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  1. Just FYI to everyone commenting that “these are kids/children” the two on the show may be adults now, but there are still FOUR MINOR children that they are not being parents to.

  2. Stop bringing others in your marriage… It NEVER ends well! You wanna screw around? Stay single! You have kids involved? Get a divorce, focus on your kids b4 getting your rocks off. Look up murder suicide on fb search… There's easy 2 or more a day and a damned good Part are over jealous lovers/ spouses! Some are even killing the kids! If you let your genitals override your morals and intellect, you are a problem!

  3. Looks like a bunch of self centered horney people putting thier business out there! I just pray you all or your children aren't on the breaking news next .

  4. I feel like dr Phil crew open the comment section to see how people react every now and again for a future episode

  5. The only mature people in this situation are the kids. This alone proves there's a God. They sure didn't learn it from their parents.

  6. Something is severely wrong with Kevin to involve himself with not just a married woman….but one with 9 kids that she does not have custody of. She is total trash and Kevin is dumb AF.

  7. The parents really need to split up for good. I would have had him arrested a long time ago. So sad what the children have had to go through.

  8. A marriage is a commitment to each other, to put open, in front of marriage is ludicrous.

    Those children are the parents to those so called parents.

    The new boyfriend wants to marry their mother, I wonder if he will agree to an open marriage.

    So glad Dr Phil is on the case,
    I love the way he said an open marriage is asinine.

  9. Having an open can work – I’ve met quite a few married couples who have an open marriage and are some of the happiest, healthiest and long lasting marriages I’ve known so I don’t think it’s at all fair for Dr Phil to say it NEVER works because… it does. Monogamous and polyamorous relationships can both be unhealthy and healthy. I think this situation is totally toxic and dysfunctional and was waaaaaay before the idea of opening up their marriage came along. Both partners need to be enthusiastically on board with a solid, health foundation with stellar communication before a couple whose only ever known monogamy should even THINK about opening up their marriage. What a mess and now they’ve made the stigma of open marriages even worse even tho they’re way more common than people know.

  10. This reminds me of onisions and kais disgusting poly relationship grooming underage girls. And they have two children they really don't take care of.

  11. The kids asking the guy if he thought about her kids…all in all it wasn’t his responsibility to think about a woman’s children. They’re not his.

  12. am absolutely fed up.with sanctamoniously. self righteous offspring who either practice or copy otgers facially ofensive expressions thinking it makes them.appealung to adult. emotions rather. than petulant.

  13. I feel like being in an open relationship is something that’s becoming more socially “acceptable”, but it’s no reason to dismiss your entire family. Love you who you want to, and with as many as you want, but if there are kids involved they come first. You gave up the right to act like children when you had some of your own.

  14. Open marriages are fine when both people planned for it to be open from the beginning, but trying to fix a bad marriage by turning it into an open marriage is always a disaster. Distracting yourself with somebody else doesn’t do anything to fix your problems with the first person.

    If you’re the third person, remember: How your honey is treating their spouse is how they’ll treat you once the shine wears off.

  15. I believe we should return to marriage as it was defined in the Bible. Marriage should be between one man, his wives, his concubines, and the wives of his brothers who died without kids, just as God intended.

  16. Just because someone gives birth, that doesn’t necessarily make them a “mother “. I should know! I’ve been orphaned since birth!

  17. These "parents" have pushed their children to the side for their own selfish needs. Looking at this abusive father smiling moments after the clip played of his own daughter's story is horrifying and speaks volumes. I truly hope these young women see the damage their parents have caused, and find a way to utilize that pain and the memories to do something productive with their lives. They seem to be very strong-minded women and deserve to be treated with upmost love and respect from their partners. As for their parents, they are a lost cause and do not deserve to experience their children's newfound happiness.

  18. throw the whole parents and the boyfriend away, i hope their kids don’t develop relationship issues in the future from this.

  19. Why didn't anyone at their church stop in and stop her father from hitting her? I definitely would have stepped and reported him. We had a child abuse policy at my church, and there would have been swift consequences.

  20. This is why you should have to pass multiple tests to have kids. You know, like a drivers test to get a license to drive.

  21. If your parent hit you only once in your life time, you must’ve done something real bad. What did you do in church that was so bad?

  22. Interesting how he says he wants to marry her "tomorrow"……. The kids seem more mature and self aware than the parents.

  23. TBH, they're all consenting adults. I don't see anything wrong. Just keep it out of the family, don't involve the kids. they did not consent to it..

  24. Of course dr pill you havent seen it work once people dont come to you in happy healthy relationships whether they are open or not but believe it or not it works for some people. Most people it probably doesnt though.

  25. What idiotic people!!! The daughters have more sense than their parents & the low self esteemed and desperate man who wants to marry a married lady "tomorrow"!

  26. in a couple of years if not months it is gonna be ok for the mom to marry her son, human specie is just getting weirder and crazier every year

  27. If you watched this episode, you know these people are clueless as to what an open marriage is. First of you are probably asking what is the point of marriage is this is what is going down. Second. No boyfriends or girlfriends you are to mearly have sexual partners with the spouses knoldge without falling in love with the sexual partner. Time to divorce. This is not a open marriage or marriage of any kind.

  28. Ok. Once again I watch a story and can never view the last video because I can't find it.Why is this ? . Ugh.

  29. Is it just me or does Dr Phil always mention that he’s been doing this for 45 years, every single show he verbally references his own resume, I should go back over the years myself just to see how long he’s been saying 45 years or if he actually adds a year for every one that’s passes.

  30. If your going to do an open marriage, just don’t get married. And don’t have a label on your relationship.

  31. Why are they mad at the boyfriend?? 🤔🤔🤔🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😳😳

  32. She just went from one egotistical douche to another? He doesn't love her at all, this is all about competition for him.

  33. "I'm a man…" first of all, no. Second of all, don't you dare sit there and blame your GENDER for your desire to act slutty. Just because you're male doesn't mean you're born scared of commitment and just wanting to get laid. A lot of people of any gender are like that, but not all men are. Jackwagon. 🙄

  34. Her name is Liz like me and has the same issue with her mom like mine only difference is she’s not married she just hops to one relationship to next and relies on men to make her happy. She’s been doing this since I was 3 and the sad thing is she doesn’t even know who my biological father is…

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