Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?

What’s up guys this is will wit with PragerU today We’re at Wake Forest University here in North Carolina, and we’re asking students about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. Let’s get started What are your thoughts on Christopher Columbus? Mixed feelings. I don’t really know your school. Yeah he sucked he sucked he is a pretty terrible person He kicked some foreigners out of their homeland. There was a lot of Taking of indigenous lands. There’s a lot of there’s a lot of just general foolishness. Do you think he’s a good guy? I don’t know him personally. But uh He’s probably okay. Do you know what year Columbus sailed? (unsure)1782 Close, what year did Christopher Columbus sail over? Hypothetically 1492 Hypothetically? Hypothetically could have been 1493. Could have been. What are the names of the three ships that he sailed over I have no idea What are the names of the three ships that Christopher Columbus sailed on? Uhhhh Santa Maria Uhhhh Pina and the Mayflower? No Nina is on your shirt Mayflower? Nope. Damn, is it nerdy that I have a shirt on with that helpful. I’m trying to help and educate thank you Nina, Santa Maria Pint…pinta. (To dog) Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, Christopher Columbus sailed over! Do you think we should change the name of the day? I think it just shouldn’t be a day. Let’s just not make it a day I don’t even think there should be a day necessarily I think it’s something relevant that we should celebrate to an extent just because It’s pretty foundational in our history and just how we kind of got started Haha. Do you think we should change it to indigenous peoples day? I’m not even sure what that means. Most people don’t what do you think? We should name it to? Kicking foreigners out of their territory day. Do you think that we should give the land back to the Native Americans? That’s a big idea Should Americans give the land back to the Native Americans We’re still working on acknowledging that we had American slavery for like four hundred years So I I would I would I would advise baby steps You’re saying like what Christopher Columbus did was bad and we took the land from the Native Americans, right? So this is technically their land right? So should we give it back to them? Yeah, I think so You want to pack your bags we can leave right now. I mean, yeah, I got my backpack. I’m set Do you think we should give the land back to the Native Americans? Yeah, why not? We should leave. Yeah pack your suitcases. He and I are gonna leave (laughter)Go back to Europe oh my god no

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  1. Criminales asesinos llegaron del otro lado del mar a robar nuestros tesoros y adueñarse de nuestras tierras malditos thumpers

  2. I am blown away that university students don't know the name of the nina the pinta & santa maria

    They clearly don't deserve to graduate high school!

  3. Columbus didn't discover america, he's actually famous for discovering the new world (this side of the planet) and he did it B Y A C C I D E N T

  4. In 1782, Christopher Columbus flew in his Lindsy Honda over the ocean green with his two other veichles, The Flux Capicitator and a T-80 Soviet tank.

  5. There was a video with someone in Jeremy Corbyn's constituency asking people if people pay enough tax, invariably they said no, when given the opportunity to pay more tax they declined. I think you should try something similar – have a native charity or whatever the subject is, and have them put their money where their mouth is.
    If they think theyre so privileged then they should have no problem giving up their university place to a native or anyone less privileged

  6. Gli Americani hanno sterminato i Pellerossa e se la prendono con Colombo che ha solamente aperto la strada al mondo moderno

  7. The natives were hostile to the British settlers almost immediately it's not like we just shot them for sport, are there any smart millennials because I'm yet to meet one

  8. It pains me to see and hear these brainwashed young people, they fill these kids heads with such blatantly biased nonsense. Humans have fought wars taken land and slaves throughout the history of our existence. Native Americans were not peaceful people living in complete harmony with their environment, as is presented in school, they fought wars, stole land, took slaves, raped, conquered, and pillaged just like every other group of people. Does that justify what European settlers did to the people that occupied America before them; of course not. But let's stop pretending it's a unique atrocity never before seen in human history.

  9. If only we could really ship them back to Europe:
    "Should we give the land back [to the Native Americans]?"
    "Pack your bags"

  10. Let's see did Columbus actually discover USA? No he discovered a Caribbean island and he didn't kick people off of the island he just enslaved them. which is pretty bad! Still he was not the greatest of guys but the other guy he was with was even worse. so he still wasn't the person who discovered North America it was the Vikings. I always feel that they lie to you about this bit in school. And if they do tell you they only tell you part of it the only way you actually discover the real story is if you do your own research on it. But he discovered a Caribbean Island so he kind of discovered that there was a land on the other side although he didn't know that he discovered this cuz he thought he was in India. He then went and Enslaved the people and the guy he was with beat them and mutilated them in murdered and work them to death Christopher Columbus did have a hand in that he was not innocent. He was not the person to discover USA nor was he the first to take away USA natives land.

