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Hi, I’m Paul Friedman. I founded The
Marriage Foundation and today’s topic isn’t really fun it’s important though,
“How To Tell If Your Husband Is Unhappy In The Marriage, What Are The Signs” and
chances are you’re questioning now if that’s going on and you want to know
wait. I see that he’s distracted all the time, he doesn’t pay
attention to me. Those are signs what’s going on, how come he’s always on
the phone? Well, today everyone’s always on the phone but still he used to be
very loving and attentive and now you’re not getting that. That’s a really big
sign maybe you saw something on his phone where he’s starting to look at
porn that’s another sign maybe he’s more chatty with other people than he is with
you. Maybe he’d rather speak with other people than with you, what’s going on? Why
is that happening? That’s not a good sign so there’s a number of signs and I’m not
going to list them all. I’m going to assure you that the signs that you are
seeing that led you to ask this question those signs are valid and should give
you a heads up. The question is what should you do? I’m
gonna be very candid with you, Everyone thinks, just tell me
what I should do. Just give me a little bit of advice. I can handle
this. Well, what’s going on. Well first thing that’s going on is to recognize,
you need to recognize that when you got married you didn’t have any backup. You
didn’t study marriage for instance the way I did or the way the people who take
our courses, our premarital courses or you’re having a major
problem courses. You didn’t even read really relevant books. You may have read
some of these trendy books but nothing that outlines marriage
altogether. I have two, both of them do that but they’re not the big
popular books yet that everyone reads. They’re popular, they they sell quite a
bit and the reviews are great but they’re not out there, they’re not Oprah
level books so I’ll be honest. People get married without knowing how to be
married so I’m gonna share something with you that I share with everybody and
that is when you really understand marriage or you understand yourself,
when you understand your spouse based on their gender not on their particular
qualities. When you understand human nature as is manifested through a
particular gender because women are different than men. You won’t have
problems in your marriage. You won’t worry about sides. When you know, you know
and then you experience marriage the way it’s supposed to be experienced where
the goal is, did you even know there’s a goal to marriage where the goal is to be
happier every day, yeah and there’s methods and they’re not complex but you
need to learn them. The secret sauce in marriage is learning how to love
unconditionally but you need to understand how your mind works. You need
to understand how to manifest that, how to communicate properly, how to build
that marriage on a daily basis, it just doesn’t come to you through as Moses. You have to study, you have to learn it so I’m gonna give you some advice. Get one of my books either one is great Breaking the Cycle, a little more complex
a little more in-depth but the same material as Lessons for a Happy Marriage.
Now if your marriage is on the brink and you’re just sort of in denial
you discovered your husband is cheating on you then you need to really think
about getting one of the courses so you could address not just the marriage but
yourself, how you interact, how you think how you feel like head-on. It’ll really
help you so that’s it. If your husband is unhappy in your marriage, you’re unhappy
in your marriage. It’s solvable really solvable and please don’t talk to
your friends about your marriage. Don’t do that. Let’s just keep it between
you and the material that you get from us.
All right, nobody needs to know your private business so that’s it. I hope
this was useful for you. I really do mostly, I want to encourage you that you
could start now and have the most phenomenal marriage ever. I want you to
know that this is not BS, this is the real deal. Marriage is supposed to be
blissful so blessings to you, blessings to your husband, and blessings to your
family and again, if you like this video like it, share it, share it with others.
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