Sivakarthikeyan Birthday Special – Compilation 2 | SK Blockbuster Movies | 4K (English Subtitles)

You missed this yesterday.
My friend gave it to me I’m sorry for lying that I’m not a cop The other day, mom-in-law said-
– Mom-in-law? Your mom! I’ll come, then What’s amazing is, you’re not angry
with me for lying Because you have a thing for me, yeah? What?
– That! Gratitude. For bringing my niece home To be angry with one, you need
to have some relationship with them I only returned your favour So you don’t know why I lied to you?
– I don’t know I’ll explain then. I-
– I don’t want to know Look, Divya! It’s wrong to act like
you have something that you don’t He only hid something about his job.
I don’t think he’s at fault You have no feelings for him and yet
you wanted to find him a job? Mind your business Making boys run around! What’s new? Let me go, Durai
I’ve done so much for you You have helped me a lot.
I should be loyal to you But I choose work over loyalty You spoke to those party-men and
set a date to join even though I forbade you No point in talking now Leave the body outside his house.
Teach his friends a lesson Mathi, stick around and collect the report tomorrow
– Okay, sir He was stabbed by a left handed person? The case’s neck is punctured heavily from the right.
It must have been a left hander Not wearing the ear-plug? Which case, sir?
– Try and get it out of him Tell me! Yesterday’s murder… We got the accused to surrender As if you went and solved the case He surrendered in his own accord! The case’s neck is punctured heavily from the right.
It must have been a left hander There’s solid evidence to show that the
murderer is a left hander But the man who has surrendered is right handed Something is wrong… Yes, something is wrong I know he’s not the murderer
– Why, then? Perform your duties.
Don’t question mine It’s my duty to not let the criminals get away Go away.. Just go Need to submit this evidence to the court.. Yeah, right! Let’s just submit this evidence We should be punishing wrong doers.
How can we do the wrong thing! This is appalling!
– Sure is It will be appalling, disgusting and humiliating That’s just the way things are I was stiff as a stick back when I
joined the force But that served no purpose In this case, both the killer and the accused
were criminals Where’s the question of justice here? You’re right. There’s no justice in
a murder case As opposed to a robbery, where you get a cut You’re referring to the Kerala robbery? I gave them the jewels because the D.C
came here in person and gave orders You think I took the remaining 100 sovereigns Murugan and I called the victims unofficially
and split it amongst them But the 400 sovereigns went to the wrong hands What’s the point in being a cop? When you don’t have the power, sometimes
you’ll have to do the right thing the wrong way You can call yourself a cop, but no cop
can do anything on his own You need to abide by the hierarchy
and follow your higher official’s orders Look, Mathi. This is a huge chain
We’re just small links You can have a million ideas.
But this is what works If you can’t do it, step aside
and let us be good cops You don’t get what I’m saying To understand that, find a shocking case You won’t know if you’ll lose your job,
your life or where you’ll get hit by who If you’re a real cop, find such a case
We’ll see What do you say? He’s celebrating after
singing a duet in his dream! Cheers! And ”cheers” for this Dude, love is like a call taxi You need to call for it to come! She’d worn a saree yesterday! Whoa! She looked like a statue made of gold! Should l listen to all this just because
you bought me booze? I even clicked a picture yesterday Right. Like he’s some P.C Shreeram She looks great, dude She looks great, dude Show me! l want to see that face.. . What’s Geetha MW?
Does she deliver Mineral Water? Heh. My wife B****s, she’s your wife!
You haven’t even told her yet l’ll tell her Stop fooling around , dude Seriously, l am calling her Hey, don’t do that Listen to me! No, don’t! Give it to me! The call has gone through, man So what? She’ll mistake me
if l ask her suddenly, man You keep running behind her to help out, she’ll flash a smile and
walk away one fine day She’s calling me back now! The call has gone through Crap, what to do now? Swear at her Why does he look like
some toothpaste commercial? Geetha, l dialed your number by mistake Sorry, this is Geetha’s friend Oh. Geetha is not around? She’s busy with some work now What work? A marriage proposal has come up for her She’s talking to the groom-to-be Hello? Yeah? l’ll ask her to call you back
when she comes, okay? Right, okay! What is it, dude? Someone has come with
a marriage proposal for her l knew it! She’s talking to the groom-to-be, it seems This is what l kept telling you! She needs one guy to fool around with
but another guy to marry? She needs one guy to fool around with
but another guy to marry? Hey! You shouldn’t talk to Priya, okay? Brother, please drop the boy at his school No, you drop him yourself You say this now But later you’ll come and beg to drop him You sit down, dear Born just for us. . .
