SFS Centennial London Celebration

[Wittig] You all testify to to the global reputation, the global reach, the enormous network of this oldest and, I might say, probably most successful school of international affairs. [Mnuchin] We look forward to continuing a great trade relationship and, if anything, I think there will be significantly more trade between the U.S. and the U.K. [Hellman] We come to these events to celebrate the extraordinary community of alumni who have had such an impact on the world. [von Thun-Hohenstein] SFS is on the cutting edge in its embrace of the performing arts with global issues. [Iqbal] 75 years ago today, the Soviet Red Army liberated the death camp of Auschwitz. [Strathairn] Karski says that the common humanity of people is the only real protector of human rights. [Ganguly] We need voices to speak up because that’s the only way that makes change. [Green] One of the legacies that Jan Karski leaves us with that we bear witness now, but we also have to act upon that. It’s not simply enough to bear witness. [Hellman] With your continued support, our second century will be even more impactful and even more influential and consequential than our first century. [Judeh] What brings us all together here today which is the centennial of our wonderful, brilliant School of Foreign Service. To the next hundred years!

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