She’s Turning 21…Celebrating the Fashionista that is SAMANTHA! – Show #34

now is the time in things I love when
we talk about the fashion stay tuned today on things I love we’re talking all
about this girl she is about to be 21 welcome to things I love so glad that
you’re with us today today we’re talking all about this girl Samantha my eldest
daughter is about to be 21 years old and today we’re celebrating her it’s gonna
be next week gonna be 21 I know I’m excited it’s weird you were you know
tiny not too long ago but now here got out to be 21 we’re gonna talk about her
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weekly positive videos so yeah today we’re talking all about Samantha she
hasn’t said a word yet but she can’t talk I promise she is all about fashion
and she hasn’t always been there but over the course of time she has
discovered that that is a love of hers and the passion of hers and one thing I
appreciate about passion profession one thing I appreciate about Samantha is
that she sees it as more than just clothes like it there’s a reason for it
and we’re gonna get into that today and so why don’t you just share with us a
little bit about where you’ve come from you know what you loved when you were a
kid and growing up you know cuz you know I still you know play with Star Wars and
Lego because I when I was a kid and there’s some things that you still play
with that you did when you were a kid as well so talk about that um so we’ve got
this behind us which is kind of but this is an American Girl doll yeah and this
was what I was super interested in when I was little and it slowly became like
something that I could create with it wasn’t just a doll I’m gonna play with
dolls like action figures or anything I know you played with her omeka was I was
called yes I didn’t play with that so I was very interested in the clothes that
the doll wars and can you explain to everybody what her
uluka was um Haruka was like a small mannequin that had a slit down the back
of it and you just took fabric and put it around it and you could poke it into
the slit in the back and make all different kinds of clothes and so that
was kind of where I started with making smaller sized clothes and then as I got
older and I stopped playing playing with American Girl I started making clothes
for them because I have a younger sister that still played with them and I didn’t
really grow out of it as quick I just grew into a different phase of it and I
began to sew clothes for the dolls so that was good yeah and now I work for
them so so yeah now she works for American Girl and that’s pretty cool I
mean whenever we heard that she was thinking about doing that I thought
that’s a perfect fit because literally we had like nine of these growing up
right I got while working there not when I was yeah so since she’s been working
there tell me about that you’ve won a few things yeah so I mean the company is
great and reward you for hard work so this was something I got as a reward for
that and she even won a bowling alley yes would you immediately came out of
the box for him to play out of the box we played some some skee-ball basically
in the living room had fun with that so yeah so American
Girl has meant a lot to you over the years and now that you’re all grown up
talk about where you are now so when you first started college you went to
yeah I started in a school in Franklin um it was then known as the Oh more
College of Design and it was a small school I think I started with like 13
people in my class there was probably what like maybe 60 in the holes in the
whole school but in the fashion department there was only 13 and it was
in an old um an old mansion yeah downtown Franklin was really cool it’s
kind of like a kind like an artist colony yeah it was just small very
creative atmosphere um but my sophomore year or no it was the end of my freshman
year uh we were all told hey we’re packing up we’re moving to
Belmont mm-hmm yeah which is not well whoo-hoo it was
more like oh my gosh I’m an artist or I like to create and I
felt very at home in that small creative space but now I’m at Belmont and I’m a
junior and it is now the old war college of architecture art and design which is
a really big deal so you’re still technically a dome or
yes that no more Adama yes and it has afforded a lot of really good things not
I mean it’s a bigger school so you get a lot more opportunity than you think
school and last week I leaked before you got inducted into Alpha Chi Alpha Chi
which is the National Honor Society and I’m able to be on like student
government and student advisory board things like that that my smaller school
didn’t really important yeah so Beaumont’s been good in the long run so
talk a little bit about where you see yourself going with fashion because you
know you know every little girl plays with dolls growing up and but not every
little girl wants to continue kind of in that direction of dressing things up and
things like that and you you’re still going there and where why does that
grown into well I’ll start off saying that my biggest pet peeve I think is
when people come in to fashion school or thinking about fashion school and
they’re just like oh it’s just drawing pretty dresses and like just doing that
and wait for me is still a lot because I can’t draw it and that can be fun and
that’s nice but that’s you know not where my heart went when I began to grow
into the fashion industry and learn when it was about my senior year of high
