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Hello everybody. Today we are going to be
doing hairstyle with a Gru accent. Cetera is going to help me with the hair, today.
Because her hair feels good, she said, and it smells nice.
Show them. She loves it. So we are going to do a Side Mohawk Braid for you. We are on
vacation, we thought it would be fun for summer. Also we are talking like this.
Talk like this. Do it. Hello everybody! Very nice.
Alright. On with the hair. First you see, we have a side part, and then
we will turn her on our makeshift turn-y chair. And we will continue.
The hair will be done, on the larger half of the part. It is hard to think and talk
in this accent, but we will try. So to begin, turn her this way.
Come closer. First you are going to want to part off a
small section of hair, down to her ears, like this.Then I will have her hold this. Then
you are going to take another section, back where the part ends, behind her ear.
Then you are going to want to clip this off. So then you are going to want to clip this
part down, like this. Then I am going to do a rope twist braid. And it will come down
to her ear and we will put the rest into a ponytail.
So to begin I am going to take a small section with my comb, like this, and comb it smooth.
Then you split it in half, and I’m going to be twisting this way, to the right, so I’m
going to first twist my sections to the left, like this.
The tricky part is not getting too many bumps. Then I will wrap to the right, just like a
normal twist braid. I will wrap it one more time. Then I will start to pick up hair from
either side and add to my twist braid. Pick up hair, pick up hair, like so, then
I will twist to the left, trying not to get all the little bumps, like so, and wrap to
the right. This is much funner , talking in this accent.
Then I will pick up hair like this, and then I pick up hair here.
I’ve got almost my last piece here, and I add it in here. You want to angle the braid
behind her ear, like so. Once you have all the hair added in, just continue wrapping
the braid down. Put in the elastic, and then I’m going to have her hold it, on the other
side of her head, like this. Then I will take my comb, and I will comb
this section over, and use a little hairspray, close eyes please, and smooth that down. Then
I will do the same, hold this please, you must employ all of her hands, to keep her
busy. These children get into all sorts of trouble with nothing to do in the summer,
right!? Possibly. I can’t do it as well as you.
My mouth is tired. So now comb all the hair over to the side
of her head and we are going to join these two parts together just behind her ear.
Bring those together–I have the hair over her ear. She can adjust that later if it’s
bothering her. Then we are going to bring this braid down
and wrap it around, just covering that elastic a little, and wrap it around the rest of her
ponytail, down to the ends. And I’m going to twist it so the elastic is more in the
back and underneath. Then I’ll take one more elastic, and just fasten that off. When you
are done it will loosen up a bit. That is our Side Mohawk Braid.
My face is tired from talking that way! Your turn. Ok, thanks for watching. We hoped you
liked it! Find us on Instagram and tag us #phifsidemohawk
Stay tuned cuz we’re gonna have more silly business from these two, from this one, with
the other one. They’re gonna be doing other silly business. Why did I just switch to this
accent? Thanks for watching, see ya next time!

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  1. loved this hair tutorial and loved it even more because you were being silly, we need more videos like this hehehehehehehe

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