She Couldn’t Handle His Party

– What’s up guys, welcome to the vlog. Pickin’ up right where we left off. Like I said, I’m still in my pajamas. Not gonna lie, you too? – Amen. – [Asa] Yay.
– Yay. – [Asa] Yay, for comfy clothes. – Oh, is that better? – [Asa] Look, we’re all cleaned up. Let me see your shirt. Let me see your shirt. Let me see it, go like
this, Supergirl, shh, woo! Okay, we have a problem. So we have all of this stuff
for a blacklight party. Like, a ton of blacklight stuff and we don’t have a blacklight party. This is the only blacklight
that we could get. I ordered some from Amazon
and they did not show up. (sighs) So Priscilla
went to the party store and got these. They sell these as blacklight bulbs. They are not blacklight bulbs. They’re regular light bulbs
that just glow purple. You have to have like ultra violet lights for a blacklight to work. So Isaiah’s advertised this whole thing as a blacklight party and
we don’t have blacklights. – [Asa] It’s time to panic. Abbie, it’s time to panic. We’ve gotta figure this out. You might have to be
the life of the party. Can you be the life of the party? No, what do you mean? Come on, help me out. (leaf blower hums) – [Asa] Isaiah? – Okay, thank you, bye. We’ve got lights. – [Asa] Your phone fell. Okay, so, hold on. Who did you call first? – White Night Entertainment–
– Right. – Said to call–
– Harvey? – No, Dave’s–
– Crazy Dave’s. – Crazy Dave’s and talk to Harvey. – Yeah, that’s sketchy, yep. – So. – [Asa] Crazy Dave, Harvey at
Crazy Dave’s has blacklights. – Yeah, so you’re taking
the enforcer with you. – [Isaiah] Is Harvey crazy? Or is David crazy?
– He’s taking him to the special person.
– You going with me biggin? – Yeah.
(all laughing) – [Asa] Okay. – Just to reassure you, it’s right next to a piercing place, so– – [Priscilla] It is. It’s a tattoo and
piercing, it’s called Aces. – I think it’s gonna be fine. – So, if we get kidnapped, — – [Isaiah] White Night
Entertainment made me do this. – [Asa] White Night Entertainment. – Harvey saves the day. – [John] That sounds like
a code word for cocaine. – We’re in the Cartel now. – I’ll be honest Johnny Boy, I don’t think that my
light saber from Amazon would have been enough anyway. – Uh, yeah. – It takes a lot of white–
of blacklights apparently to illuminate a large space. – [Asa] I feel like we’re
saving the day here. – [John] Yeah. – [GPS] Turn right onto Aurora Boulevard then turn left. – [Asa] Turn right onto Victory. (laughing) – [John] Let’s hope the
guy has what we need. – [Asa] Let’s hope it doesn’t
cost an arm and a leg. – Well, that, too. – [Asa] Crazy Dave’s. – [John] Okay. – [Asa] Dad might like this place. He’s a musician. – Oh, yeah, he was telling me that. – Hey
– Hey, what’s up? – [Asa] I talked to
Harvey about blacklights. – [Employee] how many you’re gonna need, but I have like, six of them. – [Asa] Okay. – [Employee] They are a
hundred dollars a piece. – How many did you say you have? – [Employee] I have six or seven. – [Asa] Let’s do six. – [Employee] Six of ’em? – [Asa] Yeah, I’ll get six. – [Employee] Okay, all right. – [Asa] My dad is a guitar player. His nickname is 12 string. – Yeah, she– she’s a drummer. She drums. – [Asa] We can get ’em together and jam. – That’s what I’m saying. – Okay. So, that wasn’t bad. – Not at all, that was — – About ten bucks to rent ’em. Honestly, though, when he
