Simpson’s Tavern City of London’s Best Roast Dinner ?

Hi! Guys welcome back to London look at that
that there is Goldsmiths hall all that lighting there will ensure when they are filming inside
sunlight the lengths they go to to make a movie right I’am in the city of London right
now AKA the square mile actually just visiting The Goldsmiths hall one of the cities old
livery companies I use their assay office which is just just here often used as film
sets for those of you that don’t know new to the channel just not aware I manufacture
things here in London ladies jewellery gentleman’s accessories traditional style accoutrements
because of the materials I use there is a whole additional tier a whole level of legislation
that I have to adhere to the hallmarking act the Goldsmiths company are responsible for
I guess enforcing and making sure that we all adhere to the the hallmarking act the
legislation but anyway my business and livery companies the hallmarking act is a whole another
story and a very long one but while I’am here today I’am going to get some lunch in the
city its a Friday today and the city is very much a Monday to Friday it peaks Monday to
Friday at weekends its like a ghost town there is a lot of international visitors but I would
say primarily there here because its the business district there is a lot of tourists stuff
on the I guess on the perimeter of it you’ve got the tower of London within a stones throw
from here the monument to the great fire of London which is 350 years I think this year
St Paul’s there is a lot going on but it compared to week days it feels like a ghost town at
the weekends so today while some of the best spots are open I’ll take you to at least one
of the cities hidden gems for lunch so a short walk down the road lets go just across the
road from Goldsmiths hall here on Cheapside right in front of us is St Mary le bow church
there has been a church on the site for hundreds of years it was traditionally used to ring
out the curfew bell which was around 8 or 9 O’clock at night to remind people when to
put out there fires and go to bed that then became a tradition before watches and clocks
were common place so people knew what time of evening it was its had to be rebuilt a
couple of times it burnt down in the great fire of London in 1666 but was considered
so important it was one of the first to be rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren and it was
bombed during the blitz and had to be rebuilt after the second world war it is also home
to the bow bells they are here in the city and not as some people believe in bow yeah
that is the St Mary Le Bow church and those are the church bells you need to be born within
ear shot of to be considered a cockney or so so the story goes that is the the Royal Exchange traditionally
a place for merchants here in the city to do business apparently they had quite high
expectations in terms of conduct and originally you could only trade goods in there the stock
brokers were weren’t allowed in because of their bad manners and they had to trade in
the local coffee shops we will go and check one out in a little while and that is a situation
that has effectively reversed city wide its now the whole city is dominated by financial
services and yeah there is not a lot of trading goods going on here any more or not visibly
and I guess unless your supplying the kind of thing the people who work in the financial
services want anyway we are nearly we are nearly at our lunch spot its a short walk
today the Royal Exchange is actually open to the public you can pop in there is a small
champagne bar in the middle and its surrounded both on the inside and the outside by boutique
stores selling luxury goods you can buy jewellery watches cuff links ties designer handbags
its definitely worth popping in even just to check out the amazing architecture OK as
I was saying earlier a lot of these huge grand buildings in between them there are little
alley ways door ways because this is an old part of the city there is a lot of a lot of
old alleys leading to yards and yeah a lot of the hidden gems are behind these buildings
so we are headed down ball court which is just there to a place called Simpsons the
Royal Exchange building is just there but yeah this leads to a whole a whole network
of alley ways I have no idea where half of the little alleyways and court yards lead
to lets go Thomas Simpson established his first restaurant here in London in 1723 he
moved to this site in 1757 its next door to the site of London’s first coffee shop which
was established in a church yard next door later moved to a store next door back in the
1650’s there is a bar coffee shop there today we can go and check that out after lunch table
for one its communal style dining kind of like Wagamamas OK lets take a look at the
menu and see what we can have for lunch today as it says on the front established back in
1757 makes this the oldest chop house in London there is a whole page on the history of the
restaurant the breakfast menu you can come here for breakfast today I’ve come here for
lunch its Friday every day they have changing daily specials so you can come here everyday
and have something different there is basically a daily roast and then a handful of British
classics there is then a whole page of dishes which don’t change on a daily basis so you
can come here for the same thing every day and also the sides that accompany the daily
specials I’am going to go for roast of the day with Yorkshire puddings which today is
roast beef and I’am going to have it with a side of roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese
the brass rails that look like luggage racks above the seating where actually installed
for gentleman’s top hats later used for bowler hats they don’t get a lot of use these days
because city dress codes and attire evolve pretty busy spot at lunch times considering
how how hidden down a little alley way we are but its been here a long time OK we’ve
got all the condiments you’ll ever need Worcestershire sauce Tabasco ground black pepper salt pepper
cayenne pepper I think there English mustard tomato ketchup they come around with the horseradish
its communal style dining so you can squeeze quite a few people in here its quite rowdy
in this room the grill room but there are other rooms if you want a quieter time and
yeah imagine over the past 250 years quite a few deals would have been done in here and
many acquaintances made Friday lunch time a pint of London pride good stuff OK I’ve
gone for roast beef Yorkshire pudding roast potatoes cauliflower cheese it looks amazing
like school diners its kind of exactly how I would describe the style of food the style
of service school diners served by dinner ladies and I don’t mean that in a bad way
it is fantastic its kind of like the cities answer to the Ivy much less pretentious though
believe it or not and Simpsons being established a lot longer it is lunch time so the clock
is ticking for a lot of people you give some of these guys and its mainly guys in here
to be honest woman have been allowed in since 1916 I think and most of the staff are female
