonder why the ratings have plummeted over the years..

  13. Why do I feel so bad when bray asked a genuine question, “why are you doing this to me?” and then “please Seth” he was pleading almost crying, that was one of the weirdest moments ever, like what is going on?

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