Should Christians celebrate christmas? Why I quit celebrating Christmas

Today I want to tell you why I quit celebrating
Christmas. Growing up, Christmas was my favorite time
of year. I loved everything about it. The decorations, the food, the family, the
gifts; it was all so beautiful and exciting for me as a child. My love for Christmas continued into adulthood. Every year I looked forward to setting up
the tree, hanging lights on the house, and buying gifts for family and friends. I was so excited about Christmas that I would
start decorating at the beginning of November, and leave them up until the end of January. Christmas was my absolute favorite holiday
because I thought it was the celebration of Jesus birth. Then one day someone told me that Christmas
was originally a Pagan holiday that was adopted by the Church hundreds of years after Jesus
died. I wanted to find out the Truth about Christmas,
so I started doing my own research, and was shocked at what I found out. After doing just a little bit of research
(like looking in an Encyclopedia), I quickly found out that nearly everything about Christmas
comes from Pagan traditions. The tree, holly, mistletoe, tinsel, lights,
gifts, caroling, Santa Claus, and many other popular Christmas traditions all find their
roots in Paganism. I was so disgusted at the Pagan origins of
some of our traditions that I began to weep and repent for my involvement in these things. I felt so deceived, and what made it worse
is that the lies came from people I trusted – my family, friends, and pastor. Then I found out that most preachers know
the Truth about Christmas being a pagan holiday, yet they keep silent about it. Unlike preachers in past who were not afraid
to stand up for the truth. Listen to what Charles Spurgeon had to say
about Christmas in a sermon on Dec 24, 1871. “We have no superstitious regard for times
and seasons. Certainly we do not believe in the present
ecclesiastical arrangement called Christmas: first, because we do not believe in the mass
at all, but abhor it, whether it be said or sung in Latin or in English; and, secondly,
because we find no Scriptural warrant whatever for observing any day as the birthday of the
Savior; and, consequently, its observance is a superstition, because not of divine authority.” – Charles Spurgeon, Sermon on Dec. 24, 1871 Now every December, Christian parents lie
to their children about Christmas. Telling them Jesus was born on December 25th,
and Santa Claus brings them gifts. These lies are reinforced by the Church, so
it is no wonder our kids are turning away from God as they grow up. They realize that Santa Clause and the Easter
bunny were lies, and they naturally question what they were told about Jesus as well, since
he has been so closely associated with those other fictional and mythical characters. God seeks worshippers who will worship Him
in spirit and in Truth, and we know that Christmas is a lie, so how can we continue to worship
God in this way? I made the decision to stop celebrating Christmas
because I love Jesus, and I hope my testimony has encouraged you to do your own research
about the Pagan origins of Christmas.

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  1. The shocking fact for me is that I know some catholic christians who do not even believe that Jesus is God but a prophet of God and yet they celebrate Christmas and go to the Church as well even though they know that both things do not belong to original and authentic Christianity

  2. Its kind of sad when we become so ultimate when we have no place of our own to judge from. We celebrate Christmas as jesus birth for one resason to praise him.

  3. Is it wrong to fight against pagan stuff? No not at all. What worries me though is this: do we put 1% as much effort for doing Jesus will and following his word?

  4. I too stop celebrating xmas its a pagan religion iindisguise of a cristian religion. Its actually celebrating Lucifer sun god. Dont believe in catholic teachings they even dont follow the Bible all they teach are pagan religion and practices.

  5. Uh? You can make yourself never celebrate your birthday? And you coming against birthday is God Jesus? Truly you don't even know what's the purpose of Jesus come to earth. This verse is suitable for you.
    Matthew 7:6(KJV) Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

  6. Now  you celebrate legalism. "Pagan" is a relative word. Christians always borrowed from other religions and used them to evangelize. Will pray for you at Holy Mass tomorrow.

  7. It's true,, I loved Christmas from before.. but our church never allow us to decorate to enjoy.. anything other than to worship him in truth n spirit,, Jesus birthday was not sure but we know he was born.. other churches look down to our church bcos in Christmas time wen they r all decorated n enjoying.. wer just d same old church.. my pastor told us dat,, Jesus wept to see the way how Christmas is celebrated to the churches.. not knowing how terribly Jesus died on the we should weep more becos Jesus is the man of wept.. fast n pray.. kneel down.. worship d Lord in the beauty of Holiness…. m proud of my church it train really sharp.. to reach the land of Canaan.. TPM( The Pentecostal Mission) we should not follow tradition, we should follow Jesus!

  8. I bet you celebrate your birthday!
    God celebrated His Son’s birth by sending the Shepard’s and the maggi to celebrate and bring gifts. Do you celebrate His birth at all. Probably not!!

