Silver Linings Playbook (2012) – The Dinner Situation [Sub ENG]

Tell me one thing. Would you like
to be a guy who goes back to jail or to the hospital? Hmm? So take
your medication and if you do fine, we’ll reduce them. Nikki’s waiting for me to get in
shape and get my life in order, and then she’s gonna be with me. And
that’s better than any medication. Pat, there’s a possibility, and
I want you to be prepared for it, that she may not return. True love
is about letting her go and seeing if she returns. In the meantime,
if you listen to that song, I don’t want you to fall apart. So get
a strategy, okay? You need one. Let me say something,
I gotta say something. Okay. This is what I believe to be true. This is what I learned in the hospital. You have to do everything
you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do,
if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining. Work on a strategy, okay? Hey, my friend Ronnie’s having this
party on Sunday night and it’s like a real hoity-toity thing and his
wife, Veronica’s a real stickler for… I don’t know, my mom got this Gap outfit she
wants me to wear, but I wanna wear a jersey that my brother, Jake,
got me from the Eagles. Which jersey? DeSean Jackson. DeSean Jackson is the man. Well, that settles that. Pat! What are you doin’? I gotta go, man. Why? I can’t stay, come on. I made a
mistake, I shouldn’t have worn this. Dude, you’re fine. I like that jersey.
I wish I was wearing that jersey. I feel like an idiot. Are you comfortable? Veronica’s not gonna like it. Get over here. Plus you got a tie on. Don’t worry about it, you’re the guest
of honor. You come however you wanna come. Really? Get over here. DeSean Jackson’s in the house! You mean rookie of the year? Yeah. DeSean Jackson? DeSean Jackson? Oh, you wore a jersey to dinner. Isn’t it awesome? Not for dinner. Look, he got us flowers. Oh, that’s sweet. That’s
sweet, Pat. That’s lovely. And wine. Hey. Hey. Check this out. We just
redid the whole thing. Wow! Tremendous. Tremendous. Isn’t it great? Tremendous. Yeah, man, I’m, I’m
thinking of redoing it again. Why? Because. Gotta be making
a lot of paper to do that. Yeah, we’re doing all
right, man. I can’t complain. Isn’t the market down, though? It is down, but you know, she wants
more, so I’m giving her more, man. Hey, you know my dad lost his pension. I’m sorry, man. Yeah. A lot of people. My uncle, too. Really? Yeah, but you know what? No
disrespect, it’s not personal, but this is the time to strike. You start snapping up commercial
real estate… cheap… flip it over, you flip it over and
that’s when you make the money. But the pressure… it’s like… You okay? I’m not okay. Don’t tell
anybody. Listen to me. I feel like I’m getting crushed and- Crushed by what? Everything. The family, the baby,
the job, the fucking dicks at work, and it’s like, you know, like I’m
trying to do this, you know, and, and, and I’m like… suffocating. Holy shit. You can’t be happy all the time. Who told you you can’t be happy? It’s all right. You just do
your best, you have no choice. That’s not true at all. You just can’t. Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie! I hope you’re okay with
Veronica’s sister coming over. You okay with that? Who? Veronica’s sister. Tiffany. Tiffany and… Tommy? Yeah. Just Tiffany. What happened to Tommy? He died. Tommy died? Cops die. How’d he die? Please, don’t bring it up. No, how did he die? How did who die? Hey, Tiffany! This is Pat.
Pat, my sister-in-law Tiffany. You look nice. Thank you. I’m not flirting with you. Oh, I didn’t think you were. I just see that you made an effort
and I’m gonna be better with my wife, I’m working on that. I
wanna acknowledge her beauty. I never used to do that. I do that now. ‘Cause we’re gonna be better than
ever… Nikki. Just practicing. How’d Tommy die? What about your job? I just got fired, actually. Oh, really? How? I mean, I’m sorry. How’d that happen? Does it really matter? Baby, how’s it going? Great, great. We’re gonna go on a tour now. Let’s go see the house. Come on, let’s go for the tour. I’ve, I’ve been planning this
forever. I love our house. I love our house. I’m