said a hundred dollars, I was, like, what? But that’s the deposit. That’s not– That’s okay. I’m okay. I’m okay. We’ll get that back. I don’t think Dave’s that crazy. (laughing) – [Asa] Tally-ho, saving the day. Now, it’s gonna start raining. We’re gonna end up moving it inside and not need any– like, need one light. – [Asa] Bro, it is ten ’til–
five ’til– five ’til five. And everyone’s gonna be here at six. – [John] Okay, well, we got work to do. – [Asa] You got that? You’re bigger and stronger. (laughing) – [John] I’m not gonna have
any time to look all pretty. – [Asa] Holy cow, okay. Okay
– All right. – [Asa] All right, I’m impressed. So, this is the dance floor, I assume. With the spot from the table. Hey, it looks good though. – Do you like it? – It looks good, I like it. – Okay, cool. – Yeah, it looks great. – All right.
– I think it’s cool. Wait ’til you see what we got. – Okay. – [Isaiah] Oh, my gosh. – [Asa] I got six of these. – So, Crazy Dave came through. – Yeah. – [Isaiah] I mean, Harvey, whoever. – [Asa] Six of them. – That’s awesome. – [Isaiah] And they’re all pass through? – That’ll be good, huh. – [Asa] Six hundred bucks. – Are you serious?
– What? – [Asa] Yeah, for the deposit. Ten bucks a piece. (laughing) – Holy cow, I was like– – [Asa] I was like, wow,
these are legit, Crazy Dave. – [Isaiah] Thanks, Crazy Dave. Yeah, six hundred bucks swiped. I was like, whoa, for the lights. He’s like, “You’ll get it back Monday.” “Okay, I hope, Crazy Dave.” – [John] We had to go
in a shady back room. – [Isaiah] Really? – [Asa] Yeah, he took us
in the back room, yeah. – So, Abbie enjoyed the pumpkin pie. – [Asa] Oh no, she ate my pumpkin pie? – All of it. – [Asa] Are you serious? How was she in there that long with the– – She wasn’t. Isaiah or Lauren had
literally just gone in there less than five minutes. – [Asa] She’s gonna be so sick. – And two — – [Isaiah] No, she didn’t —
She just took a scoop on top. – [Asa] Oh. – But it — it was the center. – It ruined the whole — But, she came out here and Lauren’s like, “Oh, my God, what is that on your hands.” We thought it was poop. So, we were glad that it was pumpkin pie. – I’ll buy you a pie for your birthday. – Thanks, bud. – Yeah. – So, in retrospect, I mean, it’s — – It’s like, lesser of two evils. It could be poop, it could be pie. – We were like, “Okay,
we can handle this.” (laughing) – [Asa] So, did it get everywhere? – [Isaiah] Yeah but we
cleaned it up, so we’re good. – [Asa] Just in the kitchen? – [Isaiah] Yep. – And the living room. So, yes, everywhere. – All down the– It’s like she did it and
then walked out here– – She looked like– She was like, “And my work is done.” (laughing) – [Asa] Why did you ruin
my pumpkin pie, Abbie? – She’s so cute. – [Asa] All right good job. Nice lights. This party is lame. We got a Dj. Nobody’s here. He’s all ready. (laughing) – I’m not ready yet,
we’re just waitin’, sir. – We got that pie piper effect. – [Asa] Oh, okay I got you, I got you. What is this setup? It looks like you do this,
