Shaw Family Bratsgiving Celebration

(gentle upbeat music) – Today we’re actually raising money for The Shaw Family Playground to finish the bathrooms over here. So the playground itself is built. It’s fantastic. If you have a chance to
look at it, go through it. It’s amazing. – Angie Shaw had been working
tirelessly for about 10 years to fundraise somewhere close
to a million dollars for it and we’re just here
celebrating Bratsgiving. Angie and Ryan had conjoined twins and they went through a
procedure to have them separated and there were no playgrounds
or areas for them to play with their children in the Sheboygan area or for their children to
play with other children. – We ended up deciding
to build the playground because I drove past a local
playground going to the store and I saw that there was
kids sitting on the sideline and they couldn’t play and it was the end of
the year school picnic. And it hit me that those
were gonna be my boys and wanted to change something about that. We also ended up having
another son who couldn’t play with his brothers so wanted
to give back to our community and create a place everyone
could learn from each other. – Angie Shaw came to mind
right away as soon as I saw that they were looking for
nominations for a Bratsgiver. She was the first person
that came to mind. She’s done so much for the
community and has worked so hard. I felt she was completely deserving. (gentle upbeat music) – But just for Johnsonville
to recognize Angie and be able to do this in
Sheboygan at our playground. Phenomenal, I mean it’s such a cool event and we’re excited that we’re
able to be a part of this. (gentle upbeat music)

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