  9. I like Christmas but hate Santa Claus. I've had numerous heated discussions with my wife and people online about telling our children it's not OK for parents to lie and fool children over Santa. She tells me to be quiet and not to spoil it for the little ones. A lot of people seem to view Santa AS Christmas, and that he has more spiritualness of the giving of love and gifts than Jesus's birth. The world is blind to the evil which walks its surface and ignorant beyond belief. There are so many lost souls today lost to idolatry and materialism and doesn't look like they want to change.

  10. True December 25 is not when Christ was born, but jesus was born some day ,who can say when and then surely we could celebrate it ,because many god's of the mythology have birthday and pagans celebrate it ,if Jesus was an historical man and if we don't celebrate his birthday on any day of the year the world will ask us is Christ really born or is it a make up story ,now then our children have all ready forgotten the reason for the season if we never had a Christmas at all what will the faith of the next generation be like ,I m not asuppoter of pagan traditions but just think bro

  11. I totally agree, but I have one thought… Yes, it may have origins as pagan. But is that really grounds to dismiss it entirely? Think about it–we kinda ARE pagans. Our history is pagan, our traditions are pagan, our language is pagan, our culture is pagan. If I were to dismiss everything pagan in my life, I'd just go get my family circumcised, move to Israel, and become a Jew. Yet, (as nice as that would be, don't get me wrong. I love Israel!), what did Paul say about such things? "If you become circumcised, Christ will profit you nothing," and "These rules [don't touch, don't taste, don't handle] have an appearance of wisdom… but lack any value in restraining the flesh." And much more was said in great detail on the matter. Paul goes even further to say that eating meat KNOWING it was sacrificed to idols is perfectly fine! He says "If I partake with thankfulness, why should I be denounced because of that for which I give thanks?" Let this sink in: in faith, we CAN eat food sacrificed to idols! Next to that, to question celebrating Christmas is folly. Of course we can! BUT–not if it hurts someone with "weaker faith." As Paul says, "I will never eat meat again" if it compromises the beliefs of his brother. The point being, I think, is that some sin is relative according to your faith. If you believe it is a sin, then for you it is a sin. If you believe you are free in Christ, you are free. This decision is personal to each one, and I will welcome all no matter what they choose. As for me, I will partake of Christmas with thankfulness and wisdom, without lying to my kids, but to glorify God.

  12. YES! My pastor is one of only a few of our faith left that preaches against Christmas. Thank God for someone that will stand up for TRUTH!

  13. If it isn't causing any harm, and the Celebration is for Jesus and our Lord from the depths of our hearts and souls, who cares a little fun doesn't hurt.

  14. Yeah.. I don't celebrate Christmas since I was 15… Now I'm 18 xD Bless me Lord Jesus Christ! Show us the truth, nun nobis, Domine!

  15. So you bash Christmas but you quote Spurgeon who is a calvinist ! Maybe you should read up more on your doctrine before taking on pagan holidays!

  16. Muslims know this from centuries . Santa Claus is Actually a Devil's Man who is Dressed in Red from head to Foot , Which is Used by magicians.

  17. If a Holiday (Holy Day) isn't in the Bible then it's not a Holy Day.. If God wanted us to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the date would be perfectly clear.. The Passover is in the Bible and that coincides w/ Jesus on the Cross… But rabbits don't lay eggs – so lets leave the lies where they belong – with Satan..

  18. There is nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas if you make Jesus the center of it. I don't worship the Christmas tree nor the decorations. On Christmas my family gathers and we go to church we pray together and read from our bibles the nativity story together as a family. Then we have a family dinner. If we think about it everything in our daily lives has pagan origins but it's how we approach it that matters. For example wedding rings are pagan, some of the months in the are calendar are named after pagan gods. Bridesmaids are also pagan and makeup, jewelry, democracy, saying bless you after somebody sneezes.

  19. If this guy really did his research, he would know Santa Claus was based on Saint Nicholas, a real and actual Christian bishop from modern day Turkey

  20. This is so Calvinist/Puritan it takes my breath away….The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord are central events in the history of Christianity….of course there are no scriptures written specifically about Christmas….most of Christianity developed well after the death of Jesus of Nazareth……, there are something like 4,000 chruches dedicated to St Nicholas (that horrible person Santa Claus whose name means "Holy Nicholas")….Puritans find devils where there are none…no wonder they were thrown out of England in the 17th Century…..

  21. Certainly you should ALSO read about all the lies that christianity or other religions are and stop worshiping all these bullshits altogether.