– Owner! l called you twice or thrice yesterday!
You didn’t pick up l slept early yesterday And my mobile was on silent So l didn’t notice So what next? Dhum Dhum Biryani? No, there’s work to be done
Heading straight to the office l’m getting late Let me leave Oh, okay You don’t want to know about the
thing that happened yesterday? About what thing? That thing my friend
told you about over the phone Oh yeah! l’d forgotten about that She said the people
from the groom’s side had come to visit She said the people
from the groom’s side had come to visit ls it confirmed? They’re my mother’s relatives They’ve been asking us for 2-3 years now The boy is in the software industry He has plans to go to the U.S, too Yeah Your friend said you gave the phone to her
so that you won’t be disturbed Yes, we spoke for really long l poured my heart out to him, too Oh! You want ask me what l told him? No, l’m getting really late l’ll leave now Hmmm, okay Fine, tell me! What did you say? l told him about my love Your love? Yeah, your love Our love l’m a loser with absolutely nothing
going my way in life Only two good things have ever
happened to me One: My mother Two: Geetha l wanted to live my one life with her But a problem came up even in that Through a phone call Hello? Yes, one minute Yeah tell me! ls it Mr. Kunjithapadham? You are? l’m calling from Rammi Mall Mr. Kunjithapadham? Tell me what the matter is Sir, you filled a coupon
when you came to our theatre, right? You’ve won a prize for that Prize? What prize? lt’s a 4 2 inch LED T.V The presentation is this Sunday
Please attend it without fail! Come with an l. D proof
and *counter file while coming Okay! What? You’re going to say no to a freebie? No man. Everything is going great,
now This is unnecessary Unnecessary? You’re going to hand a
chit and collect a T.V How can anything go wrong here? lt’s not that Now everyone uses my new name- Don’t say anything! We’re going tomorrow and getting the T.V We’re going tomorrow and getting the T.V l can only give you the
remote control for 2 grand! Are you crazy? Fine, let’s do it this way- Let’s do it MY way! l asked you to stay by
my side and you’re doing all this He’s asking the T.V for 2000 bucks, man So what? Hi Harish! Oh crap. That’s Geetha’s friend This is the kind of girl l always talk about Say something nice about me
and hook us up? What are you doing here? No, l’ve won an L. E. D T.V
as a prize just came here to collect it You’ve won it? We’ve won it Give me the file? Give me the file? No, it’s for my friend Oh! What’s the name? Kunjithapadham Oh, it’s him? We thought it’s some old man
who got lucky and were poking fun of him What’s he saying? He’s deaf and dumb Oh my god! lt’s okay He can’t speak or hear us l’m so sorry Make him sit! Don’t strain, ya! Do you have an l D? Sorry, he’s unemployed So we didn’t bother getting him an I. D Oh! Do you have the counter file? He’s your friend! l’ll help him out Look at God’s little games! He can’t speak or hear us But he’s won a 42 inch T.V! lt’s all destined that way What’s he saying now? He’s saying ,
“why are you troubling my sister? Let’s go get it ourselves” Oh this is no trouble at all! Oh this is no trouble at all! No, we’ll manage Okay, let’s go Dude, it’s awesome, right? You should cut it with your hands You should cut it with your hands l’ll kill you with my hands Die! Why so serious now? You look like
Shreeshanth when you smile, you know? l’ll hit you like Harbajan Singh,
is that okay? Everything we’d done playfully all this time,
had a serious result on that day lt was Geetha’s friend, Baanu’s wedding Harish, keep it safe
we’ll give it to Banu after the wedding -Dude, want to take it?
-l’ll kill you! You don’t just come to a
wedding and gift the newly weds We should also pick up
the side-dish for booze here That’s it! Hi Harish! Oh, it’s her Hi yaa! Why did you call her ”aaya”? l said ”Hi”, dude But she does look
a little bit like an aaya, right? So, it’s your wedding next? He looks familiar. . . You gifted me the L. E. D T.V You gifted me the L. E. D T.V Forgotten already? Oh yeah, l’d forgotten completely Right, isn’t that what you girls do? But that day. . . there was something. . . Salaam alekhum, Bhai! Aalekhum Salaam! Abdul Kalaam, Bhai! Abdul Kalaam, Bhai! Greetings! Eat Dude! They’ve photocopied the leaves! Hello, Boss How are you? You don’t look so good
Serve me anyway Why are you serving him so much? Hey Kunju! Sir, we have a Kunju piece if you want Hey, move out of my way! Get up! Why?
