Sibling Challenge Halloween Party Game Idea Quick and Easy

here’s a great quick easy party game for what we have here are sticky hands miniature skulls and squash and
pumpkins and the game we’re creating is we’re gonna put these skulls and
vegetables out on the table. okay after sorting and a lot of mayhem and chaos each of them has
their total you creighton had nine big ‘uns. Zach? 4 starches.
okay so Anthony thinks that he had more than that he’s pretty sure that he did
but everybody assures him that he did not so it’s five ish and bug how many
did you have so the winner of this round is…Creighton. okay so we’re gonna do another round
we’re going to establish a few more rules so if you retrieve it you are to
move it to your perspective corner so it does not become free game for the rest
of the sticky hands that are flying and on your mark get set alright so did he cheat that my hand was
firmly like it was it was it was liking this ok and as you can see the pumpkin
was coming up until the black hand of death came but had it reach safety of
your side? so did you fumble the pumpkin? so his sticky out did your sticky? no so
that was a fair retrieval all right let’s count eight big ens. Two. I had Two.- Anthony? 7 Bug? 7 alright so the winner is….Creighton.
alright round three and what do you get if you win? the pumpkin trophy! oh is that
right okay third and final round and begin how many did you have? More than them.. 8. how many did you have? 4. oh you did better this
time. and how many did you have Anthony? 6 but it was a tie
between Anthony and Bug obviously she has this she does this weird
little loop thing and then pulls it back. You missed it earlier. She was doing this
this is her fling. wait I had 5! you really excelled. I did. Alright so would you all recommend this
game? yes. and is it a game for rule breakers? Yes! Cheaters excel in this game. okay all right
so we want to thank you for watching and here’s another great party idea for not
very much money it’s definite it would definitely be used as an icebreaker for
more We Imagine fun, make sure you like comments and subscribe. Byeeee. thank you
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