Shahs Of Sunset: Go To Vegas For MJ’s Bachelorette Full Scenes (Season 7, Episode 8) | Bravo

– Previously on “Shahs of Sunset”… – I want you to be
my man of honor. – Are you serious? – Yes! – Shut the (BLEEP) up! – I have a piece of jewelry I was interested in
seeing its value. I’m not gonna
give the ring back, so I just need to figure out
what I want to do with it. – I think it’s worth… $165,000. If you want–
– What? – What up? – I’m project-managing
Mike’s house. I’ve put in hundreds of hours. This is a problem. I’m sweating, I’m so angry.
– [giggling] – You guys! We’re going to
mother—-ing Vegas for MJ’s bachelorette party! Mike, is Morgan coming
to Las Vegas? – If Morgan comes, it’s a much
tamer version of Mike. Do I want her to go? I know you hate Vegas.
Do you want to come? No. Come the second night. – I’ll come in late Thursday. – ♪ Cut a lot of girls,
cut a lot of checks ♪ ♪ That’s the life
here on Sunset ♪ ♪ Rich and famous,
I am success ♪ ♪ Met her at Les Deux
and she do love sex ♪ ♪ I’ma sip this,
you do the rest ♪ ♪ You know what you do,
you do the best ♪ ♪ Do me a favor,
lose the dress ♪ ♪ We run LA ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – [sighing] Okay,
that’s that. ♪ ♪ [knocking on door] ♪ ♪ – Sup.
– Sup! How’s it going? – Good, man, how are you? – Oh, dope, you got
some coffee. – And bagels. – Oh, my God, look at them. – Hi, bubbas. Mikey, who’s watching your dogs while we’re away? – David is. – Oh, my God. [knocking] Hello? What up?
– What up, Nessy? – Wish me luck. Because where I’m going,
I’m gonna need it. Vegas was built for three things. Sinning, gambling, and bachelorette parties. [knocking]
– Mo-cedes! – Can I leave my bag
right out here? Is anybody gonna steal it? This is a rough neighborhood.
– No. No. – I’m gonna bust out
the gold and green eyeshadow. I’m gonna go and I’m gonna gamble and drink and hopefully remember nothing. – Is the bride ready? – Oh, hi.
– Hi! – You guys, Tommy and his
friends aren’t coming. – Why?
– That’s okay. – Tommy threw down the hammer and he said, “Go and party on your own.” And then right before I leave, he’s like, “You better
not do anything that I don’t like,
otherwise…” I literally didn’t pack
a single pair of underwear. – Good to know. – That’s your future
husband’s problem– business, not me. – You guys! Our car is here. – I’m gonna win so much money. It’s all good. I’ll bail us all out of jail. My dad and I had the best memories when I had my driver’s license and we drove to Vegas. And he taught me that when you win or lose, your expression on your face doesn’t change. And, by the way, I’m gonna bet on his number, and I’m gonna win. ♪ ♪ You guys, I need to have my titties sucked this weekend. both: What? – I need to have my titties sucked this weekend. – MJ’s attitude when it comes to
bachelorette parties is really hardcore. – Well, we’re like two houses
down and you– – Thought it was a good
time to say it. – I was so excited
for my bachelor party. But MJ had made it into the most debaucherous,
disgusting, hot mess of a night that I have ever been involved in and with. – Whoo! – I remember
lots of dick things. I remember having underwear
on my head. I remember making out
with strippers. – I’ve got some
assorted condoms. – What? But I’m gonna not
do her dirty the way she did me dirty. And I actually do want
to see her get married. I’m really excited that
GG’s gonna (BLEEP) Nema. – [laughing] – Nema’s told me that he
really wants you. – You never know, it’s Vegas. I’m single, he’s single… – You need to give it a–
give him some. ♪ ♪ – Hey, it’s me. I just sent the last bit. This is the last thing
I can do for work before I’m off on the flight and unavailable for three days. So this is, this is
on you from now on. It’s a small $800 overage just to cover the last bit it’s asking me one time. But once I’m in Vegas,
don’t bother me. – Sherv.
What’s going on, dude? – Good to see you, bud. – You’re rocking
the cornrows, huh? – Yeah, you know, I got all
this sh– for the man bun. – Yeah, with the blue hair. She got the blue hair,
you got the cornrows. – I’m wearing a blue
wig because the color’s sexy. – No, the blue, for… I like the blue. – I can’t even stick to one color lipstick,
let alone one color hair. I always gotta switch it up. I’m a wig whore, babe. Like, the identities
that I create with these bitches… Why wouldn’t you want
to create another character for you? I mean, I’m going to Sin City. Wait, what? You don’t need to know
my real name. You don’t need to know what color hair I really have. Like, let me be
who I want to be. – This is a lot of body for the Burbank airport. [laughing] ♪ ♪ – Hey, sexy bobo. – [indistinct] – Hi.
– Hi, girl, how are you? – Whoo! – Yes, yes! ♪ ♪ – Um, we have a friend
with a man bun. – Where did you go get those
—-ing cornrows done? – I got them done. – I am feeling the cornrows. pilot: Thank you so much for
choosing Southwest Airlines. [all cheering] – Yeah! ♪ ♪ – Look at the car I got you! – Yes!
[all laughing] – Oh, hell, yeah!
– The Inferno. You know there’s a
stripper pole in there. – Are you our man? – I love my car. – Scoot down, the bachelorette
is here. ♪ ♪ – Hey, drink up, girls. The more you drink,
the sexier I get. And the funnier. – Could you drop me off at the Spearmint Rhino please? – Mike wants to go
to Spearmint Rhino and check up on all his hoes. – I spent most of my 20s
in Vegas. And once you make
a connection in Vegas, that connection will never
forget you. This is my old friend. She runs sh– in Vegas. – You run Vegas? – She runs Vegas. – Show them how we
used to do it in Vegas.

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  1. MJ did make Reza’s bachelor party too much. Adam wasn’t happy. They should do the same to her and pay her back. 😈

  2. Any1 remember that time MJ took an ambien.on her.flight from LA to cabo (est travel time 1.5 hours ) savage!!!

  3. This show is really boring this season.
    And I’m tired of them talking about MJ all season 🙄 they had nothing better to show.

  4. Haven't watched a single episode this season, only clicked on this video accidentally because I mistook Gigi the singer Marsha Ambrosius, thought I was about to hear press quips for a new record 😂

  5. Does the gay guy really think we believe that bachelor party was the most deb ocherous thing he’s ever done? I’m pretty sure he’s doing way more than that in Los Angeles… I’m from here and I know exactly what “We” partake in lmao 😂

  6. This is the cheapest show on bravo – everyone on this show is trash 🗑 the fat girl is cringe worthy – the bipolar chic with curly hair is an ugly version of Michael Jackson

  7. I do not think this show is going to make it. So is the plot line always going to be about MJ??? I can’t!!!!And the all look dirty🤢

  8. These people are late 30's and middle 40 years old
    yet they act so immature, they all seems selfish, egoistical, brats
    Fake boobs, fake cheeks, fake butt

  9. Só tenho de que fala português aqui…poxaa, poderíamos compartilhar esse inglês q comportamento não entendo mas. AFF gosto muito do programa..

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