#Shaker365 : Hildana Park Celebration

Community really just means seeing each
other as family. That’s what I feel when I think of Shaker. SAMS is an
organization that wants to just create platforms where people can feel like
they belong. I thought that this park at the end of my own street would be a
great way to kind of bring it all together. Hildana has a little library
here that we were happy to introduce during the Hildana event. It was really
just for different people who haven’t built relationships before to
kind of have a moment to talk and play and just have fun.
Shaker is special in that way. It is just really a happy family-friendly
community. When it really comes down to it, we’re all just one family. I have that
sense here in Shaker and I feel like I’m not alone. It’s really one of those
moments that I think I’ll keep because it’s just a picture of community.

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