– lt’s my old manager The one who grins? Who cares about that crazy man? Don’t you remember what we did to him? He’s here at the perfect time! Hello, sir! Hi Kunju! He’s my friend , sir Hello! l’m not talking over the phone I said ”hello” Oh okay He’s a very decent guy, sir He wanted to say something to you
– Sure, let’s talk Are you doing good , sir?
– l’m great ls your wife good? Wife is good, too Here, this is my wife But she’s not Iooking good at all! This is not good He thinks you’re not good, too! He’s grinning He’s always grinning , dude! Paaru! Wait! Open the door! My wife is leaving Kunju, this is not at all good l told you he’d say that! You’re saying all this, right?
See what he has to say about you You’re saying all this, right?
See what he has to say about you You nose! You mouth! No no, not that Come down a bit Start the bad word We need something else here Geetha is here,
too We’ll get into trouble! Let’s go! Hey! Biryani! ls Biryani that important?
Come, let’s go Move out! Think you two are soul sisters. . . See if he’s coming behind us?
– Why don’t you see? The other day you were… Today, we are, too! Stop flirting! Just come Yeah, same to you! Sir, please make way,
sir He’s running away! At least run towards the women! l won’t let you go! Why can’t you lock the door
before doing your business? From the way it sounded,
l thought it was a generator room! Which side? Hmmm. This way! He keeps following us like a Hutch dog! Think you can run from me? Just wait Tada! l won’t let you go! That’s him Wow! Ew! Pervert! Ew! Pervert! l had an idea, man Come What are you doing? That Kangaroo will just follow us now Let’s see who has the last laugh! Die! Hah! There was a small confusion You’ll understand when you see Kunju! Kunju must be down here somewhere l was only trying to find Kunju! Dude, let’s just leave What about Biryani? ls Biryani more important to you now? This bonding is still not over? Boss! How are you? lt’s been so long We just solved one problem
and there’s another problem here! What are you whispering? We were just bitching about you You’re his crony, aren’t you? Boss, want to know my new name? Google! l asked for a name that everyone
would find easy Hence, Google! lt’s terrible l don’t think you remember me You’ll surely get it when
l tell you my old name Pavada Saami! So cool! And your new name is..? Salaam Alekhum He looks like a Hindu But he has a Muslim name? Maybe he’s converted ..? Salaam Alekhum! What are we hugging for again? ls the Biryani ready? Thank god! Narrow escape Oh no! l forgot to ask his new name and
l don’t know his old one, either! One of these days,
I’m going to rip that Pavadai apart Be quiet, man Let’s go downstairs,
take our bikes and get the hell out of here Don’t say something stupid
and make it worse Just walk away! l’m gonna smooth talk my way out
now Wait and see! You’re deaf and dumb, right? You gave me that thing , no?
What’s it called . .? T.V… He’s slowly learnt to talk using that T.V But he can’t hear anything That’s right! Even now, we’re going to watch the T.V See you, okay? He’s asking you to wear a little less make up Kunjithapadham Boss! He can’t hear you Says who? He can hear you very well He was hearing everything l said a while back Who? The one wearing the red t-shirt? The one in the striped purple t-shirt But his name is Harish! Oh! So Boss’s new name is Harish, eh? His old name was Kunjithapadham Kunju! Where is he? Which Kunjithapadham are you talking about? The same Kunju that you’re talking about! Damn He’s changed his name to
Harish from Kunjithapadham He got drunk in the road, created a scene, made my wife leave me
and got me beaten up now, too! lt’s that scoundrel Kunjithapadham
that l’m talking about! Geetha? Yeah, give me a minute l got an urgent call from the office l need to leave right away We came here together! We came here together! You can’t just leave me alone here l’m getting too many calls from work l gotta go Sorry, Geetha! Harish! At least give that gift to me Harish! Hey don’t worry dude. Chill. Why should I worry man? Don’t you know that I’m the leader
of ‘Varuthapadatha Valibhar Sangam’ Then why your eyes seems wet? I was just rehearsing myself. Why should I worry man? As
if we loved each other. She doesn’t even know me. So it doesn’t matter. Anyway my dream in life is
to become like Superstar. One day we should have
a banner of our own. I’m the hero and you
will be my comedian. Super bro… First
you climb up!! Wonder just half a beer
made you this high. Whatever it was, I should
have had a chance with her. I wish I met her a few days
back and got to know her. Anyway it’s not possible henceforth.
