Should I hire a professional wedding planner?

– So you are in the process of
planning for your wedding day and you’re excited for all the things that you have done so far, but you’re not sure if you need a professional wedding planner or even why you would need one. In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you what hiring a
professional wedding planner can do for your day and how it can
make it that much better. (upbeat music) My name is Meredith Ryncarz and I’m a wedding and
a portrait photographer and I am so excited to share with you today all about hiring a
professional wedding planner to make your day go that much better. So one of the biggest things that can affect your day in
how it goes is the timeline. Now, photographers definitely help with the photography
timeline for your day, but what about all the
other little details? What about making sure that
your flowers get there on time, what about making sure that
your DJ is where he needs to be, or that the food is ready when your hungry guests are ready to eat? That all falls under a
timeline that your planner, a professional planner, would handle. Now, there are definitely
different levels of planners. There are those that are just
getting into the industry and then those that have
been there for 20 plus years and know everything about it. And there is planners in
between those two spectrums. But when you are going to look for a professional
planner for your day, the ability to create that
timeline are so vital, because if they don’t factor in travel, or having enough time
between the cake cutting and the first dance, you may find that halfway through
your getting ready time, you are already stressed. You’re already feeling
like you’re running late, because those time spaces
weren’t factored appropriately. So that’s something to definitely consider when you’re looking for a professional, how comfortable are they with
planning that timeline out? One of the ways you can
find that out is just simply looking at their reviews or
asking to talk with past brides, or other vendors that they’ve worked with. This also leads into that
next point of making sure that they will get things done. That’s going back to those reviews, talking to those other
vendors they’ve worked with, because they may forget to do something if they
are not a professional or they have maybe only planned one or two weddings including their own, and that is so important to not have that stress fall back on your shoulders or your mom’s shoulders or
your maid of honor’s shoulders. Professional wedding planners make sure that things get done. No matter how big or
how small that thing is, they are on top of it. Professional wedding planners know that they have to not
only be detail oriented in those minor little teeny tiny things, as well as the overall picture. They are able to handle both. They see things, those little
details that others may miss. The fact that maybe your
garter got left at the hotel, they are on top of it. Or that your ring bearer forgot his pants. They are the problem solver to make sure that things get handled. They also make sure that your vendors get correct information. I’ve worked with some amazing wonderful professional wedding planners, and they make sure that the information that I get from them is
correct and up-to-date. But we’ve had situations in the past where we’ve dealt with friends who were not in the
wedding planning industry and they were trying to help a bride out and they told us that the groom and his groomsmen were going
to get ready at this location, but they actually weren’t, they were at some another location. In other situations, we’ve
given the wrong address by a planner when in fact it was a similar hotel two blocks over. That can definitely
impact your wedding day, and whether it’s stressful or stress-free. So making sure that they’re able to provide accurate information to your vendor team is vital to hiring a pro for your wedding day. And on top of being detail oriented and whole picture oriented, the biggest thing is a
professional planner will not up and disappear on your day. What I mean by that is simply that they know where they need to be at the most stressful points
of the day and they are there, on top of it handling
split pants for the groom or a lost bouquet for the bride. Instead of being at the next
location at a reception, they are right where they need
to be when they need to be, because they know what
can happen on a day, because they’ve been
doing this for a while. So I hope that has helped
you have more information on how to hire a
professional wedding planner and what to look for in order to have a more stress-free day. If you loved this information and you want more just like it, make sure you hit the
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