you know, for a living. (laughing) – [Asa] It’s killin’ you, isn’t it. All that music out there, partying. You’ll get to go out. I just want you to eat your dinner first. Sit down and eat. Sit down and eat. Then you can go outside, okay. Just chill. Yes, just chill out. Eat your food. Thank you. (upbeat music) – Abbie is so excited about the music, she won’t eat. So, I made her a nice plate. She ate like, three bites. – She’s like, “I can’t
eat. I gotta– music, Mom.” – When Ralpho came on she
came running out there. – [Asa] She’s sitting on
the couch with grandma Donna right now, chillin’. – I’m gonna have a big party with a Dj for her sweet sixteen. – [Asa] Yeah. – Just a Dj, like, she just wants to sit in
front of the speakers. – Super, super loud speakers. – [Asa] Yes. – Like, crazy loud. – [Asa] So, we don’t
really need a Dj then, we just get speakers. – We’re gonna take a break, okay. You just get so excited, huh? And then you need to take a breather. – [Asa] What happened? – She just– I think it’s overwhelming. Like, she loves it so much and she wants to be in it. But then I think it gets to be overstimulating for her. And so, instead of like, walking away and just taking a break, she started, you know, to have a meltdown. And so, she started biting
on her arms and stuff. You’re like a college girl. – [Asa] I’ve been dancing,
I’ve been dancing. – Dancing, pounding water. – [Asa] Look, you can still see people and you can hear the music from here. So, we’ll stay here for just a bit, okay. You can go out again later. – [Priscilla] It’s just a lot. – [Asa] You’re doing great, though. I’m proud of you. – [Priscilla] I know. – [Asa] How are you doing, Ab? Runnin’ out of steam? It was a long day, huh? Two parties in one weekend. Are you partied out? I know. She’s got that tired stim going on. (upbeat music) – [Asa] Are you so tired. I’ll shut the door downstairs. So, those loud adults don’t wake you up, nor the loud teenagers, okay? I love you. It’s been a long weekend. – [Asa] All the adults are hiding. Dad, look at you still going strong. – [Priscilla] We have two
minutes until the Dj stops. – [Asa] Dad was the last — (overtalking each other) (laughing) – [Asa] But you were the
last one standing last night. – [Lauren] I know Ruth outlasted everyone. – [Asa] Him and Isaiah were having like, long serious conversations outside. – [Dad] I’m usually
good to about five a.m. (whoa in unison) – [Asa] Well, yeah, when
you sleep ’til 11 a.m. Priscilla’s dancing. She’s like I’m going out to dance. She’s out there. She made the kids dance with her. – [Asa] We got all the food cleaned up. But it’s just– It’s trashed. We’ve even picked up a lot of the stuff. Those are glow sticks in the pool. There’s glow sticks everywhere. We made it through the two parties. – Holy cow. – In one weekend.
– It was a lot of fun. – Yep. Oh, I’m tired. – I’m so tired. So, we still have a
living room full of boys There’s like a dozen of ’em in there. – Yeah, they’re gonna spend the night. – Everybody else went
home and had to leave. Of course, the girls went home but the boys are hanging
out in the living room playing video games and watching TV. – He’s so appreciative. – Yeah. It was a really, really good weekend. I’m not complaining about being tired. We had so much fun. And so thankful to have so many friends. See you guys tomorrow. Bye. – [Asa] No. (laughing) – [Asa] What’s wrong? Did you give up? You lost; I win. You lost; I win. You lost; I win. You lost, ow!