It’s over. Hey… -Then why she
came to my sight? I didn’t feel any grief even
for my father’s demise. But I just know her the past
5-6 days and she made me cry. Only time pass for a girl
is to make a boy cry. Exactly… Well said… There’s no point grieving. As of now I’ll impress KS
Ravikumar with my acting skills. You might have seen me as normal SK.
But not with a make over. Let me show what
I am capable of! Okay, we are ready. Hey Dicaprio, I’ve spent
a lot for this makeup. Will he be looking good? Check it out boss. You
will fall for her. Wait let me see. WOW… Tickled Pink. Can I hug you once? Come darling? Damn, I feel horny hugging you. Stop it bro, Don’t make
me feel like a girl. Hey! Loose me you idiot. You are
disturbing my prosthetics. Stop it. What are you doing? Why are you shamelessly hugging
her in the middle of the road? Aunty, please don’t hurt him. Take your hands off. Who’s this girl? Are you sure you don’t
recognize who this is? No I don’t. Take a good look. Siva… If had a female sibling, it
would just resemble her. You are very brilliant aunty. It’s not his sibling, it’s… I’m his lover aunty. Next month we are going
to elope and get married. Moron… I’ll slap you with my slipper. What about broomstick? Its already standing here. See how I managed my Mom? Now I can figure out why
your dad died young. What a tremendous blow! See, even my mom couldn’t
guess me with this makeup. Here after no more sufferings. No more tragedies,
no more insults… …no more criticism
and no more. What about this? No more things like
that here after. Now all we need to look forward
is KS Ravikumar Audition. 222 runs. Not out. Now, Clean bowled. Mr.SK I think we took a wrong
turn to Jurassic park. Mr.Vallikanth, Don’t panic. I think we can manage
these dinosaurs. Hello… Look at this pigeon. Step back you idiot. Beautiful Girl. How big the buttons
on her dress are… It’s getting late for my duty. So better you guys carry on. I’ll leave. I will also come with you. Take off your hands…
Take them off from her. Darling… You please carry on. Please carry on. Thanks brother. Brother?!? Do i look like her brother? How foolish this pig nose is. Excuse me lady! Don’t call me brother
the next time. Ok, uncle. Uncle?!? Just kidding. Don’t imagine yourself as a
romantic hero
it looks disgusting. Hold on, I’ll make
you look ugly. Who is she? sister? Can’t you figure it
out from her costume. She’s a sister. I didn’t ask that? I asked
whether she is your sister? No, she is my friend. Boys, take him to our custody.
I need to enquire him. You look exactly like a girl. Nice… The getup
suits you well. Now smile. Don’t overdo things… This much is enough. Now walk. Ok, sir. Not like that. You should give some bend to your
back like Ambassador car dicky. Don’t push too much. Now walk. Keep Straight. Think of character
‘Neelambari’ for this. Now mix your expressions
with Rajini sir’s attitude. Fine. Now perform any serious
situation like a lady. Siva, you were
starring at my hip. For the past 1 minute you were
pretending of reading something. But was starring at my hip. I didn’t see it Sir? I meant, I couldn’t see your performance
you should keep your face straight. I was imitating ‘Kushi’
movie ‘Jothika’. You know dancing? Just try dancing like
any old heroines. “I am a gorgeous women,
and so is my eyes” “What i have with me is only self
respect, I am a gorgeous women” “I am a gorgeous women,
and so is my eyes” Enough… enough… Now let’s try with our script. Is it a nice script sir? I like my script. Now, ‘LOVE’. Sir? First Love. Now a days 99% of guys face
failure in their first love. Only 1%of them succeed
in their first love. Our hero is one
among the 1% guys. Like every other guys. Our hero was also chasing
his love of his life. Hey.. Can’t you hear
what I’m saying? You are lost in some
other thoughts. Ask him to get out. GET OUT. Dude, will meet at
Anirudh’s studio tomorrow. Getting inside a moving bus? Sorry, Driver. Well It’s me the
conductor, idiot! Very well then share that sorry. WOW! “I feel the rain in my heart,

Lotus is sinking in the water” “Sudden change in climate” “Girl, Fault is on your side” In daylight you look like MILK.