today how modern but yeah guys come in here they are let out of the office you give them
a sniff of alcohol and they turn into little boys and the woman are know how to handle
so the service is swift and sharp but it is efficient the clock is ticking most people
are here for lunch so that is exactly what you need you can’t be hanging about unless
your on a long city lunch but yeah I’d definitely recommend it some of the other rooms are a
bit more relaxed that the grill room its really good lets try a bit of the horseradish Yorkshire
pudding cauliflower cheese its all pretty good great value for money for the city as
well as you can hear behind me its pretty lively here in the grill room everyone is
enjoying their lunch its Friday after all but like I was saying if you want a slightly
quieter lunch if your having a meeting maybe there is a restaurant upstairs there is a
wine bar downstairs and a bar next door but I love the atmosphere in here definitely recommend
it right I’am going to tuck into this and then we will go to one of the old the old
the old coffee shops down these alleys and lanes if your visiting Simpsons remember its
only open Monday to Friday that entrance there is the entrance to the grill room you’ll also
find the stairwell down to the wine bar and up to the restaurant dining room that end
is the pub and bar you can come here and simply enjoy a drink OK that was Simpsons Simpsons
tavern not to be confused with Simpsons on the Strand definitely recommend that place
however that’s if you can find it down all these alleyways right I’am going to try and
find one of the the old coffee shops there is the back of the grill room there yeah what
I recommend there is different it depends what your looking for the grill room I was
in if your from the city its like school diners I definitely recommend that the grill room
if you want a bit of banter with your work colleagues there is a pub section of it in
the room next to it if you just want a drink you can just go for a a drink on the other
side of the grill room its just a pub downstairs is a wine bar which you can get food you can
get food in each of these bars so yeah the one I was in the grill room is like the traditional
one school diners communal seating you can have a good laugh make a lot of noise that’s
good fun and wrong way yeah there is a whole labyrinth of these alleyways I’ve got no phone
service in here either so you’ve got to know your way around what was I saying yeah there
is the pub there is the grill room upstairs is a restaurant if you want something if you
want to have a quiet chat I guess and table service the diner ladies in there will take
care of the boisterous city workers in the grill room where I was downstairs is a wine
bar again a little bit more relaxed and yeah definitely recommend it so ah right here we
go right next door this is the Jamaica Inn its on the site of London’s first coffee store
this was once a church yard there is still a church behind there St Michael’s but yeah
there has been a church or records of a church here since the year 179 there is records of
St Michael’s that date back to the 10th century the first coffee shop was built here in the
church yard in 1652 however everything burnt to the ground including the church in the
great fire of London in 1666 and had to be rebuilt this building was built in the 1860’s
OK welcome to the jam pot that coffee machine looks awesome again this pub like Simpson’s
tavern has various different sections I’am in like an end booth pretty quiet stair way
down to a wine bar below each section towards as we get to the front here gets a little
busier right at the front its a quarter past 2 in the afternoon the front is full of city
workers who have had a few of these anyone who tells you the long city lunch is dead
its alive and well I’ll show you this is the cellar of the Jamaica inn down here more rooms
a wine bar and restaurant little bit more of a relaxed a quiet atmosphere than upstairs
wine bar underneath the underneath the pub even the hidden bars down dark alleyways have
hidden underground bars within them in this part of town its great OK you don’t need me
to tell you that there is definitely a drinking culture here in the city of London you walk
down these back alleyways these medieval looking labyrinths of courtyards and your tripping
over bars and pubs and they are full of punters then you go beneath the surface literally
into the cellars they are full of punters yet more every now and again someone does
something someone from a firm does something at best embarrassing worst ways illegal ends
up in court and then the firm is cracking down on it zero tolerance then slowly but
surely it slips out of control again and that seems to be a cycle that repeats itself but
yeah its been going on for hundreds of years and shows no sign of stopping another pub
one pub there pub in that door way there right I’am going to try and find my way back to
work I did call one of my mates on the way here to see if he wanted lunch hes normally
up for a long lunch especially on a Friday he said no no no not today I want to do some
work this afternoon and my missus will kill me if I fall asleep on the sofa again this
week when I get home I think that’s an occupational hazard working in this city don’t go down
the dark alleyways there is a whole labyrinth there is a whole labyrinth of them down there
who knows whats down there but yeah I would definitely recommend lunch at Simpsons Simpsons
tavern is definitely an institution here in the in the city the Jamaica inn is a great
spot for a beer as well after work obviously don’t drink during the day it will make you
less than productive I don’t think that roast diner will help but yeah I hope you enjoyed
this video this vlog a little tour of behind the scenes in the city of London back at the
Royal Exchange building here so yeah thanks for watching thumbs up if you liked this video
subscribe if you want to see more and see you in the next one Toodles! its proof up
there The Royal Exchange buildings clock its half two in the afternoon and yeah as I was
saying anyone who tells you the the long city lunch especially on Fridays is a thing of
the past died in the 80’s don’t believe a word they say for some its still the dream
but for many it still seems to be happening half two the pubs and bars are full maybe
people just think it think it finished because the ostentation of the 80’s with people doing
it in clear sight is they are are back in the dark alleyways its still happening

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  1. Always thought that Simpson’s would be a lot more pretentious now might even give it a go on my next trip… Could be I was thinking of Simpson’s in the Strand…..

  2. We love English pub food! Next trip Simpson’s is one we will try to visit. Love your Liberty of London video blog. One place we visit every trip.

  3. Thank you for posting this cool video. I've been somewhat reluctant to go after my dream of moving to the U.K. .But positive feedback like your video is making the U.K. feel like a requirement. Thank you for that.

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