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  1. Abbe looked pooped out after the long weekend she had . The party looked groovy and awesome it’s cute that you were playing with the Kitty so cute 😘

  2. cool in our day it was a rave that had those lights looked like such fun lv the kitten just makes you smile your both such amazing parents

  3. Sounds like how our parties used to do down “talk to Dave at Harolds but don’t tell him him told you to come down”

  4. Looks like lots of fun was had at the Blacklight Partaayyy!!!!

    Abbie had the best time. Boogied on down with Isaiah. Got a sugar rush from eating, most, of a pumpkin pie.
    Would love to have seen Isaiah and Cilla's face when Abbie came out with brown hands…😂 What a relief to find out it was, only, pumpkin pie.
    Abbie can look, so, innocent after getting into mischief.
    She gives you that cute, irresistible, smile and you can't get mad at her.
    That was fun! 🎉🎊

  5. Be aware if you keep playing with your fingers around the kitty. They will learn its ok and they keep doing it. Your fingers will get hurt. Try to only play with toys.

  6. And that is why you are great parents. Knowing when your sweet girl Abbie has to take a break. My parents did that for me too. I never notice it, till it is too late. My dad always say; go outside and walk. And your party looked awesome.

  7. You know Priscilla means some serious business to get her son blacklight when she doesnt give 2 you know what's that Isaih is blowing leaves right next to her 1 🤣😂🤣😂…I almost spit out my drink when I heard him say $100/pc

  8. Lol one question. Has the kitten increased your views on the vlogs? As I did notice she gets her share of airtime !! 😻

  9. Chill out cat B’roll at the end looked like it was definitely needed-until Narla won!!! Lol!! (Cats will always win with their weapons!😂) Y’all had quite the weekend by the looks!! Happy birthday Asa & Isaiah, ur both AWESOME!!!!

  10. Being an ABA therapist myself it’s amazing to see what it’s like raising a child with autism. I am not an in home ABA therapist. I work for lighthouse autism center, so I only know what a child with autism acts like in the center where we have protocols and plans set in place. It’s AMAZING to be able to see how you guys experience things at home. You guys are doing an AMAZING job, you all should be so proud! Abby is an amazing girl and she is so blessed to have the family she has. ❤️

  11. Um can I just say I’d love to have seen that sneakiness from Abbie lol. Pumpkin pie is a yummy stimulant lol. Oh Abbie

  12. It’s so nice that you guys let Isaiah have all his friends over and that you actually have the space to do that. Most parents would shutter at the idea of having 20 teenagers at their house for a party, but you guys just embrace it and join the dance party

  13. Loved how you vlogged the party felt like I was there .100$ glad it's a deposit loved Prisilla face when you were telling her about it and Abby so proud of you for your participation at the party.


  15. Just want to say hello all the way from Sweden, I’ve watched almost all of your videos and you all are doing a wonderful job!! Best regards Magnus

  16. I forgot your friends name… but noticed his Columbia shirt
    I live in Columbia Sports Wear Country…..
    I know you guys lived in Astoria… but it’s still beautiful here less creepy crawlers. I lived in Savannah/Ft Stewart 90-92 lived the friends I had, especially in base neighbors.

    Today we went to Panda Express… my daughter begged to go eat it the car
    I realized it was all the noise that was just too much for her. Yes it’s so many sounds to process and filter.
    Some people just can’t tune it out. My daughter isn’t a spectrum kid. She has other quirky issues.
    22q and a Viral Encephalitis survivor.

  17. Hi guys. Asa, I recommend you to stop using your hand as a cat toy. It will become hurtfull soon and harder to train the cat. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. Greetings.

  18. When he said "$600 each" then you said let's do 6…..I about fainted till you said it was a deposit and you will get it back. Holy cow, thank goodness!

  19. We lost my brother in law to brain cancer in November. He LOVED all things super man! When I saw Abbey’s shirt made me tear up!!! LOVE IT!!! ❤️

  20. Hey! If you guys live in Georgia me and Abbie can go to the same school! I go to a perfect school for her

  21. My 18th birthday consisted of a picnic in the park with my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, and their golden retriever. Then I went home and slept until dinner time.

  22. Hi guys love your videos I did want to say one thing though about your kitten. When you play rough with them like that scratching their belly and getting them to scratch you it makes them into a mean cat. I’ve seen it so I have personal experience with it. The kittens that were played rough with like that did turn out to be biters and scratchers. Just a little tip so you’ll have a nice full-grown kitty. Bye

  23. Those black light light bulbs totally work.
    I used to have one in my room in high school, with all sorts of glowy posters and stuff.

  24. lol i so love the things you guys come out with…..awww Isaiah tryin to get Abbie to dance was so sweet…i just love how much he loves his sister…. glad you all had an awesome weekend last weekend…….and ty for the lil Nala clip at the stinkin cute…xoxo love n hugs to everyone

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