Shark photo booth for Kids party

Hi, I’m Joelle Meijer. Have you heard of the song “Baby Shark”? I’m going to show you how to create a shark-themed
photo booth. Take a large corrugated cardboard box; recycle the box of a fridge or a piece of
furniture for example. Draw the shark on one side of the box. I drew a stylized shark that rises out of
the water, with a big open mouth. It’s important to keep parts of the box
as a support for your photo booth. I kept a part of the bottom of the box and
some of the sides. Here is the reverse side of my shark with
the parts of the box that help support the shark vertically. When you have finished drawing your shark,
cut out part of the shark’s outline with an x-acto knife but keep the necessary
parts that allow the shark to stand. Then cut out the inside of the mouth while
being careful not to remove any teeth. It’s time to paint the shark now. Corrugated cardboard is brown in general and some paint colours will let the colour
of the box show through. To avoid that, paint each section a first
time in white before adding a second coat in the colours
of your choice. Start by painting the waves at the bottom
of the shark in white as well as the top of the head. When the white paint is dry, paint the waves
in blue or turquoise and the top of the head in gray or any other
colour of your choice. Before painting the rest of the shark, trace
the remaining lines of the different parts of the shark again with a pencil so that you
score the corrugated cardboard. Then paint the rest of the shark in white. When the white paint is dry, you can draw
over the lines again slightly to delineate the areas to be painted. Choose different colours and paint the rest
of the shark. When you have finished painting the shark, take a black marker and draw on the lines
that separate the different areas of the shark. That gives a better definition of the drawing. Take a leftover piece of cardboard from the
box and draw two fins. Like for the rest of the shark, first paint
the fins in white and then when the paint is dry, paint the
fins in a colour of your choice. Take white glue and glue the fins in place
on both sides of the body. Let dry. Take another rectangular piece of corrugated
cardboard to create the background of the photo booth. Apply a coat of white paint and then a coat
of pink paint to represent the inside of the shark’s mouth. Attach the pink background to a wall with
masking tape and then place your photo booth in front. And now is the time to take pictures of children
in the mouth of the shark! They will be beautiful souvenir photos. You can also use the photo booth as an activity
centre. Take ping-pong balls or other light balls and each child can try to throw the largest
number of balls in the shark’s mouth! Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube
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