[SF MuVi] SF9 1st Anniversary : Soul Friendship 9 ①

Ta-dah Oh~ I got this person Da Won’s profile written by Young Bin! Let’s begin Do you know the meaning of Da Won’s name? Da Won is a genuine Korean word It means that many people want him So it means to be loved and wanted by many people Lee Da Won Da Won’s birthday is July 24th. Right? Yes it is And yours is July 12th Nah~ Yes Clothes Clothes Collection of clothes He’s a collector. Collecting clothes Ha You’re not very good at talking lol Da Won buys a lot of clothes He buys a lot and stores it at home He doesn’t really wear them Hobby is taking care of younger ones. Oh! This is actually his specialty Is there any specialty as a celebrity? (Cries) Da Won is a born entertainer And I believe that you all know that he is When I call Da Won I say “Hey, Lee Da Won” I don’t have a nickname for him. Should we make one now? Won Da! Won da~ He’s in charge of talents that cannot be contained But in truth it’s just chaos You know the mom fromHe kind of looks like her Da Won’s habit is I know this one for sure When he feels guilty He does this laugh. Awkward laugh Heheh Heheh He does the lip thing too Puff Puff He’s embarrassed of himself Can I tell the truth? Really honeslty? He was very happy that a dance lesson was canceled No it was just a lesson When he heard that ‘Just a lesson’ was canceled Hooray!!!!!! This sound you are hearing is the sound of happiness that Lee Da Won (23 years old, Male) who lives in Seoul makes when a lesson has been canceled I want to go to Cheonghakdong Village. I want to go to Cheonghakdong Village with Da Won I bet Da Won cannot bear it Things I want to say to Da Won Always smiles Gives smiles Thank you for that positive energy Da Won’s profile written by Young Bin ends Yes, Hello. This is In Seong Are you an anchorman? Lol People in the back please be quite Help me from there. Don’t play around In Seong picked Cha Ni Cha Ni’s nickname Cha Ni’s just a baby. Baby Snorlax, a sloth Cha Ni is in charge of Looking similar to Young Bin in SF9 Do you have a conscience? Young Bin’s opinion. Strongly! Young Bin’s Opinion One word that comes to mind when you see Cha Ni Sigh~ A lot of meanings in the sigh Cha Ni’s interest is dance. He likes to dance And he’s been practicing singing a lot recently He practices singing a lot recently Dance, singing. But when you think of it, we are singers Isn’t it natural that we are interested in dance and singing? No it’s not about that, it’s the passion that never fades Dictation Am I the one who’s writing? Cha Ni’s profile? Yes You’re writing almost all of it Oh! Cha Ni’s also interested in clothes these days But… Isn’t it also natural that he’s interested in that? Cha Ni’s habit Ah~ Ah~hyung! These kind of exclamations When Cha Ni laughs He has his unique facial expression and tone Like this Cha Ni looks his happiest when he…sleeps? When he eats When he dances Cha Ni’s very simple Cha Ni’s sleeping here right now Again? When Cha Ni looks his happiest.mp4 Things I want to say to Cha Ni Work hard as you always have Stay as our cutie You’re ending this with a warming note huh? Of course Please stay as our cutie I love you Um… The End! Lol Hwi Young! Lol Oh, You’re writing about me? Yes. I got you Please write well Hwi Young’s birthday is May 11th, 1999 I can’t get this wrong because I celebrated his birthday Hwi Young watches movies quite often Our hobbies match So we often went to movie theaters to watch movies together Hwi Young’s specialty is that he’s comfortable to be around? He’s a bit shy But he tends to talk to people first It’s sometimes annoying But he makes people around him very comfortable. Other people Hwi Young’s nickname is prince? Young master? He has that luxurious vibe to him? Hwi Young is the connecting link between the members in SF9 There’s an age gap between hyung and maknae There’s a generation gap Maknaes don’t know ‘Gold Robot Goldrun’ But Hwi Young is the only one who knows The only one who knows out of all maknaes. The mangas we read when we were young We have two swaggers in our team Ro Woon calls himself a swagger You know the world ‘Gue Sah Seh.’ The world that they live in In our team we have ‘Jih Sah Seh.’ The world only he lives in That ‘Jih Sah Seh’ is Zu Ho Actually there’s one more person. But I won’t tell you Someone with the initials DW… To get back to the point Hwi Young’s been visiting Zu Ho’s practice room a lot recently He’s learnt the swag of ‘Jih Sah Seh’ His shoulder lines were parallel before Left Right He bounces it in four-four time rhythm now… He’s become real HIP HOP So I watched and thought Oh, hyung is teaching him well And realized why early education is important Hwi Young’s recent interest is The next album Of course, the other members and our company are working hard on our next album But Hwi Young especially Comes up with ideas and questions that he thinks of He doesn’t have a lot of habits but Hwi Young’s a little When he’s normally sitting People usually Have their back straight But Hw Young’s body is bent So when I call Hwi Young His body turns like this If I were to exaggerate a little? Cha Ni, when do you think Hwi Young looks his happiest? When he’s with me Nonsense Hyung will tell you when Hwi Young looks his happiest When he’s watching a movie with me You leaving? Cha Ni leaves Oh! Going sauna Hwi Young wants to go to sauna so badly. With all nine of us I want to go to sauna with Hwi Young someday Things I want to say to Hwi Young Thank you for being a link between the members and trying to get rid of generation gap in SF9 What else do I need to say. You are the only one I need Draws Hwi Young Hwi Young’s profile written by Jae Yoon Completed

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  1. I love you boys ❤️❤️ You have turned SF9 day into Fantasy day 😭😭😍🤗 cause you’re giving us so much 😌
    Let’s be together forever 🙌🏼❤️

  2. Ah my handsome boys!!!! Happy first anniversary guys!!! May you guys have all the happiness in the world. I am so proud of you guys and Youngbin you are the best leader in the eyes of fantasies ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. let's all be honest, does it even matter if we can't understand? We're getting blessed by the gods to be able to see these humans and just to be able to hear their voices

  4. Can’t wait to continue this his journey with our boys and watch them grow even bigger and sell so many albums all around the world. SF9 x fantasy = forever ♡

  5. sf9 has been the first group I stuck with since debut and it seems like just yesterday I can't believe it really has been a year, a year of happiness and laughter and of course amazing talent

  6. Even I don't understand but I watching until end.. And them so handsome 😍 hope them to be more and more sensation ✨✨✨

  7. Inseong i love you so much!!!! You have one of the best vocals in kpop in my opinion…. And you are such a cutie You are our desert fox 🦊
    Sf9 ❤️Fantasy

  8. Jaeyoon …. you are our honey voice oppa lol You are the best You are so sweet all the time seriously you are the best i love you so much
    Sf9 ❤️ Fantasy forever

  9. YOUNGBIN IS SO HOT IN THE SUIT. HE LOOKS SO GOOD. I keep staring at him that I can't focus on what he's saying.
    2:43 3:04 3:26 INSEONG HAHHA OMG
    4:43 omggg jaeyoon♥

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