SHINee World 2017 – Happy Birthday to Jonghyun (EngSub)

Thank you! I was worried, I thought there was
a problem suddenly happening Yah! Thank you so much! Oh, be cautious! It looks alike Surely it looks alike,
HIS PICTURE was printed on the cake Everyone, please gather here! Yes! Thank you so much! Is this piece edible? It’s edible Thank you so much, everyone! Happy birthday to you! I hope that I and everyone, included
SHINee’s members, the staffs, the dancers All of us, all of you… would do our/your best
until the last concert of this tour Please! Woa! You’re incredible! Dirty! Is it dirty?! For now, it’s okay We are having fun, so it’s okay Because it’s fun, there is no problem And then Then what do we do… What do we do next? Restart again? We restart… the encore again! So the feeling is like this

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