school when we lived in New York I was really debating what I wanted to do I
knew I either wanted to do fashion designer architectural design and so
that mathematical architectural design still holds a close place in my heart
yeah you’re very good then so I like the technical side of design which a lot of
people in the fashion world kind of turn their nose up at and I don’t get that
because in this day and age I mean like graphic designers are need
yeah and technology is you know growing a growing field with coding and
everything so it doesn’t make sense to me well you have a world full of people
that just want to create they just want to do the pretty part and it’s not all
pretty but even the parts that people don’t
think are pretty I I appreciate so and job security job security is a good
thing yeah so basically it’s using things like Photoshop and illustrator to
create the what we call flat so their two-dimensional looking drawings on the
computer that are sent off to manufacturers for a company so that we
can get things made and sent back to us they’re very technical call technical
designs but everything has to be measured correctly and yeah we’ll show
you some of those images here on the show as well so you had some stuff you
want to show oh so this is you can kind of talk about the process of a designer
and kind of the process that you go through because again it’s not just
sewing things like this and that over there it’s which a whole process of
sales as well so when you start off a design process you have to start out
with your customer and you usually make some sort of visual to signify who your
customer is so in this specific class I’m a junior now we were given a
customer in mind was a maximalist as someone that wears a lot of Everywhere’s
a lot of everybody likes color she traveled that was another thing she
worked as a journalist so you have to take all those things into consideration
which is like your sister yes it’s almost yeah so that’s what she’s wanting
to be you can check out her video right up here and we did her birthday video a
few weeks ago and talked about journalism and some of that yeah so this
is a customer work and on this one you can kind of see the aspects that I was
talking about you can see I’ve got all over the map she travels a lot for her
work she lives in both Nashville and New York going back and forth you can see a
person like an image of a person this is what we call a hero picture so the
biggest image and then you’ve got you know you can see that color is seen
throughout the same like color palette just like the door here mm-hmm
just cheer and yeah and we’ve got the taxi cabs that kind of match the yellow
here so it’s just kind of starting the if I were to go into a meeting and I
want to sell something this is the start off of like this is who I’m gonna sell
it to and they can start to kind of see the vision the next board is what we
call a mood board so it’s exactly that it’s kind of the mood for the collection
what you’re gonna be seeing you’ve got some like vintage kind of images with
the typewriter and the glass here and then you always have your swatches so
something I did different on this one was I don’t have my color swatches I had
those on the other board but you can see the colors running throughout and
because she liked different things it’s like all different types of fabrics and
colors and textures and then after you’ve done this one is when you move on
to the illustration so if you want when this is something that I’ve really seen
you growing over the years as is enjoying these illustrations so which
actually looks a lot like Haruka cuz it didn’t look it didn’t have faces either
did they know and I just finished another collection that was for children
and usually the way that you do your illustrations will reflect the customer
as well as the mood that you’re going for so these don’t have faces but the
children’s designs that I just did had very detailed faces that looked like old
storybook so it just depends and you know it is this was never a very
detailed lengthy yeah and suit here and all the flowers and and you got the
sheer look here we still see the legs when you’re selling to someone that you
show that like in this this is I’m supposed to be like a suede so you use a
different side of your pencil to get that kind of effect it’s just you’re
selling to someone what you want to design you and your sister are so
artistic and you got that from my mother who is a wonderful artist and I I tried
and you know music became my art and but I mean you’ve really grown
in that so tell us a little bit about these two pieces and you’ve made those
this year for school so this was kind of the bane of my existence for a while
turned out okay but this is a knit fabric so you can see that it like
stretches away from the body and it is very much different than a woven fabric
you have to use this machine if you can the surgery would you so what that is is
like uses four needles and it allows the fabric to stretch so when you’re selling
something that’s knit it has to to be able to pull with yeah fabric so this
was just it felt really great when I put it on so you know I’m just kidding so
I’ve got like a green fabric underneath there with the white lace on top and
then the back it’s really beautiful yeah I was designing this one was it’s
for my neck class and all of the garments I’m designing are kind of like
a Grace Kelly like French Riviera yeah which she’s always been classic you
