Simple Bourbon Cocktails for your Bachelor Party

– In this video, we’re
going to share with you our simple bourbon cocktail recipe with Ghost Coast Distillery. Let’s go. (air whooshing) (upbeat music) – If you are new to this channel and you are interested in all things wedding or photography related, then make sure you hit
that subscribe button and that notification bell so you don’t miss out on any new content. Bachelor party drinks
can be kind of boring. Beer? Shots? Wine? That’s just kind of pedantic. Instead, we’ve collaborated
with Ghost Coast Distillery to bring you an amazing cocktail
called the time traveler. This simple bourbon cocktail
is going to leave you and your friends very,
very happy. (laughs) And so I’m going to send
you over to Sidney Lance so you can see his simple bourbon cocktail with their third release bourbon. – All right guys, Sidney Lance again. I made this cocktail for our booze hounds. It’s called the time traveler. It’s made with our Ghost
Coast third release bourbon, which is only going to be
out for a limited time. Then, we have our Carthusian Bitters, which got a write-up
in The Bourbon Review, and it’s not even a bourbon. (cheers) And we got our chalmers. Platinum award-winning
from the sip review. Fun stuff. So all these items are really high proof, where you got 30% alcohol, 45% alcohol, and then you got another 40% alcohol. So that’s why I kind of
call it the time traveler, because you are going to travel
if you drink too much of it. (glass clinking) – So, we’re gonna do a 1/2
ounce of your chalmers, (pouring liquid) We’re
gonna have to (exhales) (glass clinking) (liquid pouring) – And then 3/4 of your Carthusian Bitters, (liquid pouring) – And then we’re doing two
full ounces of our bourbon. (liquid pouring) (bottle clunking) – Set that down here. Then we’re going to get one
dash of our chocolate bitters. (bottle clunking) So it’s gonna almost give it like that chocolate covered
cherry with a minty freshness and then (rattles ice) a nice,
round bourbon finish here. (rattles ice) We’re going
to fill that with ice, (ice rattling) and then
give it a little stir. (ice rattling) – What’s your stir song? ♪ Could you ever see paradise ♪ – Willy Wonka. (laughs) ♪ Simply take a look and view it ♪ – (stirs drink) Done there. (ice scoop clanks) – So we’re gonna strain
this over one big ice cube. (ice rattles) – One big rock. – (clanks glass) (pours
liquid) (clanks bottle) And I like to give this
a nice lemon expressed, expressed lemon peel, because that citrus just kind of opens the drink up, and it gives it a whole other,
like, element of flavor. And there you go. Time traveler. – If you’ve enjoyed
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