Sing-A-Gram – Bachelor Party

-All right. In honor of the man of uh– of honor, I, uhh– I got a little bachelor
party entertainment for everyone tonight. So uh, let me introduce uh–
what’s your name again? KIM: It’s Kim. It’s K-I-M. -Kim everybody. -Yeah! -Woo! -Woo! -Yeah! KIM: Oh, I like your energy! -Let’s see it! KIM: Well, here it is. Hahaha. Let’s go! [HARMONICA NOTE] -Kinky! KIM: [SINGING] -Ow! KIM: I’m sorry. [SINGING] Oh my god. Oh! I’m sorry. -Falling! Whoa. KIM: Whew! Heh. Your wife’s a lucky lady. Haha haha! [SINGING] [GRUNT] KIM: [SINGING] [BANGING] KIM: Oh my god. -Stop, stop, stop. Wait. You’re not a stripper? KIM: Wh– no! No, n– no! I’m a sing-a-gram! This is my– my sexy song. I do it for, like, the Amish and
Mennonite and people who are just really into ankles. -Uh, Craig, did– did you
get us a– a singer? -That– that may or
may not be true. -Dude! -Strip– strippers are
expensive, dude! They– du– [MUMBLING] -Hey, man, I’m sorry but–
come on, guys. Guys. KIM: OK. Hey. Lay off him, all right? It’s your last night
as a single man. Do you really want to spend it
in a room full of erections looking at the same woman? -Yes! KIM: Huh?! A woman who may or may not have
children at home, guys. She definitely has a
disappointed father somewhere. And– and you guys might
have daughters one day. Do you want her to grow up to
be paid to take it off for some bachelors with erections? That is pathetic! That makes me sad, OK? That makes me sad. -Oh my god. Someone find me a stripper,
and preferably one that doesn’t look like she works
at a fucking pawnshop. -Got it. -Right now! Not Craig! Right now!

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