know classic Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly and all that I mean literally
since you were a little girl you’ve always been drownded I remember what
what birthday was it that you had the party where you had an Audrey Hepburn
wear yeah they made dresses out of trash bags yeah to make a little black dress
yeah it was a waste but it was a breakfast at tiffany’s party and we had
like that we made the masks yeah like that she sleeps in with the ear plugs a
little bit yeah and one of the things that I love about being a dad is seeing
my kids you know grow up and grow into what God made them to be and you know
you think when your kids are playing with their toys as children that they’re
just playing with toys but you don’t ever discount the fact that that can
turn into something that they absolutely love and have a passion for this piece
is pretty close to my heart and yours as well I want you to share a
little bit about that so that is one garment in my junior collection yeah you
can show the inside so it is this collection is something that I pushed
myself to do it I generally stick to women’s wear but
this collection I decided to do a full four garment men’s collection it’s a
micro collection but what does that mean micro collection so when we do our
center collection well you’ve never seen your collection it’s eight full outfits
for this one it’s just four full outfits since I’m a junior so we do half what
the senior shoot but this collection is we were pushed to do something that is
like a gap in the market and the gap that I wanted to fill was older men
specifically with disabilities and I zoned in on Alzheimer’s as well as like
dementia or even ALS or MS would fall into the same kind of need but I was
inspired by that kind of thought because of my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s so
I drew a lot of my like my dad yeah so I drew a lot of my images for my mood from
his life I wanted to create a collection that had like a Western kind of flair to
it because he was Cal Rancho Rancher for a long time he also was a banker so a
lot of my stuff is like Western but with a classier kind of businessman inside
and then also all adapted so that someone with those disabilities can wear
them so all the shirts have faith buttons down the front I’m in there
velcro so that you can dress yourself you don’t have to do the fine motor
skills the shirt cuff has a magnetic closure and then this one specifically
is a weighted vest so similar to the idea of like a way to blame Canada
I’m sure saw your underneath your weighted blanket right now watching this
video so understand they’ve been shown to have a very much
like a calming effect to have weight on one’s body but that’s not always
feasible to like bring to work with you you can’t just like throw your way to
blanket over your shoulder and like clockwork so if you are a man that’s
like in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s with dementia or ALS MS a
lot of that anxiety comes with that so I don’t know if you can see this but these
each section here has weights in it yeah but they’re they’re soft though I mean
and all the thing is soft so it’s not gonna hurt you or anything like that but
it feels great when you wear it mm-hmm I’ve used a lot of wool and
cotton to be like softer materials as well as like colors that have been shown
to get calming effects yeah so lots of light blues and yellows so that’s that’s
just one of my favorite outfits there and can’t wait to see that in the
fashion show I was gonna be in it but I don’t think they wanted me
but you know I just love seeing you grow up and into the young lady that God has
made you to be and to be able to use the stuff that you play with all those years
and working at the American Girl doll store it’s just kind of it’s cool as
your dad to sit back and watch and so yeah we here at things I love you know
we talk about all the stuff that I loved I was a kid and I still love today
Disney and Star Wars and Lego and but family is such is so high on my list you
know of things that I love here in a few weeks your mom’s birthday’s coming up
but we’re gonna be in the studio in our kitchen because that’s one of things
that she loves is baking and but why don’t you check out this playlist up
here our family playlist and just watch some of the videos of our family because
here things I love we talked about these things because they make us happy but
but the whole idea is to get you to start thinking about what it is that you
love and and that you can jump into something that you’re passionate about
and so I’d love to hear about that in the comments below
you know what is the you love da are you into fashion are you into art drawing
like like Samantha is drawings is what we like to call them unless you don’t
remember Simon do you hello my name is Simon and I like to do drawing but we
want you to discover what it is that you love so let’s talk about that a little
bit in the comments down below and you know wish Samantha a happy 21st birthday
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family all right well that is it for today my name is Mark Edington I am
your parks pastor and today we just wanted to share a little bit about
Samantha to help you be more you all right are we gonna play with some
American Grill vote or wait a minute bowling alley now is the time and things
I love when we’ve danced Oh bowling alley that would be fun

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