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– This is the on piece
of equipment you need to save your supper game
during the weekdays. Sheet pan suppers have been all the rage. I think they are completely underrated. These are the reasons you need to be making sheet pan suppers. First and foremost, you
can make a complete meal for your family in one pan, so that means minimal dishes to clean. Secondly, if you line it with foil, you might not even have
one pan to clean up. Next, these dinners usually
take five minutes of prep time. We all have that even if
we are working parents who still have to shuffle their kids back and forth to activities. Next, you can only fit so many ingredients on a sheet pan so these dinners tend to be a little healthier
and cleaner, in my opinion. Finally, they’re super easy,
no culinary training necessary. All you have to do is get your ingredients in the pan and into the
oven, it really is that easy. And this frees up a lot of time to help with homework, or do
other things around the house. To give you an example of how
easy this style dinner is, I’m gonna show you my sheet
pan chicken and veggies. This is super simple, it
has about five ingredients. So, it’s also affordable and we like that. What I like about this recipe is it just highlights the
technique of a sheet pan dinner. Feel free to change out
whatever veggies you want, different cuts of meat,
play around with it but you’ll get the idea. The thing you do have to keep in mind is you want to put
things on your sheet pan that cook in about the
same amount of time. So, in this case, my potatoes, my carrots, and my chicken are going to cook all about the same
time, about 35 to 40 minutes. Then, I’ll add my green beans for the last just five minutes or so. I love using these baby potatoes because they’re super flavorful
and they cook quickly. You can just throw these
tiny ones in whole, some of the bigger ones you might just want to cut in half. Also, go ahead and have
your oven preheated to about 400 to 425 degrees
for sheet pan dinners. Remember, that caramelization, that happens during
roasting, equals flavor. I’m also gonna add baby
carrots because no prep time. I’m gonna add these straight from the bag. All right, so I’m just gonna
toss my carrots and potatoes in a good bit of olive
oil, a couple tablespoons. A little salt and pepper
is all you really need to season these type dinners
because you’re gonna get a lot of flavor from the
drippings off the chicken but another way to boost the flavor of these type dishes is to
use these dressing packets or seasoning packets that
are MSG free preferably like this Italian dressing mix. It just kinda takes the
work off of your brain to even have to think about flavors. So, you’ll know it’s gonna be good. I’m gonna reserve a little
bit for the top of my chicken, I’m just gonna flavor the veggies, these generally have a
good bit of salt in it, so you shouldn’t need extra salt. You want everything evenly coated with the oil and the seasoning. Spread it out in a single layer. I’ve got just about a pound of potatoes and a pound of baby
carrots, then I’m going to lay my chicken on top. This recipe works with chicken breast, if that’s what you like, but you’ll need to decrease the cooking time a little bit. So, I love chicken thighs, they have a lot of flavor, and the skin
gets good and crispy. You can fit six or so
onto this sheet tray, you can put ’em right
on top of the veggies or kinda nestled into the veggies. And then just sprinkle
your remaining seasoning over the top of the chicken. That’s it, you can see that
I’m not making a big mess which I love, this is ready for the oven. All right, it is lookin’
so good, crispy chicken. It’s been about 35 minutes,
so we are almost there and I have not been sitting in the kitchen doin’ dishes and stuff. So, I’m just gonna finish this up. We’ve got about five
more minutes ’til dinner. I mean, how easy is this? All right, my chicken is cooked through, and the skin is good and crispy. You could leave them in
there for this next step but it’s just easier
to toss my green beans without them on here and,
in this tray right now, is, of course, that Italian dressing mix, with a little bit of olive oil but, now, you also have almost like a
little bit of chicken broth in there so it’s good in rich flavor. So, I’m gonna toss some greens just to keep this a complete, one pan dinner that has all the things
because my dad says that, you know, you have
to eat something green. Just to keep these hot
I am gonna just keep ’em in for the last five minutes,
and so it looks pretty. Chicken thighs are also good because you can’t really overcook them. It takes a lot to
overcook a chicken thigh. About 5 to 8 more minutes
and dinner is served. Dinner is served, I mean, you gotta admit that looks pretty good,
that skin got even crispier. I mean it looks like full of flavor. Here’s one other thing I like to do, you do not have to do this,
I get my veggies altogether in this luscious little heap, and I add just a little bit of butter. Just a couple little
pats, let it melt down over that good stuff,
and then we plate it up. It’s just that easy. My mouth is kind of watering, right you know I’m all
about the perfect bite so do not waste those good juices at the bottom of this pan. Gonna scoop ’em up, spoon it right over the chicken and veggies. Remember, this took about
five minutes of preparation. Dinners like this and
five minutes of your time are why you need a sheet
pan for your suppers. For more great ideas on how
to feed your family great food don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and follow Well Done Food on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. (upbeat music) Salt and paper, and paper
(chuckles), salt and paper. For more great ideas on
how to feed your food– Feed your food (laughs). (upbeat music)

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  1. My wife had weight loss surgery earlier this year….I'm always looking for things like this that are clean, low carb, and fast cooking on weeknights. I usually work until 5 and and if I don't cook…we usually end up making bad decisions at dinner time. THANKS!!!

  2. Hey do we need to marinate the chicken ? Or just with oil , salt and pepper only ? BTW great recipe 👌😊

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