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The relationship that I want
to talk about today is that sexual relationship that God
blesses husbands and wives with in a marriage. Sex is a wonderful gift from
God that He wants you to share with just one person. So I’m going to give you five
seconds to come up with a list of all the other gifts that
God gives that he wants you to share with just one person. Are you ready? Okay, so far, your list is perfect. Although to be fair, I wouldn’t
be able to hear your answers coming through the camera anyway. There are no other gifts that
God gives that he wants you to share with just one
person. Think about it. Your time and your talents,
your money, God’s word, all these things he wants
you to share with everyone. Now some people will give
the answer that well children that’s something that you
only share as husband and wife. But when people say that
usually I pull up my phone, and I start showing pictures of my kids and I talk about how
when they were babies, everyone loved to hold
them and it made them feel so good. In other words in a way
children are something we can share with others as well. But sex, no sex is the
one gift that God gives that he wants you to share
with just one person. And so what does that tell you about God’s gift of sex and marriage? It’s special. And he wants to keep it as a special gift that husbands, and wives can give each other. And that’s maybe
something to realize, too, that sex is not a dirty word. It’s a wonderful gift from God. The only reason that
word gets tainted is when we use it in a way that is foreign to God’s design. Think of it this way: is fire a good thing? Well, in a fireplace, absolutely. The home I live in now is the
first home I’ve ever lived in that has a fireplace. It is amazing. It’s like wearing a blanket all the time. But what about fire in the curtains? Okay, that’s disaster, right? The same is true with sex. Sex is a wonderful blessing
of God inside of a marriage. But outside of it, it’s disaster. God designed sex as a gift
that husbands and wives can give to each other in a special way. This is what he says in
1 Corinthians 7. The wife’s body does
not belong to her alone, but also to her husband. In the same way the husband’s
body does not belong to him alone, but also to his wife. Only in marriage can sexual
intercourse be that special gift that husbands and wives give each other. Only in marriage, can
sex be husband and wife beautifully expressing that
the two have become one flesh. Now, maybe, maybe you’re one who has, has not used sex in the way that God designed it to be. Does that mean that you
are not going to be able to give that as a special
gift to your spouse one day, or that you’re tainted forever? I’ll answer that by by leaving
you with a few passages. God says to you, though
your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. And he says, “For I will
forgive your wickedness “and will remember your sins no more.” And he says if we confess our
sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Because of Jesus, you are white as snow. Because Jesus paid for
your sins on the cross. He doesn’t remember them anymore. Because of Jesus’ perfect
faithfulness for you, you are pure. Let’s pray. Lord God, thank you for the
blessing of sex and marriage. Help us to appreciate the
beauty of this blessing and handle it with care and
purity in our marriages. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen. Thanks for watching today. Today we talked about
the sexual relationship that God blesses husbands and wives with inside of a marriage. Give us your tips, post them below. How do you explain to your
teenage dating children that the blessing of sex
is meant only for marriage? Comment below and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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