  22. LISTEN!!!! Also, Christians need to be pay careful attention to the dates/days they observe as Holy. Days such as going to church on sunday, when in reality Saturday is the true Sabbath Day. And christmas and easter which are pagan/ satan originating holidays. What Christians don't realize is as they continue to practice and regard these days as holy they are given the mark of the beast. So many people think that the mark of the beast is a just symbol when it is so much more than that. It's about identifying with the beast and people do exactly that when they revere these pagan/satan days and holidays.

  23. I think critical thinking skills are important for kids so they can think for themselves and question these issues.

  24. What is 'Christ' in Christmas?????

    Eastern Orthodox Churches in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Ethiopia in Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jerusalem Etc celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on January 7th every year

  25. Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on January 7th every year

    Western branch of Christianity like Catholic Church and Protestant Church celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on December 25th

  26. Pope Gregory fixed the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th.

    Catholics & Protestants celebrate Christmas on December 25th as per the Gregorian Catholic Calendar

    Eastern Orthodox Churches in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Ethiopia in Africa don't follow the Western Gregorian Catholic Calendar prepared by Pope Gregory

  27. Many people on earth do not have time to celebrate their own birthday.

    So it is not necessary to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ

  28. This is why Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate Christmas and other holidays that are made by people. The only holiday I take part of is the memorial of Jesus' death.

  29. May i ask what kind of church you attend..i also do not celebrate holidays ect and i cant seem to find a church that does not celebrate all holidays that are pagan in origin..what do we do ???

  30. The thing that now looking back should make it obvious, is how stressful it is and financially a burden on many families

  31. I long sensed there was something not right with Christmas. Once I did my research I was glad to stop practicing it. So much for the "godly" pastors that allow a pagan altar (christmas tree) in the Sanctuary. Then came the inanity of black friday. The human race as a group has no hope. Only through Christ Jesus can any of us see Heaven.

  32. One thing I noticed is that the antichrist, OWR, false religions like catholisism and New Age Christianity are really pushing the pagan holidays, part of the deception, and falling away.

  33. I learned this back in my late 20's. I am 56 now. It is sad to me that Christians hold on to this tradition of men.

  34. Christ wasn’t even born in winter it sad when u see christians fight for merry Christmas lol An boycott Starbucks like u idiot it not our hollow day it evil even song jiggle bells it’s bells that the elves ( demon) wear when there coming

  35. You lost people, we Christians celebrate Christmas because it's "God's Birth". Don't lose your hope and faith just because you didn't see santa or receive your gifts.

  36. I'm a pagan and celebrate Yule, which happens to fall on Christmas. My god is Belenus, the Celtic sun god who is resurrected every Winter Solstice. My goddess is Arianrhod, the Celtic moon goddess and the goddess of the silver wheel of the year. I also celebrate Belenus on Beltane May 1st and Arianrhod on December 2nd.

  37. This year will be my first to not celebrate Christmas and all other Holidays, I officially started with 4th of July. But my question is to all, do you still attend a church that celebrates Christmas? I do but cannot find a Christian Church that does not 🤷🏽‍♀️ what do you all say or do?

  38. I didn’t know their was any western Christians who didn’t celebrate Christmas.Although in my religion we believe Jesus son of Mary (hazrat Esa ibn Maryam alayhim salaam )Pbuh was born in the summer not the winter.

  39. Jesus was Born on Nisan 1, 6 B.C

    So in our Calendar that is the springtime. End of March and Beginning of April. This year was April 6. Year 2020 it will be March 26.

  40. Easter is also very pagan. The name Easter itself is of a pagan fertility goddess, and the rabbit and egg are symbols of fertility.

  41. This year is going to be my first year in 39 years of Not celebrating christmas. My eyes are finally open to the truth and I'm going all in for Christ. God bless all of you beautiful people here doing the same. I love you all and will be glad to meet all of you one day. Amen

  42. Could you still celebrate it but just not as Jesus birthday? I like the whole Christmas spirit and giving gifts. If that's still wring i will stop. Just a question

  43. It is more important to do self evaluation as to why we find ourselves attracted to theses anti-social moves to discover something to hate. The information found in the popular press on Christmas is sheer propaganda and are not shared in intellectual fora.

  44. Lies i'm a Romanian i know more about Chirstmas! Jesus helped Santa to be come Santa! You are all liers! If u don't agree with me! I won't agree with u too!

  45. Amen to you for standing up against these well routed lies! I too won't be celebrating anything else that the whole world celebrates until Jesus returns…which is soon!

  46. Jesus was born in the Spring, at the same exact time the Passover lambs were being born for their sacrifice.This is why the sheppards were in the fields guarding and assisting the females with birth and how they saw the Star of Bethlehem. Jesus was God's perfect lamb and our sacrifice. Everything about Christmas is satanic as are Easter celebrations, just disguised to mislead everyone which is how satan works to start with.

