Sibling Mummy Wrap Challenge Halloween Kid Party Ideas

everybody welcome back to another
challenge with the We Imagine Kids! alright so today we’re gonna be doing the mummy wrap
challenge where the challenges each team gets a roll of toilet paper and one
person will wrap the other to be a mummy. first one done calls time and then we
judge. our teams are gonna be Creighton and Anthony and Zach and Bug. Here we go! get a bigger head. ah no! hold it together hold it together
it’s kind of like duct tape paper it’s hot in here
are they arms out well I’ll can’t see what you’re doing it’s not a surprise arm out If i call time, he’s done wherever
he stops, right? but you have to use the whole roll yeah that’s one point Oh No okay stand behind your mummy. so here you
go is it gonna be team bug and Zach or is it gonna be team Anthony and Creighton you be the judge. If you haven’t…LIKE,
comment, or subscribe make sure you do so you can have more fun with We Imagine. BYE!

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