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  1. Yes San Francisco politicians need to focus on priorities like decadent lady Gaga concerts, football and lighting buildings in team colors. Also lavish parties are really good to show public when most of us are struggling and don’t forget the homeless problems in San Francisco with the Feces, syringes, filth and disease.

  2. SN francisco the city had nothing to do with the niners they play in santa clara. The mayor of santa clara should be there not her

  3. SF keep electing liberal socialists like Breed and expects her to fix the high crime sheety city but she rather party on the tax payers dime.

  4. so how many anti Americans will go or watch on tv ? i haven’t seen a game since 9ers start the take a anti America knee crap

  5. Phucking no shame… You have 100,000 homeless and do nothing politicians are living the dream…
    Yo yo yo…she talks just like a welfare ghetto queen..

  6. After the private jet and stretch limo travel to party with Lady Gaga, SF mayor will jump back on the private jet, head back home here to Ca, no doubt, join her fellow democrats and resume in lambasting Americans for their basic energy and transportation – necessities.

  7. “The 100ks Ca homeless, tons of trash and heroin needles all over Ca streets, countless piles of human feces, rats and typhus… could not be reached for comment…. “

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