During Night, you shine like SILK. Don’t mistake me. I have to tell you something. Oh my god! What a sexy shoulder. Let me use soap on your shoulders
while you at bath after marriage. So before all that
let me tell this. I love you. Do You love me baby? Hello? Don’t say hello. Say I Love You. Excuse me. Yes. Why? I’ve been observing you. You seem to misbehave
with her, you rascal. Lady? Hey miss I am her lover. Let’s settle this in police station.
-Yes. Who was that? You should have slapped him tight.
Never keep silent in such situations. Where do you work? Sister? I meant to ask which
hospital are you placed in? I know that you are
in your uniform. Work… I’m looking for a job. I’m KAVYA. What’s your name? What’s your name? Name?!? My name… Hansika Motwani. Hansika Motwani? Similarly… My name Regina Motwani. Regina Motwani? Your name is so lengthy. How about RE – From REGINA and MO
– From MOTWANI. REMO. How about that? I’ll call you REMO. Yes, it sounds awesome. Something is going to happen. I guess you have a sore throat. Slightly you sound like a guy. I’ve seen you before. But
couldn’t recollect where it was? Can we take a Selfie. So that it won’t be difficult for
us to recollect the next time. Look sister… Look here. Say cheese. Now what, You need
a job in hospital. Such a silly thing. You give me your phone number. It’s ok. No need for all that. It’s ok. Give me your number. I’ve reached my destination. This is my phone number. Just give me call when
your reach IMF hospital. I’m giving you so much trouble. Don’t worry, I’m working at the
same hospital as a Doctor. We will meet at IMF
hospital on Monday. Bye REMO sister. Who are those foreign girls. They are my cousins. Is it uncle. Why are you walking like a vibrator.
Please be normal. Hi boss. You don’t look like a boxer also?? Infect you also don’t look like an officer. OK, 0k sign here. It’s all in Hindi. Give everybody sweets. But why? My mum said must eat sweets
before we start anything good in our life. Didn’t she say that buy
those sweets with your own money. Where must I sign? Here, here. People ask him to sign
but he is drawing. Looks like we have won the boxing. Who the hell is that. Ask him what he wants. Looks like you have came here
hearing there is free food is it. Not to eat but fight. Have you seen your
face at the mirror. That day you beat me in IQ test
but you cannot win me in fighting. We will meet in the ring. Tomorrow onwards must start practice. It’s only for you. Than do me a favor. What is it. Get me some beers to drink with
side dish which contains high protein. Why high proteins. Than only it will be healthy for me. Look how is he creating a story to drink. Please do not mix the brands of beer
just get all from the same brand to avoid headache. Make sure you place the
beer on your face before you buy it. But why? To know weather is cold or not. Nowadays no
shops sell cold beer. I knew it you were a alcoholic
since you look like a tin beer. Don’t worry and let me think further. We are dead now. What do you think about this spot? Nice spot. Buy a fridge and place it there
and we can fill up the beers for me in it. Sir, we are making a move and
please be at the gym at sharp 6 am. Yes. You mean midnight! Looks like I must sleep well and tight. Do you know this Hindi actress? It’s not that I meant,
I mean the aircond advertisement modal. Please fix for me that aircond please. Lucky he did not ask for the actress. May I know what color you like the most? All of us do not like colors. He asked me, I like blue. I also like blue so please
paint my house blue color. It is painted blue as it is. But it was not painted with your money. And than… We will come later than. Bye. Hey, what are you holding? Please leave it for me to use. Why don’t you ask her as well. I will surely asked if she
would have been looking nice. Sir, juice. Hey, you looks as dark as my
buddy here. It’s because of the eyewear’s. What juice is this? It’s a free juice. What?! Pineapple(annasi) juice. Brother lman? Good joke. Let me laugh first. Hey, feed me! This is the only thing I haven’t
done to you. Open your mouth. Hey, am I Srividya from the movie
“Aboorva Sagotharargal”? You are pouring the juice
like a poison as in the movie. You are very irresponsible. Who are you?
