SHERRYSAYSSO | EPISODE 2: 2020 goals, marriage & friendships

Hi guys Is it senget? I feel like it’s a bit senget right? Is it more here? oh *beep* Okay! This is better. This is nice Let’s introduce ourselves first, this is Syarlene Hi! ummm. Why are we so awkward I don’t know Welcome to an episode of syar and sher syar and sher’s episode today So yesterday we asked Like my followers to send us a bunch of questions That they would like us to answer and just any advice you guys wanted to hear from us And we got a bunch of like random ones Basically, there’s a diverse range of questions and we’re really excited to answer them Okay let’s cheers! okay okay Here’s to our first Syar and Sher video Why I chose Syar to film this video with me I didn’t drink. That’s badluck Why I chose syar to do this video with me is because whenever i’m on facetime with syar I always think like oh people should hear this advice like other people should hear what she’s saying as well So that’s why of all people I chose her to do this with me when I wanted to do this series I really wanted to pick women and girls that i look up to and cause she’s my friend why you so sweet today just today just today right? Okay so first question So someone asked, what are your majors and why? and what are our goals for 2020? So i’m studying medicine uh yeah, I’m studying medicine right now and sherry is studying politics and international relations and.. why? you have to tell them why you’re studying medicine Sorry, I’m like really awkward right now we’re not youtubers. we don’t know how to do this. okay wait. we’re getting distracted. let’s just why i took medicine. so basically, um, I kind of grew up around a lot of doctors so my dad’s a doctor, my sister’s a doctor married to a doctor and my other sister is a lawyer, but she’s married to a doctor as well So I grew up surrounded by all of these people and like i didn’t know that… i was just like whoa I took medicine because and I’ve always liked helping people like whenever I had like holidays or whatever I would literally go on the internet searching for volunteering opportunities like working with refugees and stuff like that So I always like being able to help people so like why I study mine i feel like i’ve already explained this so many times in order to actually implement change you have to understand the system of how a country works and how our community and how the world works really so when I study politics my focus isn’t just to help i don’t know what i’m talking about i just think when there’s a lot when there’s injustice I’m not the kind of person that can sit and see it so being someone that’s so small and like I don’t know I have like no influence I have no power so i have to belajar lah like how the world is governed And how we all function if the light starts getting dark it’s because i think it’s gonna rain next question is our goal for 2020 have you thought about this? Not really I’m going to right now … so let’s just give ourselves 2 minutes we’ll think about it jap hold on My goal for.. i feel like my goal for 2020 is just so simple It’s just like just to do my own thing and just be happy with it even if it’s not much just like to be happy with it because there’s no like I can’t measure how good a year is by like what I achieve or what I like accomplish but it’s rather like did I feel content the entire time? yeah actually that’s a good measurement something that i want to accomplish this year is just to do just like more work you know.. to put myself out there in the.. in the yeah you know what i’m trying to say Before we get into all this 2020 stuff. How did your 2019 go? syar!! are we now asking the questions? Syarlene knows how 2019 went for me. It was just I think it was equally was the worst year Oh really was it worst? yeah it was one of the worst years i’ve had but so much good came out of it like all the bad stuff pushed me to do all the good things that i did I broke up. I lost weight. I went blonde. I did everything man you went blonde that’s a good measurement you know, like you went blonde that’s how you know shit went down yeah and then i started this series. and i knew like i don’t know i just felt like the person i was when i entered 2019 and the person i was leaving 2019 is so different but i like me now I really like who i am now so… but that’s the thing about going through shit That’s the thing about bad things happening to you like you grow so much from it So nowadays like whenever things are going well, like I’m thankful for it, but when things aren’t going that well I just see it as like an opportunity for growth because you learn the most from the bad times see this is what i’m saying when i say like whenever i’m like sad or i’m going through *beep* she’ll be like you’re gonna learn from this okay there’s a reason why this happened and i’m like… yes syarlene and she’ll be crying but oh my god 2019 was just the worst like in the sense that like i didn’t think I knew my worth I didn’t think I knew like I really lost track of where I was going I lost sight of who I was as a person and like I was just constantly trying to like I think I was just trying to keep afloat its okay baby but look at you now yeah but like now i’m actually like I’m happy cus I’m finally like being the person I’ve always wanted to be so And syarlene?? went through so much growth too like so much so much *beep* happened in 2019 it did like i got my heart broken like several times i mean like both of us lah basically we both kinda came out of it stronger and also our friendship became thicker because of it because i feel like I relied on her a lot like to to kind of just like keep me sane because if If people knew what actually happened in 2019 i think you would think i’d be crazy okay to sum it up 2019 was like *beep* that happened but like look at us now look at us look at us who woulda thought who woulda thought okay Syarlene Rahim, what are your goals for 2020? I feel like