Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To Her First Party In The Sims 4 | Part 2

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  1. OMFG… watching Vlad creepin' on a mermaid and hearing Kelsey screech about it… I'm dead from laughing so hard. Thank you for that.

  2. I was waiting for the moment Kelsey realizes she has one day and three term papers that CJ hasn't even started yet… maybe next time!

  3. This was great, CJ’s awkwardness in social interactions reminded me very much of my undergrad years (and currently) can’t wait to see more of this spin off!

  4. “If you really pay attention in class, you won’t have to study as much”

    girl that doesn’t apply to med school 😭😭

  5. Hey Kelsey just wanted to know what sims pack I have to have to get the calendar… I've got parenting.get to work.toddler.and spa day I think.

  6. She doesn’t get along with the girl of the bar because I guess she was the person who was wearing the dragon outfit before at the campus!

  7. Maybe demitri Is her boy bestie and they’re close enough to be in the same room when ones unconscious and he really likes this pan baby but CJs vibe is like “eh I’m cool with whatever” and it makes him jelly

  8. DONT JOIN SECRET SOCIETY I REPEAT DONT JOIN SECRET SOCIETY!!!!!! The sprites will always be nagging for more offerings and if you don’t give them offerings then they will drain your fun, hygiene, or energy.

  9. "maybe he's mean to other people, like a slytherin."
    me a slytherin very confused cause i'm just mean to everyone lol (and then i feel bad but thats a different issue)

  10. No is talking about how creepy Vlad was. That jump scare actually got me lol. OMG GET THESE VAMPIRES OUT OF MY LIFE SIMULATOR. now excuse me while I incinerate my trash for money

  11. “Omg her dance moves are so bad, we should’ve practiced these at home alone in our room”

  12. I actually can’t even bring myself to get the university pack bc I have to start applying to colleges next year and it would just make me even more stressed 💀

  13. There’s was a lobster 🦞 outside my dorm building after all the university dining halls had an all you can eat seafood event

  14. Vlad appears talking to someone else
    Kelsey: let me just stay out of this conversation..
    Vlad: appears in her face
    Kelsey; AAAAaaAHH
    me: dies silently because it's 1AM

  15. I'm on the Hufflepuff and Slitherian ship! They seem like a good "opposites attract" story. Plus he could be the rude college boy that grows up to be a great man.

  16. OK SO. The dorms all have single beds. HOW do SIm college students get to make foolish drunken woohoo choices, I mean get close to one or two special someones, in Sims University??

  17. I'm absolutely dying over being able to buy a round of waters and then actually thinking about that scenario irl 😂😂💀

  18. I think the girl who has beef with chelsea jr might've been the first dragon mascot :')

    I also ship nalani and cj just because Nalani is a mermaid 😛

  19. Lol my first roommate in university was a klepto too. She stole my clothes and pretended it was hers. One time she wrapped some of my clothes and shoes in Christmas wrapping and packed it for the holidays. On a hunch I checked one package and lo and behold – there are my Sissy Boy jeans. Two sizes too small for her so no idea what she planned on doing with it.

  20. I can see CJ, Dmitri, and Lilith being the Power Trio of the campus whether CJ ends up with one of them or not. They look like a cool squad. CJ is the friendly one, the glue that hold the group together. Dmitri is the happy go lucky one, who always makes sure people are happy, who bakes them sweets to keep their mood up. Lilith is the distant one who has never really had friends before, so she's a little insecure about her place in the trio, but she would kill anyone who hurt them

  21. Kelsey totally reliving her college life through CJ. And getting way too excited over Dimitri…Who looks an awful lot like the guy Anne hathaway got seduced by in the devi wears prada🤣

  22. 22:50 and up Ok why are the guys LITERALLY showing next to everyone studying and NOONE will notice?? I Mean, i bet theres a Wall thats not seethrough and all but really…no remarks about THAT? Especially since Dimitri showered??🤣

  23. I love Kelsey, but for some reason the past two videos I’ve found her annoying and can’t finish the whole video. 😒😢

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