– Coach. What do I care?
– He’s the boxing coach. Coach, isn’t there any gate (entrance) to the ring? What?
– You must cross over and go in. Am I the Taj Mahal for him to go around me?
– Keep quiet. Raise your hands.
Higher. Open it wider. Are you a dentist? Inhale your breath. Inhale deeper! Take position. He’s posing like a warrior.
Stand properly. If you can dance, I too can.
Do you want to see? Don’t hit. Get in! Coach, he’s punching me. Ask him not to hit me, you buffalo. Punch him harder. Brother, let’s talk it out. Who are they?
They are hitting a boxer. Is he a boxer? Buffalo, ask him not to hit.
– You must fight back! The one disturbs a person who is asleep
after drinks must… Why your voice sounds disgusting? The alcohol is not a good brand. Won’t you keep quiet? Oh, I not yet answer! Where are you? I am at home, practicing.
– My house! You not yet go for training? Hey, shall I hit you?
– Should I? Don’t fight.
– Why, you want to hit? Are you not ready yet? Why is there some kind of smell? It’s nothing.
– lt’s just an alcohol smell. Alcohol! It’s impossible in this house. You are trapped. I’m caught red handed. I will tell the truth. I’ll tell what’s hidden thus far. That belongs to my dad. He can’t go to work without drinking. She bought it, just continue damaging his image. It’s been like this since I was young. He drinks every day. I will come back with trophy after
winning in sports… …but he will use it to drink alcohol
and sleep. But still, I overcame all that to be a
cricket player… Ooppss, I blabbered.
– Peter, you are a boxer. Even you manage to handle it now. You have to handle my family from now on. Must award an Oscar to those who
fall in love. Shall we leave?
-OK. He will hit me if I go there. Leave!
Why are you flirting with me? I’m very tired of practicing… can you give something to boost me? You can consume Horlicks to boost
your energy. There’s something else.
– What is it? No way.
– I can’t practice then. Your kiss will determine my
career in boxing. OK, close your eyes. Please don’t bite. That is all?
before your match. This alone is so energizing… …wonder what will happen to the one
who gets punch from me. What’s it Yazhni? …he will hit lo men easily. I have motivated him a lot, just watch. OK Yazhni, thanks. He fights very well.
– Who is he talking about? -Who? It’s Peter.
He fights well. Bro, it is working. It’s superb! Maybe he hired them to praise him. Peter will be the champion of this year. What’s his name? Peter. Peter, “The Killer.” His dad’s name? Thomas. Is he the Peter as stated in the paper? Yet, his dad should be working in BSNL! We even investigated that too. He was transferred to Rayapuram BSNL one week ago. From where?
-Puna! So, who’s the guy we are sponsoring then? They tied me as if I’m a terrorist. Let me down.
You look horrible from this view. You look worst from my view. So you agree that you look horrible. Stop joking, there are two Peters now. Look… …we have spent so much. What’s your answer for all these? Let me down, I will give another plan. What’s your plan now? Let me down first.
– Tell your plan first. What would we do if we knew he is
the actual Peter? We would have made an agreement with him. We shall do it now. He doesn’t know the reward is Rs 2 crores. Yea, it’s true. What you all want? Peter will be the boxing champion… …only we knew it. I knew it as well. Did you go to Chandragiri Forest
as well? What are you blabbering? He was the champion in the last He will win by knockout in this
tournament. I thought the Holy Man gave him the
paper as well. What paper?
Is it regarding sponsorship? Yes, please help us in this dealing… …we will give you Rs 1 lakhs monthly as a bribe. Why must go out? We have to be with Peter in order for
him to win. You all must be with him? Hi Peter!
-Rs 10lakhs monthly! No need to practice at all!
– Can easily win! Soon in Chennai! Shall we make a deal? Oh praise the rivers. I wish my Dad gives me money. Wise man, come here. Lord! Yes, tell me. Your brother has deposited
60,000 in Western union – .. go get it.
– I got it yesterday itself. You didn’t tell me! You didn’t ask me. You wouldn’t tell
me if I don’t ask? Give it. – That’s 30, 000.
– What about the rest? Remember our flat
association’s function well, I donated for
the remaining for it. You donated this money for that? – Are you senseless?