it’s exactly the same thing that you said i just want to be happy like i just wanna be happy I just wanna do me. I don’t want any drama. i just yup no drama 2020 yeah no drama 2020 man yeah i wanna do well in my studies Oh yeah, I think studies is also a big thing for me. I know what i want to do this year, i want to do a lot of work I want to produce more content. I think that’s so much like a lot of my energy is going to be focused on this I sound like a man I think that last year one of the best things that happened was just like just putting this out and actually realizing that I have value and what I say actually matters so then when i started using my like social media more and like my platform more my like …. I didn’t say thank you for the amazing response that I got for my last video I, in a day, got over like 90 comments and I was confused because nine-zero? nine zero. I didn’t even know that many people like subscribe to my channel and was watching this and like People were talking about it and I saw the things that people were tweeting and i was just like oh my god that’s crazy I didn’t know that people would react that way Dude I remember we were out one time and then like this random girl just came up to sherry And she was like oh my god i watched your video. I watched your episode. It was so good Like I think she said like it inspired her or something and then that’s when I was just like wow I didn’t even watch the video yet at that point. I was gonna cry But i was like okay i’m gonna watch it like how good is this video? But yeah I just I was just shocked that people reacted that way because I feel like syar knows how like lowkey Like i get a bit like self-conscious and I thought that people would kind of like I thought people would be like who the *beep* told this girl we want to hear what she has to say I feel like thats what everyone would think when they’re making a video like this and posting it up like their thoughts.. like does anyone even care about your thoughts kinda thing And just the response was just i didn’t expect that so 2020 to me i’m just going to amplify that *beep* Like i’m gong to do more with what i have Now cheers to that baby Do well in school Fall in love with ourselves Make ourselves happy Wow this is a lot of cheering Okay this is fun I saw this one. This is a long one. They sent four consecutive questions It’s, now that we’re 22 years old Do you have any target on when to get married? what is your perspective or point of view towards marriage and lastly Are you scared of getting married? That’s a good question You can go first For me I mean, I know a lot of people like to plan when they want to get married But for me, like I feel like with my whole with my studies and everything I want to put my career first like i always But it’s true Like I tell like my family and I tell my friends like I told my mom like ma like you have I might get married at 30 or over cuz honestly So basically my goal in life is just to kind of focus on my self first because I feel like there’s no point in me getting into a marriage until like I’m fully the person that I want to be but yeah i mean if it happens, it happens see why i need her because i’m a libra moon Oh i’m a gemini moon Libra moon’s tend to be like hopeless romantics and like I’m not really realistic sometimes, you know Basically, even if I had no financial stability. No idea of where the marriage would go I would just get married cus i’m in love but like she will zone me out are you happy with yourself first? She’ll be like, but are you happy with yourself first? Because I’m just terrified, you know like divorce rates are up so high like nowadays and because I feel like nowadays a lot of people they get married because of the idea of marriage they want the big wedding I think people want to get married for the wedding not for the marriage A lot of people they want to get married because they want to have like this cute wedding And if you want to like that’s totally fine. But I feel like people kind of forget what marriage is actually about It’s a lot of work it’s a lot of work and I see this because all my siblings are married and they all have kids so i can see like that it’s tough We’re definitely at the age where all our friends are getting married, getting kids Yeah, so there is that pressure but like I don’t know man, you just gotta focus on you I feel like you’re not really phased by that though not really I was really phased by it because you were? yeah because my mom and my dad are like first loves. my mom met my dad when she was 17 and like They got married when she was around like my age so I thought how it was gonna go for me was like my first love was the person I was gonna end up with and …um didn’t turn out that way So being that i’m single And i’m starting from scratch and I have to pick myself up from the break-up and then like re-learn everything and now really start All over again with the whole dating thing I didn’t think I’d be here. So I think I was like a bit phased lah Like oh *beep* I thought I was gonna get married by like … I thought i’d be married by the time i finished my degree but I don’t think that’s going to happen Your Instagram filter story said that you were gonna get married 2023!!!!!! Dude i’m ready for that *beep* Wait what was i talking about I forgot now About your marriage? About you getting married? I think I kinda like was a bit sad because I just see like my family because my family’s just like There’s a lot of love so I wanted that for myself But it didn’t turn out that way and i think i was really down about it but then now I see it as like I think God was just trying to show me like Nope you haven’t reached your fullest potential yet So I’m gonna remove every one that’s gonna distract you until you do everything you’re supposed to do And now like where i am now I have so many more goals that I know I’m gonna reach I’m gonna get there and i’m gonna do what i wanna do That’s