  47. I wish I wanna stop celebrate christmas but my family didn't want me to do it and I must do because the emptiness overcomed me

  48. There is no denying that many traditions and customs surrounding Christmas are derived from pre-Christian beliefs and practices. Even the time of year its celebrated, around the Winter Solstice (the idea of light overtaking darkness and its symbolic ‘translation’ into Christianity), is pre-Christian.

    Indeed, many of our present-day customs and traditions, from the days of the week, to the candles you blow out on your birthday cake, have pre-Christian tiebacks; but no one really seems to complain about those.

    Quite frankly, whether one wishes to acknowledge it or not, the “pagan-ness” has been effectively ‘bread out’ of Christmas for well over 1,000 years now. Like other pre-Christian customs and traditions that have become part of our culture, it’s time to grow up and get over it.

    And before you answer with the old cliché “Christmas is not in the Bible”, neither are cell phones, cars and computers……but I’m pretty sure you don’t have a problem using any of them.

  49. Christmas is a Roman invention and has nothing to do with Jesus. Stopped celebrating 5 yrs ago. Is is both a spiritual and historical lie and blinds you to God's prophetic times and seasons. The RCC is known for rewriting history to suit the Vatican's agenda. The Jewish feasts reveal way more about Christ and prophecy. It's blessed me a lot and there is no question which God they are talking about while Christmas seems confused about it's own meaning every year.

    Pagans make fun of Christians for celebrating their holiday, they think we're idiots. If you want to find the real birth date of Jesus you have to use the Hebrew calendar, not our pagan Gregorian calender. The more I studied about this, the more I despised this sham of a holiday. It is designed to distract and hide truth, not explore it. God's feasts are designed to explore his ways especially for kids. Some of them have not been fulfilled yet! Want to find the real birth of Christ? Study the feasts of God. In fact, go celebrate them and have some good food and fellowship while you're at it. They promote a sense of family too.

  50. how are they lying as the gentiles were brought into christians ,that was there birth so and the birth was the same as Jesus being born

  51. Jeremiah chapter 10 in the kjv it convicted my wife and son. This is our first Christmas free year. And we celebrate Christ every day.

  52. Hey I don’t want to celebrate Christmas bc the history of it but what do I do if someone gives me a gift do I throw it away??

  53. People don't read their bibles and are deceived by satan as christians we cannot imitate worldly traditions. The holy spirit will guide us in truth and God speaks to us in his word. Jesus open my eyes .Churches wont say this because they want people to stay and some are all about the money.

  54. What about denying the fact that Jesus was born on that holiday and then just giving gifts and things as such, like I mean if it is not a Christian holiday, could one not celebrate it like New Years of something, where yes it is pagan, but we do not say that it is from Christ. My heart has been very troubled at this and I have been praying lately about it and really meditating on it. God bless, and please pray that when the truth is given to me, I would not turn it away.

  55. You guys are butthurt for the wrong reasons. Christmas is a celebration that brings everyone from all religions to celebrate a christian holiday together. Whether its pagan or not, its a good message. To abstain from it you are just showing the world how un-inviting Christians are and that is not good for our reputation. Negative nansies. Your family didnt lie to you? Its quite bad of you to accuse them of LYING when they probably didn't google it either.

  56. I was in the same boat as many Christians, I too as a kid Loved and adored Christmas. Always looked forward to it and wondering what I was going to get and I Loved it. I Loved giving gifts and cards to church members and gifts to the kids all loved it. But today will be the first that I will NOT celebrate Christmas and I too learned that it was a pagan holiday. Even if I told people that Christmas is pagan they will say that either I'm lying or you just don't have the love for it, My prayer is that all Christians should wake up and learn the truth about Christmas and stop clebrating it as with Easter we should STOP clebrating Easter and Christmas. I pray that Pastors tell their flock about the truth about Easter and Christmas until then.

  57. Most Christians don't follow The Most High. They actually worship JEZEBEL and themselves. Look up the Christian couple that was in church every Sunday singing hymns while they starved a teenage so much that he weighted like 45 – 90 pounds. Church usually has WORLDLY people in it. Remember Christ did NOT teach in a church; he taught in the street. The bible says we will know them by their WORKS.

  58. Glad to see Christians being educated about the lies of your church and faith. Keep digging friends, nearly all of your faith is plagiarized and assimilated from other religions and cultures.
    Jesus story is not new, it's taken from far older sources.
    Moses? Never existed and stolen from older sources.
    Not trying to discourage you. Just wanting to keep you honest. Keep digging up old Faith's, paganism and look up religious beliefs and traditions from older cultures. You'll be surprised. ❤

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