  11. Asks if we should give the land back
    "people that say we should"
    Tells them that they need to leave their homes
    "oh wait why would I want to do that"
    yeah, see that's why its a stupid dilemma


  13. if we want to help the native Americans we should really clean up the reservations in alll things. i have been scarred since windriver

  14. Columbus was a dirtbag- murderer, rapist, and robber. These aren't American values and he doesn't deserved to be honored with a day that shares his name. We can still keep our days off, but let's call it what it really is– Retail Discount Day.

  15. It wasn’t the taking of land, it was the enslavement and exploitation of the natives. The TAINOS, contrary to the natives that met the pilgrims, did not know that Columbus was a man and not a god. I will paraphrase the words of his crew in saying that they- could never say no- to anything. Gold, labor, even sexual favors all given to his men due to their ability and skill to convince people of their own false divinity. There was also a point in his time in the greater Antilles where he did not have enough slaves to mine and farm for him and his crew due to overworking and disease, so they bought African slaves from Portugal, who has been enslaving them for centuries. Did Christopher Columbus make a great accomplishment? Yes, he established the connection between America and Europe, or the Colombian Exchange. But, was he himself a good person? In my opinion no. Should we have a day for him? I have no idea

  16. To be fair, not being able to tell the correct date when he landed, and the name of the ships is not that bad. I don't remember the name of all the seven chieftains that led us Hungarians to Hungary. I would need to think, for a solid minute to name them all. But I would be unable to name the seven tribes. That's for sure.

  17. I don't think it should be celebrated as it gives him credit for discovering America when he didn't even reach our coast in the first place.

  18. Wow, they don't even know when was the USA created. As your neighbors Canadian even I know it's 1776. Where is the 1783 came from?

  19. I love how they’re complaining about how the natives were kicked out of their homes but then when he asks if we should give it back they aren’t so sure

  20. While I don't usually condone the foolishness of this channel, this particular video I liked. There wasn't any obvious, in your face far right propaganda or agenda. They simply asked random students about their opinions on Columbus (who sucked).

  21. Washington Irving, from whose pen came the most eloquent account of the plight of the unhappy islanders, wrote: In this way was the yoke of servitude fixed upon the island and its thralldom effectually insured. Deep despair now fell on the natives when they found a perpetual task inflicted upon them. … Weak and indolent by nature, unused to labor of any kind and brought up in the untasked idleness of their soft climate and their fruitful groves, death itself seemed preferable to a life of toil and anxiety. They sawno end to this harassing evil which had so suddenly fallen upon them; … no prospect of a return to that roving independence and ample leisure so dear to the wild inhabitants of the forest. The pleasant life of the island was at an end. … They were now obliged to grope day by day with bending body and anxious eye along the borders of their rivers, sifting the sands for the grains of gold which every day grew more scanty; or to labor in the fields beneath the fervour of a tropical sun to raise food for their taskmasters or to produce the vegetable tribute imposed upon them. They sunk to sleep weary and exhausted at night, with the certainty that the next day was to be a repetition of the same toil and suffering. … in my opinion we shouldn't celebrate Columbus day white or not he was a evil man.

  22. This is how I feel about Columbus. I respect his historical impact and he brought the new world to the mainstream. I don’t think that we should ignore facts about what he did and too today’s standards are extremely cruel and inhumane. I don’t think that we should be looking at historical events through eyes of the 21 century as this would make everyone look bad back then. I mean George Washington had three hundred slaves but no one gives him shit

  23. i always find it funny when people, without hesitation, say "yea we should give the land back to the natives" without stopping to think what that actually means. the entire country was filled with them, so even if we wanted to give the land back, it's almost impossible at this point

  24. No because he was an idiot. How do you land on an undiscovered landmass, see all kinds of flora and fauna that don’t match the flora and fauna indigenous indigenous to where you thought you were going, and still proudly declare that you’ve landed in India?

  25. Hey Will, would you like to have been one of the people he discovered? Are you a smart As? He was hated by most everyone . They put him in jail, had him removed as governor. What does that mean, discover? Joke, like no one knew it was here. No one that mattered. How about the Romans discovered Israel? Sound good.? Sure made a lot of improvements.

