SHORTEST Celebrity Marriages!

Hi, everybody! It’s Samantha! From the celebrities
that remained friends after just a few months married to bitter breakups in days, these
are the Shortest Celebrity Marriages. Which celebrity had the shortest marriage?
Which couples remain friends despite a short time together? Find out as we discuss the
Shortest Celebrity Marriages. #13 Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose (443 days)
Many of the failed marriages to make this list ended with at least one if not both parties
with feelings of contempt. In the case of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, though, they’ve
shown nothing but love for one another, despite divorcing in 2014. The pair were engaged in
March of 2012, but weren’t wed until July 2013. By September of the following year,
Rose filed for divorce and referenced irreconcilable differences as the reason. Since the split,
Khalifa and Rose have appeared on each others Instagram accounts, were photographed partying
at a mutual friend’s house, and have spoken well of each other to the media, even though
both have moved onto new romantic partners. #12 Katy Perry/Russell Brand (433 days)
Initially meeting at the filming of Get Him to the Greek in 2009, pop star Katy Perry
and actor/comedian Russell Brand hit it off later that year at the MTV Video Music Awards.
After just four months of dating, the pair got engaged while vacationing in India. They
returned the following October for their marriage ceremony, taking part in traditional Hindu
rituals to celebrate the union. A little over a year together proved to be too much for
Brand, though, and filed for divorce on December 30, 2011. Perry said in interviews that the
breakup was due to conflicting schedules and Brand’s want for children, along with not
liking her “being the boss” in the relationship. Brand has somewhat backed these claims, stating
that while he was “really in love with her”, their inability to spend time together consistently
drove them apart. Perry told Vogue that the last time they spoke was via text message
when Brand informed her he was filing for divorce. Nevertheless, there seems to be no
ill will between the exes as Brand declined half of nearly 44 million dollars after their
split given the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement.
#11 Elisabeth Moss/Fred Armisen (330 days) It’s easy to fall for someone that makes
you laugh. Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss found this out firsthand when she married perennial
Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen. After knowing each other for just a year,
the two rushed into marriage in October of 2009. This union would turn out to be no laughing
matter though, as the pair were separated by June of the following year, with Moss filing
for divorce in September 2010. Moss would go on to call her marriage with Armisen “extremely
traumatic and awful and horrible.” She has said that Armisen would pretend to be a “normal
person”, an issue he himself attributes to intimacy issues. In various interviews,
he expressed a fascination with the fantasy of a married life, especially to a Mad Men
actress and his acceptance into that circle of performers. By Armisen’s own admittance,
he apparently struggles with separating the larger than life characters or performers
from the person playing those roles, leading to phases of intense infatuation followed
by panic when reality sets in. #10 Jeremy Renner/Sonni Pacheco (321 days)
Not all marriages work out, and some provide nothing but negative memories and despair.
But when you’re a father like Jeremy Renner, even a failed marriage can’t be a failure
given his adoration for his daughter Ava Berlin. Born just three months after his marriage
to Canadian model and actress Sonni Pacheco, Renner has professed in interviews that views
his daughter as his current main focus in life, regarding anything else, including filming
movies, as a distraction. Unfortunately, these feelings don’t extend to his now ex-wife,
who split with Renner after being married just 10 months. According to unnamed sources,
the two rarely got along with Renner hoping to make it work for the sake of their child.
Things turned messy though when the divorce entered the discussion, with Pacheco initially
demanding an invalidation of their prenup and sole custody of Ava. Eventually, Renner
was able to win split custody, and he is currently able to spend much of his time being an attendant
father. #9 Aaliyah/R. Kelly (181 days)
As the late songstress Aaliyah made her rise up the R&B and pop charts in the mid-1990s,
she maintained close guidance from her mentor R. Kelly. But in 1994, this student-teacher
relationship took a romantic turn when the pair wed in August of 1994. To make matters
more complicated, Aaliyah had obtained falsified documents stating her as 18 years of age from
Kelly’s tour manager. In reality, she was just 15. R. Kelly was 27. The marriage occurred
without her parents permission and by February of the next year, after Vibe magazine had
broken the news, Aaliyah’s parents had the illegal marriage annulled. Perhaps the biggest
hint towards this forbidden engagement came in the name of Aaliyah’s first album, which
she recorded with Kelly, titled “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.” After having records
of this marriage expunged, Aaliyah went on to cut off all ties with Kelly, even refusing
to discuss him in interviews after their split. #8 Drew Barrymore/Tom Green (163 days)
Since the age of 16, actress Drew Barrymore has had a streak of bad luck when it comes
to marriages. Originally engaged to Leland Hayward, grandson of the famed Hollywood producer
of the same name, this engagement only lasted a few months. The following year, she was
engaged to actor and musician Jamie Walters until 1993, during which time they shared
a residence. Then in 1994, she married Jeremy Thomas, an L.A. bar owner, for a measly two
months before calling it quits. She then steered clear of wedding bells until 1999 when she
thought she had met the funny man of her dreams in Tom Green. The MTV star and rising comedian
engaged Barrymore in 2000, eventually being wed on July 7, 2001. By that December though,
Green was ready to call it quits, filing for divorce just 163 days after their wedding.
Green has said they haven’t talked in years, however the two mutually speak well of each
other when the subject of their short-lived marriage comes up.