really excited about it. Come on. Guess what it is. Oh, it’s a television. It’s
a computer screen. Nope. Just keep going, keep going, keep going. It’s a brick oven, it’s a brick
oven. It’s a light. It’s a… Ooh, ooh, warmer, warmer, warmer. …it’s a drawer at a morgue
where they pull out dead bodies and shoot them with formaldehyde.
Where would the body go, though? It’s a joke! It’s a… fireplace. In the middle of the wall? We have a port in every
room. Gimme an iPod. Who, who doesn’t have an iPod? Well, I don’t have an iPod.
I don’t even have a phone. They won’t let me make any calls.
They think I’m gonna call Nikki. Don’t worry about it.
Don’t focus on that. I would call Nikki. I’m actually gonna give you one
of my iPods. I have an old one. Gimme your iPod. Give it to me. Thank
you, baby, thank you. Of all the rooms there
are iPod ports in, I’m happy you brought
us into the bathroom. I can play music for
the baby in any room. Can you play “Ride the
Lightning” by Metallica? Pat was a history sub at
the high school, Tiffany. Ask him about any
president, he knows ’em all. Here’s a fun fact. You know
where the term “OK” comes from? No. No, I don’t. Where? Well, Martin Van Buren, the eighth
president of the United States of America, is from Kinderhook, New York… Oh. …and he was part of a club, a
men’s club, called Old Kinderhook. And if you were cool, you
were in the club, they’d say, “That guy’s OK. ” ‘Cause he
was in the Old Kinderhooks. Really? Yeah. Pretty cool, right? That’s interesting. You know, Tiffany’s been doing
this dance thing for years and she’s real good at it. She’s gonna be
competing at the Ben Franklin Hotel. Oh, really? My wife loves
dance. Nikki loves dance. Why do you have to
talk about me like that? I’m just bragging about you. Can’t
I brag about my little sister? Don’t talk about me in the third person. Please, gimme a break. I’m right here. Just be nice. Just be nice. Wow, wow, wow. Fascinating. Sorry. I don’t wanna be mean. I know. I know, I know. What meds are you on? Me? None. I used to be on
Lithium and Seroquel and Abilify, but I don’t take them
anymore, no. They make me foggy and they also make me bloated. Yeah, I was on Xanax and Effexor,
but I agree, I wasn’t as sharp, so I stopped. You ever take Klonopin? Klonopin? Yeah. Right? Jesus. It’s like, “What? What day
is it?” How about Trazodone? Trazodone! Oh, it flattens you out.
I mean, you are done. It takes the light
right out of your eyes. God, I bet it does. I’m tired. I wanna go. No. No, no, no, no. We haven’t,
we haven’t even finished the salad yet, or the duck. I made
the Fire and Ice cake. I said I’m tired. Are you
gonna walk me home or what? You mean me? Yeah, you. Are you gonna walk me home? You have poor social
skills. You have a problem. I have a problem? You say
more inappropriate things than appropriate things. You scare people. I tell the truth. But you’re mean. What? I’m not telling the truth? Um, maybe I should drive
them home separately? You can drive them both home. Now. Stop talking about me in third person.
You can take Tiffany home first. You love it when I have problems. You love it, Von, because then you
can be the good one. Just say it. No… I don’t. I don’t. I
just wanted to have a nice, I just wanted to have
a nice dinner. Oh, God. What is your problem?! Nothing’s my problem! I’m
fine. I’m tired and I wanna go. Come on, are you ready? You really, you really
wanna go right now? Yes, I really wanna go! It’s been great.
Okay, guys, the baby is sleeping! Sorry. Listen, I haven’t dated since
before my marriage so I don’t really remember how this works. How what works? I saw the way you were
looking at me, Pat. You felt it, I felt it, don’t
lie. We’re not liars like they are. I live in the addition around
back, which is completely separate from my parents’ house,
so there’s no chance of them walking in on us. I hate the fact that you
wore a football jersey to dinner because I hate football, but you can
fuck me if you turn the lights off, okay? How old are you? Old enough to have a marriage end
and not wind up in a mental hospital. Look, I had a really good time tonight and
I think you’re really pretty but I’m married. You’re married. So am I.
No, that’s confusing. He’s dead.