  26. The weak should fear the strong. Thank you Columbus for helping revolutionizing the whole world.

  27. To the people who want to know the facts of Columbus's first interactions with the Taino and Arawak tribes, here's what went down:

    First of all, when Columbus first met the Tainos he captured two of them and sent them back to Spain in hopes of convincing Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to fund Columbus a second voyage which they of course did, upgrading Columbus's fleet of 3 ships to 16 with about a thousand men. And when Columbus seemingly wrote admirably of the Tainos (calling them handsome and well built), he was not writing in admiration but in a way, he could exploit them as the more well built they were, the more hard labor they could force upon them. When Columbus was unable to find the heavy amounts of gold he promised his sponsors, he forced the Tainos into toxic mines of mercury where they labored day and night however they could find none "The Indians were totally deprived of their freedom and were put into the harshest, fiercest, most horrible servitude and captivity which no one who has not seen it can understand. Even beasts enjoy more freedom when they are allowed to graze in the field." las Casas 1506, which prompted the Spaniards to inflict a punishment upon any Taino who could not find enough gold in 1 month where they would then cut off the hands of the victims and force them to wear it around their neck until they bled to death. They also inflicted a similar torture method known as the skull crusher (which was commonly used by the Inquisition) where there was an upside-down metal bowl that they would place on the head and screw downwards, slowly breaking into their skull as they screamed in agony of which they would slowly die of blood laws and extreme brain damage, 10,000 natives died this way. Of course, the Tainos rebelled and Columbus's retaliation was swift, brutal and above all horrifying.

    "Which the Spaniards no sooner perceived, but they, mounted on generous Steeds, well weapon'd with Lances and Swords, begin to exercise their bloody Butcheries and Strategems, and overrunning their Cities and Towns, spar'd no Age, or Sex, nay not so much as Women with Child, but ripping up their Bellies, tore them alive in pieces. They laid Wagers among themselves, who should with a Sword at one blow cut, or divide a Man in two; or which of them should decollate or behead a Man, with the greatest dexterity; nay farther, which should sheath his Sword in the Bowels of a Man with the quickest dispatch and expedition.

    They snatcht young Babes from the Mothers Breasts, and then dasht out the brains of those innocents against the Rocks; others they cast into Rivers scoffing and jeering them, and call'd upon their Bodies when falling with derision, the true testimony of their Cruelty, to come to them, and inhumanely exposing others to their Merciless Swords, together with the Mothers that gave them Life.

    They erected certain Gibbets, large, but low made, so that their feet almost reacht the ground, every one of which was so order'd as to bear Thirteen Persons in Honour and Reverence (as they said blasphemously) of our Redeemer and his Twelve Apostles, under which they made a Fire to burn them to Ashes whilst hanging on them: But those they intended to preserve alive, they dismiss'd, their Hands half cut, and still hanging by the Skin, to carry their Letters missive to those that fly from us and ly sculking on the Mountains, as an exprobation of their flight.

    The Lords and Persons of Noble Extract were usually expos'd to this kind of Death; they order'd Gridirons to be placed and supported with wooden Forks, and putting a small Fire under them, these miserable Wretches by degrees and with loud Shreiks and exquisite Torments, at last Expir'd.

    I once saw Four or Five of their most Powerful Lords laid on these Gridirons, and thereon roasted, and not far off, Two or Three more over-spread with the same Commodity, Man's Flesh; but the shril Clamours which were heard there being offensive to the Captain, by hindring his Repose, he commanded them to be strangled with a Halter. The Executioner (whose Name and Parents at Sevil are not unknown to me) prohibited the doing of it; but stopt Gags into their Mouths to prevent the hearing of the noise (he himself making the Fire) till that they dyed, when they had been roasted as long as he thought convenient. I was an Eye-Witness of these and and innumerable Number of other Cruelties: And because all Men, who could lay hold of the opportunity, sought out lurking holes in the Mountains, to avoid as dangerous Rocks so Brutish and Barbarous a People, Strangers to all Goodness, and the Extirpaters and Adversaries of Men, they bred up such fierce hunting Dogs as would devour an Indian like a Hog, at first sight in less than a moment: Now such kind of Slaughters and Cruelties as these were committed by the Curs, and if at any time it hapned, (which was rarely) that the Indians irritated upon a just account destroy'd or took away the Life of any Spaniard, they promulgated and proclaim'd this Law among them, that One Hundred Indians should dye for every individual Spaniard that should be slain." las Casas 1506.