my girl I just knew that i had to be alone for now like you said lah you want to be the person you want to be first and then you khawin That’s how i think we both were raised because my grandad was like you go get your degree first, you go get your job first because he can leave. you know your education won’t. you know your career won’t if i could advise all the girls watching this don’t be stress you’ll get married, one day one day Like there’s so many fish in the sea, you know (mumbling) With marriage, i don’t think i’m per se scared Are you scared? I’m quite scared honestly I mean, it sounds fun. I mean like I want to be like with my person for the rest of my life and have that person Do you think i’m just a hopeless romantic that i don’t even consider all those things I think you are a bit of a hopeless romantic I think i’m too much lah Terlalu takde hope sangat To me, I’m excited for that but I know like I just believe When it comes to like, if you really want the like the best of the best you have to pay your dues You’re gonna have to get hurt You’re gonna have to spend some time alone until you deserve it Until you deserve it, it’ll happen Like the law of attraction states that whatever you want in life, you have to exude it yourself. So if you want someone that’s awesome you have to be awesome If you want someone that’s smart, try to be smart like Marriage is something that i think we will want for ourselves, of course lah oh my god Of course we wanna get married right We’re not asexual I just feel like As much as I want to khawin semua it’s just like i’m in no rush like if it happens, it happens but who knows 2023, mark your calendars okay yeah, so how did you both become friends and tips on finding a clique? So when was the first time we met? She said i met her in like two-thousand, probably fourteen right? was it fifteen? I think it was it was no dude it was like 2017 no no no way 2016? no way it was not 2016. it was not 2016 At the birthday party? it was not 2016 Woww that’s a long time ago (whisper, whisper) you guys don’t need to know that I don’t remember interacting with you lah We were like at the same table, but we just weren’t really talking to eachother when did i actually interact with you i don’t remember The first time that I actually properly hung out with you was I think it was 2017 It was 2017? or 2018? 2018! 2018! Yeah so the first time i properly hung out with sherry was in 2018 But i knew i was already friends with her at that point like i know i followed her on instagram and stuff tips on finding a clique? I just feel like you shouldn’t look for it yeahh you shouldn’t look for it, it just it just happens you know All I can say is your vibe attracts your tribe Your vibe attracts your tribe Your vibe attracts your tribe Tribe Boxing Shuddup shuddup sherry Tribe boxing But having a clique isn’t all that great tho like i wouldn’t say that’s what you should It can be stressful I don’t think that’s what you should like aim for I think you should just want to have a good set of friends Yeah Ride or die *beep* I don’t know and it’s so true like i don’t know If you’re a good person you’re gonna receive good friends yeah, and if you are in a clique that’s toxic or whatever, just dissociate (nonsense) Find shit breakups. That’s it. This is like a little juicy topic The best friend should break up so hard as well. I think I feel like friendship breakups can be harder than actual like relationship hurt, but I would say like getting used to it is harder because I suddenly like oh But I would I’m very close to my parents. I rely on them a lot Yeah And it’s literally losing someone that especially with like a really close friend Samantha you talk to all the time breaking up with a really close friend hurt because you don’t play it somewhere you talk to all the time and then when they’re gone like It’s actually, fun fact nobody share this but late me and my best friend like we had a fight and I think we stopped talking like for six months like literally six months and she was studying like in Melbourne and then when she got back and Then we like talk to each other again he basically Apologized over the fight and we were just like I can’t believe you stopped talking for six months and she was where I missed you So much. I have this really like simple it’s a very simple extension to whatever and however my life works when it comes to people is this whoever is long-term was they Whoever it’s not the mother’s own So no matter how much I tried to maintain a friendship or relationship If it was not Majesty in my life for long, it will end. Yeah, I like the way I do It’s like a good principle to have I guess no, that’s a good belief to have I feel like you have to like the older we get the more we have to realize that like sometimes things come and go and you do have To really accept it for what it is like because you’re not gonna be friends with all these people forever, you know Not not everyone is gonna be in your life. But I think it’s one thing is there’s no room for like Resentment or bitterness? Yeah, like I don’t think if someone like I think guys exist at your life no matter how messy it was I just believe I’d be paying what they were good idea don’t appreciate the part They play in the way. They made you have to be and where I have to end this I respect that. That was just you know, yeah I don’t have I’m not a person to like hold grudges and I feel like the energy that you put out like you If things end and then you talk about each other like you will get that back in return Shit. Keep fire is real. Oh is it like? No, it’s true. It’s like I’ve seen it happen It’s happening to me, you know, and that’s why I like not like if I stop become offensive to you I won’t talk about you Like we just oh, is it filthy out on people? Separately if you lose me as a friend who did not say me as an enemy. Oh, yeah, exactly For you because I don’t think it’s like come on you if you really loved that person