– Did I waste it on something useless? Is donating a mistake? Donating isn’t a mistake. You should do it
with your own money. Your brother works
hard in an IT company ..and sends us this money. Yeah like he breaks
bricks there. He sits in an a/c room and
checks Facebook and Twitter. And when they’re bored they
watch Sunny Leone on YouTube. Greetings teacher! – How about serving some food?
– Already did, now go hog. The food you make can
only be thrown away. – Dad will you cook?
– I’m dismayed as I say this I regret having a son like you. I don’t care… but spare me 200 rupees. Shameless. – I only have 500.
– Hold this. – 200 rupees mom.
– Hold out both hands. Please give it mom. There a shortage of 1.5 bucks. I’ll give it tomorrow. Now come, let’s go. Spend it wisely! Did you steal from the temple? Stop it. That’s my
mom’s generosity. And you accepted it
with all your pride? What else? There’s no
respect for us nowadays. I owe 200 to the tea shop. I had to use another route
to avoid him and get here. It’s right here why
don’t you give it? – But it’s 1.5 rupees short.
– Oh God! – I find it hard to say.
– Say it. We need to work. What work? Some work that would
earn us reputed honours. Bloody nonsense dog! Catch it, we’ll sell
it to the butcher. What the hell? Even
dogs take a dump on us! I guess even the dog
thinks we are jobless. If we persist on not working,
our country won’t develop. Astrology! Predictions based on
your foot prints. Good Lord! Shall we start? How do you predict
with foot prints? Nobody has fingerprints any more. That’s why I’ve
shifted to the feet. Tell me your names. – Rajini Murugan.
– Super! And yours? – Thothathree.
– What kind of a name is that? Seshadri or Ravi Shastri
are pretty famous but… – Even R.B. Choudary.
– How about Savithri, Velakuthiri? Stop irritating me. – What is this?
– This is the instrument. – What should we do?
– You have to place your leg on this. Bear it for a while,
it will be like this. It tickles. Where did
you get this idea from? – It’s feels good.
– I want to try it out too. Take your leg off, you
place your’s on it. – Place your leg and check it out.
– Here Cover yourself
appropriately first. Sorry. – Now place it.
– Better now? – It tickles right?
– Son I’m not using something tender It’s a needle, I won’t
mind piercing your feet. – Take your leg away now.
– Okay. Son, I myself am proud. If you both start a
joint venture…’ll be driving
an Audi in 60 days. Audi car? On the 61st day the entire town
will talk about your fortune. Really? And then you’ll be donating
money for the poor like myself. You are generous givers. Justice incarnate. King of Justice! Lord Rajni Murugan Lord Rajni Murugan Lord Rajni Murugan Lord Rajni Murugan Please help us. Lord Rajni
Murugan.Please help us. – What is it?
– The town is flooded by the rains. We’re all hungry. Show some mercy. – Don’t you hear their cries?
– Sir. We donated them money
to build houses… but they ended up building
it near the lake. And now the floods
have ruined it. – How much rice do we have?
– More than enough. Give it to them. Sit down, please eat. Live long dear! He can mimic others voice too. Catch it, it’s the same dog. – One day I’ll..
– Son Don’t call it a dog,
he’s the time keeper. He didn’t piss on you he has cleansed you
of your sins. It means you’re gonna find
your lucky charm today. What did you say? You will find your lucky charm. – Where are you going?
– My fees! Carry on. – I hope this is where we work today?
– Definitely. Whatever. – Need any help?
– No thanks. So you can handle it? Dear, I’ll go home,
eat and be back. Take care of my shop. What happened dear?
You didn’t see her? – No.
– Don’t worry. Your efforts will bear fruit. She will come for sure
and you will see her. Damn! The clothes! Dear, to get a glimpse of you
I wait here like a statue. I could take you with me right away,
so gift me your love, gift me yourself. Here you are wholly present, like
never before, feels like love. Just like rain, that eases the pain. I
await your kiss, that would ease my pain. You’ve set my heart ablaze dear. I had no say, you blew me away. My love. Bro You’ve been looking
for her since morning. Did she even glance at you? Who said she didn’t? Girls have eyes everywhere. Except their two eyes, the
rest will look at us. Now that she’s inside,
she will open the window ..pretending to enjoy the rain
she’ll look at me.Wait and watch. We’ll see. Hey! – That’s her father.
– What are you doing here? We are just playing
in the rain, uncle.

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