    This is a holocaust on a massive scale beyond recokning which is in my opinion easily comparable to atrocities committed during the second world war, as well as the Spanish an Portuguese Inquisitions. And don't you dare make the natives were killing each other excuse as native warfare was short and sporadic and never on the scale of casualties and destruction as were European wars. As for the claim that Bartolomé de las Casas looked fondly upon Columbus, he only did this in order to keep up with the appearance of the Spanish Conquistadors who were already not very fond of Bartolomés advocacy for the rights of Indigenous peoples. As a reward for Columbus's mens "good" work, he would sell women and girls (some as of which were aged 9 and 10; which was also very commonplace and supported by Columbus) into sexual slavery. Michele da Cuneo wrote,

    "While i wast in the boat, i did capture a v'ry quite quaint carib distaff whom the hath said l'rd admiral columbus gaveth me, and with whom having taking h'r into mine own cabin, the lady being nak'd acc'rding to their custom, i conceiv'd a desire to taketh pleasure. I did want to putteth mine own desire into execution but the lady didst not wanteth t and did treat me with h'r fing'rnails in such a mann'r yond i wisheth hadst nev'r begun. But seeing yond, i tooketh a rope and thrash'd h'r well, f'r the lady raises such unheard-of screams thee wouldst not has't beli'd with thy ears. Finally, we cameth to an agreement in such a mann'r yond i can bid thee, yond the lady hath seemed to has't been hath brought up in a school of wh'res".

    Thus in conclusion, while I can never deny the fact that Columbus was a historically important figure, he in no way deserves any sort of praise or even a holiday for that matter (Plus the Vikings beat him by 500 years as well as the Chinese and possibly even the Africans in the year 1200 BCE).

  28. Personally, I don't think I ever really celebrated Columbus day, even as a kid. It always seemed more of a bank holiday. I know the ramifications from what Columbus accomplished were pretty bad, but he still had an accomplishment. I know he did some shady stuff himself, but are we also blaming him for the actions of others based on what he did, like guilt by association? Someone was bound to find a sea route westward and write down.

    Finding and documenting a route to the West Indies is an accomplishment, even if others had discovered the new world first. Should this accomplishment be disregarded because of what came afterwards? This accomplishment is a point of pride among people of Italian ancestry. German Americans have Octoberfest, Irish have St Patrick's, there's Cinco De Mayo, Native Americans have a day, and black history has an entire month. What do the Italians have to celebrate? Columbus day.

    I propose we change Columbus day to Italian Heritage Day. Some may choose to celebrate Columbus but it would also include many other famous Italians like Da Vinci and others.

  29. No offence, but why these American students are so stupid?
    I can't understand them even I am living in third world country like Afghanistan.

  30. Columbus's legacy is flawed to say the least. There is evidence of rape, unfair warfare, and tyranny. This is what we teach our children in school to look up to. But America is busy trying to silence Michael Jackson for crimes he has been acquitted of smh. We live in a world where a gay joke ruins careers. Political rhetoric is the norm, and our president has no political background. Columbus day should be abolished! Some person could of done what he did with much more class!

  31. Their ignorance regarding Columbus and his voyage is shameful but it doesn’t diminish the fact that Columbus was an utterly despicable mass murderer who tortured killed and exploited the native population of the Americas. Trying to somehow defend Columbus by highlighting ignorant and probably edited interview by this channel isn’t good optics tbh, though I somehow like other reasonable PragerU content.

  32. I love Will Witt/PragerU videos, but I am so sick of the leftist morons he interviews. Shame on the professors teaching, brainwashing students. They should be sued.

  33. Columbus Provided Native Sex Slaves to His Men

    In addition to putting the natives to work as slaves in his gold mines, Columbus also sold sex slaves to his men — some as young as 9. Columbus and his men also raided villages for sex and sport. In the year 1500, Columbus wrote: “A hundred castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.”

  34. Of coarse we should . Along with other employers he founded this Continent where others came later for religious freedom , as the Christian Pilgrims , who believed the Holy Bible is God's word , and on the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the only begotten Son of God . Who died for our sins on the cross and rose again from the dead , and returned back up to heaven . And set up a free government called the Mayflower Compact . And thanked God our creator with the Indians in 1621 , at Thanksgiving to God in the same year for all the abundance of crops and other things they were blessed with . And later , A free country was started as well , eventually freeing all .

  35. white people were just another tribe that joined an ongoing inter tribe war. and won because of superior technology. why celebrate losers?

  36. Watching this on Columbus Day – Five hundred and twenty seven years ago today a man who sailed into the unknown discovered a new world.

  37. Celebrate a man that came to look for gold enslave the indigenous ppl to help him find more gold what did he discover really America is a land of the indigenous

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