and because when I’m friend of someone I Love I’m not friend to everybody. So like when I’m selected because of some people I Really care about them. So if you really say you love someone even after things and you don’t want to see them hurt Yeah, so why would you that you’re gonna go out of your way to act maliciously? I don’t don’t you that and right. I don’t know. I just always want to wish everyone Well the other day at one point I did care in love for that person yeah, every single something right now like all my Experience, I really only want the best for them. It’s just most of the time when friendship breakups happen in my on my hair It’s just for my own health and I’m protecting my own. Peace if you are no longer good for me Godspeed I really like Prioritize my peace now no drama. No conflict. Just good times Good love good friends. I just don’t think like it’s worth to be my channel. I think that high school be here You shouldn’t standard. Yeah. Oh my god You will never like I can show you this like you will never ever ever Regret being the bigger person like especially in like argument and fight with your friends or with your boyfriend You will never regret like not tweeting about like you know, how much? is wheezing and like indirect stories and like all these things like sometimes the more you keep things in and I don’t know this is this is just what works for me like the mall that you keep these things in instead of like putting you out there and trying to delay get gossip around and talk shit about Culture like the the mold growth happens, you know You just become a better person because you don’t have to react to everything Because you can’t control the things that happen to you. You can’t control your writing How you react to them? So javi Just protect your peace that’s the one with it. Thank you breakups are hard but your piece is more important Question do you believe your partner doesn’t want to show off the relationship we call as private marriage to? What we went through about first love it was kind of like a similar experience into the nest but yeah It’s definitely a lot of the same essence together. Yeah around the same time as well I would say yeah for me like I honestly I just believe like The world has a tendency of doing beautiful things, you know So like now if I fall in love with someone everybody thinks I mean, I really don’t push about it I really don’t post about him until like months or like maybe yeah yeah, because honestly Whatever I have with that person is with me and came. I guess like I don’t need anyone to know about it right now I feel like you really like Lost times because of my first relationship. Yeah, so I would feel a bit insecure or feel like taking back of like a wine Who’s pictured me today? Yeah, oh my god, like when we’re eating out and I’m like, but I was very like open with my with my past relationship and I Really thought I regret that so much because yeah, I allowed it to be other people’s business Yeah, exactly exactly when things kind of went, you know got difficult We’re still everyone else’s people still want to know because I love them in. So one thing I have learned It’s like it’s not a secret, but it’s also not for the public to know that. Yeah, I won’t keep my secret I don’t think I would ever post a picture of you didn’t I’m seeing someone right now You won’t even know I think Sanada. Y’all know y’all gonna be venture on that Although we’ll just think I’ll make sure y’all think I’m single until one day. I puts the picture like I maybe I learned first. I know no one that watches you actually once they want to see you happy the evil is real It’s like I heard that so much money that you realize the G and if you guys don’t know what uvula is it’s basically like it’s if you’ve been like when you’re showing people things about your life like good things like your house or your Relationships or buddies or whatever? Yeah, it’s and people get jealous about the even people if they don’t even wish badly for you But they just feel jealous those vibes will Ya it manifest in your life. So that’s why I was that’s why I like the rule of thumb is like, don’t you? Know you don’t do things One day you lose possession I wish my breakup was more like private and I didn’t I didn’t have people up like all up in your business because it was already so difficult and I Was just such a struggle and I I told myself in and they’re like from not on My person like it’s nobody’s business and I learned it from that Oh, I just saw after everything cuz it was just so nice to me I will never ever like allow that to myself again and I will never let anyone make me look So, yeah, I think I know relationships, I haven’t bad respect to people that could play they can really do it Yeah, because I do I get insecure I get I’ll get it It’s got my guys to the yeah exactly isn’t me, it’s me my strong posture is you nut and he sits back He’s your man now like he’s not I told you something you’re gonna make noise my mom If you meet always clean clap – clap it’s gonna come in the video K so I guess to wrap it up. Sorry you had to move up here the light got really dark so We have to wrap it up up here. I hope you enjoyed this video I had a lot of fun me and try been painted for so long. So we’ve been wanting to have our folks. Yeah But I hope you guys got to enjoy her wisdom in ours. I’m sorry if it was a bit like messy because this is my first time doing this honestly, you know I said It’s her just now like where are we on youtubers? We don’t regard ourselves as you do I we don’t regard ourselves as he cuba’s we started this ring big. Yeah, but so we wanted to thank y’all for watching Thank you all for the response that I got for my first video. That was a meant so much and I hope I can we get to sit ahem so Please thank you for watching our low-quality Podcast recorded on sorry stone and hurt right boy, whatever deeming it iPod

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