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  1. Passover. Thanksgiving. Yom Kippur. The Holidays. There’s versions of these very same conversations every year at this time… a rotunda.

  2. I used to take Effexor and Trazodone, for years. Effexor kept me living and Trazodone helped me sleep because nights were the worst. I was able to get myself ok and slowly came off of the meds. It was a struggle and took years of therapy and rehab. If anyone feels like they need help, go see a doctor, it will help!

  3. I have a friend who is mentally ill similar to Pat perhaps not as bad?.. but yeh its difficult to deal with but hes a good person at heart been friends for 7 years. Its nice to be able to be friends with different types of people.

  4. Jennifer Lawrence is stunning. She looks right at home playing this role. Great movie. If you don't have some awkward situations in your life. You must not get out of the house much. And the music track to end that scene "what is and what never should be" perfect.

  5. "What about your job?"
    "I just got fired, actually."
    "Oh, really? How?"
    "I mean, I'm sorry. How'd that happen?"

    The non-challant comments is brilliant acting on Cooper's part.

  6. The cool thing about this is that Bradley Cooper is an Eagles fan in real life, grew up in the burbs of Philly. He’s from a neighborhood like 10 mins from me…craziness. My brother met him at the gym once lol. Lucky.

  7. Did anybody get the last dance was about their crazy mood swings.
    Stevie Wonder
    White Stripes
    Then that jazz song last.
    Clear signs of their bipolarity
    I love this movie so much

  8. "Which Jersey?"
    Best shrink ever.
    I mean, he's rookie of the year, not a lot of people have the jersey, it's new aaaannnnnnd fuck that bitch. Day by day you're unsteadily tightroping progress and pouring your heart out at a sentencing hearing. There seeking leniency for viciously beating six people in line at Aldi, including a geriatric, obese 6 year old and Vietnam veteran turned pastor, still recovering from his surgery and throat cancer. While trying to sound honest, genuine and calm you're failing miserably and simply coming off as dryly indifferent. This could prove to be a problem as you're perception by the judge and jury, as well as the sentence they hand down sway on the actual trigger for this incident. This entire time you've claimed the catalyst for this whole misunderstanding was when your wedding song was played on the system playing throughout the store. The prosecution and one witness (a 21 yo non binary racially fluid and incredibly offended student home from break) has claimed, that your initial outburst was because you "couldn't hear because of the robot voices. It's not just a song, it's the voice. Does no one hear that!? I'm not crazy, just turn off the fucking song find that loud mouth robot voice and tell him to shut the fuck up!". They're both pushing for a hate crime conviction, a 10 year sentence and public denouncement of white privilege. Sheeeimerhe….the Berkley student, also wants to see sexual assault charges pressed. She claims the frozen French bread you tattooed the kid with before lumping Berkley kid up with it. Says you swung until it broke & it was an intentional calculated and perverted choice of weapon. Something about a class they took that teaches them we imagined beating things with our dick.

    Fortunately the soldier stepped up for you though…. told me watching the tape was worth it. So he's gonna help you out.
    Apparently the Vietnam vet, had a recently installed electro larynx and he was still struggling with it's basic use and specifically the volume function at the times of the incident and he will testify to that fact. Those were the robot voices you wear screaming about, which makes sense…. they weren't in your head, which wouldn't.
    Ssssooooo…. wear whatever you want. As long as the wind isn't kissing your brown eye or putting a wave in your manbush, you're appropriately dressed.

    That guy would be billing my insurance for years.

  9. Im curious as to how much did the producers payed Jimmy Page to play “what is and what should never be”? 🤔🤘🧐#zeppelinforever

  10. If I ever met any women, especially the way she walked into the room and acts the way she is, she wifey already, just saying. LMAO

  11. Women slapping men .wtf? Is it what normal every time I see anything in matter what if women slap me I will break her jaw instant.and video it as a evidance .

  12. When i first watched this, I thought "wow Tiffany is such a buzz kill just leaving for no reason, but when i watch it now, i can see why she did. Her sister was subtly patronising her the whole time. She was trying to sell her lifestyle to them. Like "Look how well we are doing, how well adjusted we are. Don't you want to be more like us?" And this facade became obvious when they started talking about the meds (something real) and her sister seemed so uncomfortable. So Tiffany had enough and stormed off.

    Of course the truth was far from it, judging by her husband's confession to Pat.

  13. went with a few friends to see this in the theater without watching the trailer first. i was completely blown away

  14. Lol I like how at 4:29 he sizes her up for head to toe, first her hair, then her boobs, then all the black.. the nails, cross her cloths lol

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