Simple Counters! : Fun Friday #6

Heeey, it’s Fun Friday! So let’s get going. We’re going to talk about this part here. Angle 1 punyo. Very often, in Filipino Martial Arts I see
two common responses. The first one is the catch. The second one is the check, okay? I’m going to give you two options for both. Okay, so let’s talk about the catch first. The catch……the first option for me is
the pull off. From here, then come up, then crack him in
the head! Let’s do that again. Here. Coconut! Okay? The second option is a joint lock called the
center lock. From here, I need to step off the line to
here. Trap his hand, lock there, and finish. Let’s do that again. You’ve got this here. Step off the line. And trap and lock. Finish. Okay, so…… The second one is the check, okay? You can do the pull off on this too. Right here, bring it to your center. Come up. Boom! Let’s do that again. From here to here. Boom! The next option for this scenario involves
another joint lock. Sorry Alex! (NOT!! LOL) Here. I’m going to grab, bend the fingers back
and finish. Let’s do this one more time. I don’t want to beat him up too much! (HA!) We’ll do it one more time. Here. To here. Sorry Alex. Wham! So you have four techniques. From the catch, we have the pull off. We have the center lock. From the check, the pull off. And you have this here. What I often do to my students in class is to tell them practice those and mix them up
so that the other person is left guessing as to what the correct response is, so that you can eliminate the “freeze point.” Okay? Have fun with that! All right, so for those of you in the Durham
Region, if you’re interested in my classes, email me at: or text me at: And we’ll see you next week!

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