Simple Dinner Idea: French Croque Monsieur

Hi, I´m Marta from
where I share simple recipes from all around the world. And today I will show
you how to make a hot creamy cheese sandwich which French call Croque
Monsieur. In France, cafes and bars serve it as a quick snack but in my home we
like to have it as an easy and comforting dinner. Traditionally it is
made with ham but I will also propose you a vegetarian alternative. Okay so let me
show you how I make it. You can use any type of bread.
I chose a good-quality whole-wheat toast bread. For the classical version you will
also need your favorite ham. My vegetarian option is made with mushrooms.
I often use those common champignons but it is really tasty with the oyster
mushrooms. I propose to use some fresh oregano and spring onions but really you
can use any herbs you like. The base of this french hot sandwich is the creamy
bechamel sauce. And here is how you can easily make it. First, in a saucepan melt
30 grams of butter which is 2 tablespoons. Once the butter is melted
add 30 grams of all-purpose flour so 3 tablespoons. Stir it over a medium heat
to create a smooth paste. And now add pinch of salt and a pinch of nutmeg and
mix it again. Keep stirring and add 300 milliliters of cold milk in 3 goes. Now
you want to bring it to the boil but it is very important that you keep stirring
to prevent the bechamel sauce from sticking to the bottom of your saucepan
so that it doesn’t burn. When first bubbles appear turn the heat off and add
1 cup of grated cheese and mix it a bit Usually the cheese makes it salty enough
but it’s now that you could add some extra salt if you find it necessary.
Okay that cheesy bechamel is ready and if you are anything like me, there is a
chance you are preparing it a bit in advance so that there are less things to
do before the dinner time. In that case you can cover the bechamel sauce with a
piece of cellophane foil in the way that it sticks to the surface and then store
it in the fridge even for the whole night. This will prevent iformation of
the skin. OK, let’s first assemble our classical ham
Croque Monsieur But first preheat the oven to 180°C
We start by brushing one side of the toast bread with olive oil.
This will help to make our sandwich crispier. And then put the oily side down
on a sheet of baking paper. On the top side we will only brush the edges. Now
it’s time to put a portion of cheesy bechamel sauce next some ham and we top it with the
other piece of bread which we also smear with a bit of bechamel sauce. Again we
brush the edges with olive oil and we top it with an extra portion of bechamel
sauce. And that’s it the sandwich is ready to go to the oven. But first let me
show you how I make the vegetarian version. Actually both me and my husband
we both prefer it with mushrooms. Only our toddler insists that the classical
version is better. If you choose to use oyster mushrooms here’s how I put them
into pieces. This way they keep the nice texture. But if you decide to give it a
try and make a mushroom sandwich for your toddler I would advise you to use
champignons. Additionally I like to grate them so they are smoother in the
mouth of my little one. This way he only needs to deal with the new taste and not
additionally with a new texture. For three big or four normal sized
sandwiches you will need around 300 grams of mushrooms. I start by melting
some clarified butter and i sear one little onion. Then I add my mushrooms
starting with the thicker ones. When they get a bit softer I add the rest of
mushrooms and sear them until soft. At the end I add oregono and green
part of the spring onion. OK, the mushroom filling is ready and we can
directly put it on the sandwich. I again repeat the brushing with olive oil as
with the classical sandwich. I top the bread with mushrooms and I cover it with
the second bread that I previously smeared with bechamel sauce and again I put some extra cheesy
bechamel on the top OK, our sandwiches can go to the oven for
about 10 minutes or until the bechamel sauce start to get a bit of color. Croque
Monsieur is a great combination of crispy bread with a creamy cheesy
bechamel sauce. And you can balance it with a fresh salad with vinaigrette. Ah,
and for my toddler who doesn’t eat salads yet I simply cut up some cherry tomatoes
which he really likes. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you want to stay up to
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channel. Thank you for watching and see in the next video. Bye ♥

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