#7 Renee Zellweger/Kenny Chesney (128 days) Celebrity philanthropy can provide a light
in the darkness for regular people, with the stars of pop culture providing resources that
would normally require communities to raise millions of dollars to afford. But for country
musician Kenny Chesney and actress Renee Zellweger, philanthropy brought more than support to
tsunami survivors…it brought them together in love. After meeting at NBC’s tsunami
relief telethon in 2005, the two began seeing each other before getting married that May
on the Island of St. John. Within four months, though, Chesney and Zellweger decided to have
their marriage annulled, with Zellweger sighting “fraud” as the qualifying reason. Media
outlets clasped onto this terminology and after widespread scrutiny, Zellweger clarified
that the term was simply legal jargon and in no way reflected Chesney’s character.
In later interviews, Chesney would blame himself, stating that he had panicked and saying “The
only fraud that was committed was me thinking that I knew what it was like…that I really
understood what it was like to be married, and I really didn’t”
#6 Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Esposito (122 days) Long before starring as an American hero,
a hungover playboy, or a CGI raccoon, Bradley Cooper married actress Jennifer Esposito back
in December 2006. Their marriage only lasted 122 days, with Esposito filing for divorce
in May of the following year. Cooper told magazines that their break was a mutual decision,
saying that the marriage “just wasn’t right” and that it was something both had
realized. But in her tell-all book Jennifer’s Way, published in 2014, Esposito wrote of
an unnamed beau that was “arrogant, and a master manipulator” capable of revealing
a “mean, cold side” and a mood that “could flip on a dime.” After writing about the
events that led to her split with this mystery man, she detailed moving on to a sitcom with
Christina Applegate that aired in 2007. Given this timeline, it’s easy to trace her description
as being a thinly-veiled account of her time with Cooper, but this conclusion has never
been directly confirmed by either party. #5 Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock (122 days)
Nineties starlet Pamela Anderson experienced her share of romantic rough times during the
height of her popularity. Marrying Tommy Lee of Motley Crue fame just 4 days after meeting
him proved to be a premature decision when she divorced him just 3 years later. Musician
Kid Rock had endured his own love life trials and tribulations after having a child with
his on again-off again grade school sweetheart, whom he broke up with after finding out one
of the children he was raising with her wasn’t his. The two began dating in 2001, and were
engaged within a year, but broke up by 2003. Then, three years later, the marriage was
abruptly announced to be back on with a ceremony commencing on July 29, 2006 aboard a yacht
near the west coast of France. Just four months later, she filed for divorce citing irreconcilable
differences, just a couple weeks after Anderson had suffered a miscarriage during the filming
of a new movie. Some media coverage speculated the split to be due to anger felt by Kid Rock
after seeing Anderson’s cameo role in a screening of the film Borat. But Kid Rock
later claimed that their divorce arose from her supposed tendency to openly criticize
his mother and sister in front of his son. #4 Lisa Marie Presley/ Nic Cage (108 days)
Not everyone gets to meet their idol, but if you’re lucky, you might get to marry
their daughter! Such was the case for actor Nicolas Cage when he wed Lisa Marie Presley
in August of 2002. Both had withstood prior failed marriages at the time, with Cage having
married his first wife Patricia Arquette in 1995 and Presley’s past husbands including
bassist Danny Keough and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. She was even engaged to a third suitor,
rock musician John Oszajca, when she first met Cage at a party…an encounter that would
lead to her calling off her previous engagement. But after less than four months, the newlywed
put a kibosh on their relationship with Cage filing for divorce in November of the same
year. The court proceedings that followed lasted over a year and half, ending in May
of 2004. In all, the process to divorce lasted almost five times the length of their marriage.
#3 Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries (72 days) Now known as half of the notorious celebrity
couple of KimYe, Kim Kardashian wasn’t always married to the polarizing personality of Kanye
West. Before she met the producer-rapper-designer extraordinaire, Kardashian had already married
twice previously. And her second marriage barely lasted longer than two months! After
dating Kris Humphries, power forward for the New Jersey Nets at the time, for just eight
months, the two were married in August of 2011. The ceremony was broadcast across a
two-part TV special for the E! Network. In addition, Kardashian launched a new perfume
earlier that month called Love by Kim Kardashian, meant to embody a “wedding fragrance”.
So when she filed for divorce just 72 days later in October, given the high profile promotion
for the event, rumors swirled of the engagement being little more than publicity stunt for
the Kardashian clan. Media attention towards the break up eventually settled down after
Kim filed suit against a man claiming to be a former publicist, forcing him to reverse
claims of the wedding having shallow intentions. #2 Carmen Electra/Dennis Rodman (9 days)
Amid a tumultuous time in Carmen Electra’s life, the actress and model married her boyfriend
at the time — Dennis Rodman, NBA superstar. Having recently lost her mother to brain cancer
and her older sister to a heart attack, the pair were finding solace in Las Vegas in November
of 1998. After a long night of partying, Electra and Rodman wed at the Little Chapel of Flowers
after dating for about eight months. But just nine days later, Rodman had already filed
for annulment, attributing his supposed lack of judgement to “fraud” and an “unsound
mind” during the ceremony. The pair made up by New Year’s Eve though and Rodman retracted
his annulment. But they would only go on to last a few months, officially agreeing to
divorce in April of the following year. Electra has stated in an interview with Glamour that
this marriage was an emotional response to her despair at the time, hoping to cope with
her loss by clinging to her beau. #1 Britney Spears/Jason Alexander (55 hours)
Pop music icon Britney Spears is known for playing on her innocence to create subliminally
seductive hit singles, as seen in the popular music video for “…Baby One More Time.”
But her true naivete showed in January of 2004 when she married her childhood friend
Jason Allen Alexander in a spur-of-the-moment ceremony at Las Vegas’s A Little White Wedding
Chapel. Within 55 hours, the marriage was annulled under the argument that Britney “lacked
understanding of her actions.” Six months later, Spears infamously married again, this
time to her backup dancer Kevin Federline. Today’s featured comment comes from Nimfa
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