Sivakarthikeyan Birthday Special – Compilation 3 | SK Blockbuster Movies | 4K (English Subtitles)

His name is Prakash.
Durai’s man Friday in this affair He’ll be an asset to us.
We need to get him to testify against Durai He’s a drug addict, so we’ll keep him high
until our job is done Keep this phone with you, Mathi Long live our leader!
Long live our leader! Greetings!
– Greetings, leader! I asked you to bring models.
And you’ve brought their moms! This isn’t glamour, it’s poverty! A bowl of rice and a set of clothes
will only buy us this It’s not like you gave me ten grand
to import models from Mumbai Be quiet! He promised a bowl of rice and
a set of clothes but he’s cheated us You only drink porridge at home
but you demand bowl of rice here! Just go, we’ll give it to you Why has he turned up like this? What’s this attire?
Like the Lord Almighty in disguise! I’m fasting for His Holiness Sankiji
– His Holiness Sankiji? Never heard of him Haven’t heard of His Holiness Sankiji? Let me tell you about his greatness I could’t walk or talk till I was eighteen Really? You couldn’t talk? You chatter non-stop like a video jockey! You couldn’t talk? There’s a flashback
– It’s getting late, let’s go It will only take two minutes! Our town is in a beautiful hill
It’s called- Wait, let me visualise it!
Go on It’s called Papanayagampeti There was a smart guy called Hrithik Roshan
in our town Hrithik Roshan in Papanayagampeti!
How is that possible? He was a North Indian who came to the hills What does he have to do with you? We were best of friends! Back when the guys were going after chicks,
we used to take selfies A girl called Simran came between us We both like Simran a lot
– Everyone does! Be quiet! Go on, tell us I couldn’t walk or talk But Hrithik Roshan was not like that.
He could sing and dance He picked up Simran
with his singing and dancing He was so excited about stealing her
away from me! He would flash his dance moves before me
and challenge me to move like him What did you do?
– I got insulted and reacted immediately What? Make a note of this What? I can’t understand
– In your diary Our challenge begins I will pick up a better chick..
and show her off to you! When I delivered Superstar’s dialogues from
the movie ‘Annamalai’ in my own style And turned around in high speed.
It hit me that I can never do that I was shattered!
I stood at the edge of a cliff to end my life Son! Son of Adam… His Holiness Sankiji was floating in the air
in his state of complete peace Why are you upset?
Because you can’t talk or walk? When you talk,
people shall scatter away in fear That’s true! When you dance,
people shall watch with their jaws hanging So different your moves shall be! That’s true, too! I bless you with these boons He gave me those boons He’s made me stand before you
and walk and talk and dance and sing And talk about Him in your presence here
Till I tire out! Such is the greatness of His Holiness Sankiji! Do ask to see him I want to meet this His Holiness Sankiji
– We can see him tomorrow! Not tomorrow! Today
Right now Hey buddy-
I meant, his face is like a bud of a flower! Yes, boss! Only his hair has greyed.
His face and body are that of a thirty year old’s What an aura! I am aware that you are desperately
hanging behind a man for a spot in the Assembly You came here to butter me up for that
Am I right? Yes, Your Holiness! I have a wish.
To travel in a beaconed vehicle just one time The cops will take you in one of those
if they arrest you Little mosquito! Mind it His Holiness Sankiji will give you his sacrament.
Take it Oh! What is this?
– A camera What? A camera! I mean, like a camera.
Don’t get worked up Here, keep this, too
– What is this? A transmitter and a receiver
– What is this for? I will sense the bad energy through this
and convert it to good energy using this Wear this around your neck!
– Right away, Holiness Leave this behind at your benefactor’s house That’s when your thoughts,
mine and his will be in sync May you have victory! Greetings, Durai sir! I conducted a prayer at home
and it’s good to spray the Holy Cow’s urine So I’m spraying it-
– Why are you spraying it here? I’ll be happy when you’re happy.
So I came straight to your house Go away! What’s this? The priest has blessed this Tiger’s tooth
so I’m wearing it What a way to spread the energy
around Durai’s house! What are you doing here?
– This is the East! Must sprinkle here first No need. Go spray at the Fortune end first
– Please, brother Go away!
– You’re so gorgeous Did anyone else come here?
– This is Durai sir’s house No one except you can come here
and get out alive The Lord has given me license to kiss.
May I? He gives me the license
but doesn’t let me ride the vehicle As if you can ride! Durai, sir?
– Need to talk about your Legislative Assembly seat Come to the agency tomorrow Hello, Durai! He’s not here at the moment I’ll talk to him and get back to you Karthik!
– Brother? Keep this phone with you, Mathi Brother, the number you asked me to track
has just been turned on It’s within a few miles radius around you Hello? Brother Just returned from my hometown this morning.
Got the local sweets from there Want some? Tell me quickly!
Want it or not? If we get hold of Durai’s laptop,
we’ll find some clue That’s the next plan.
But not sure how to do it Look there! He’s gambling What’s this pendant? It’s poking me Oh I forgot all about the holy pendant!
Please forgive me, Holiness! Everything happens within your sight, Holiness.
Forgive me just this once The phone’s ringing! It’s Durai What’s up at this hour, Durai? Whom do you want?
Item number 7? Who is item number 7?
Oh, it’s Helen You have a different taste, Durai Watching the ‘A’ rated show? Now you know what his “business deal”
with Durai is He’s a professional pimp.
And we’ve been wasting our time on him! This is disgusting.
Let’s go Turn that off! I shall make money off this recording.
And settle down in Singapore Sorry, sir! I’ll just sty in Mylapore Shall we record it?
– I’ve already hit “okay” We’re climbing up this drainage pipe,
jumping onto the balcony And entering the house.
Am I right, boss? Why are you addressing him as “boss”? From now, he’s the boss and you’re a dodo No more time wasted on small talks.
Let’s start planning He looks familiar.
– From where? Hold on
Are you His Holiness Sankiji’s great grandson? He was in disguise of Sankiji
– Why would he do that? To fool you! Don’t get it? It’s been recorded.
– How did they record it? He told you it was a camera! This is a camera? What’s the point in taking it off now? Last night’s strip tease
has already been recorded Just out of curiosity, why don’t you
turn the lights off? I thought I could see better and work better
if the lights were on Look, we want Durai’s laptop.
We’re going to take and you must help us Go to a shop if you want a laptop.
Why do you want his? None of your business.
Just help us now What if I refuse?
– What if I upload this video on Youtube? What do I do now?
How will I manage? He’s here!
What to do now? What’s this? Going to a hotel is old fashioned Enjoying the outdoor scenery in a caravan
is the new thing You go in and have fun Hold on! The phone is an unwanted disturbance Give it to me Go on And I’ll do my job Why is it so dark in here?
– It’s usually dark when it’s dark Sir, as per our plan, our boys will work hard.
You needn’t stress yourself Number 2! Push it
– What about me? Hop on I got here first! Looks like he’s got dough on his bum! The security is going Watch out! Sorry, I thought it was open.
Didn’t see the glass How do we get in? Through that door Who can open a door?
– I do, sir You do?
– Give me the key, I’ll open it O Goddess with Huge Eyes! Twelve by twelve.. six this wya
and six that way! So this is unpaired! These flight of stairs are like a merry-go-round! Look there!
– Where? Thank god! What’s this weird sound? Why are you screaming? Durai! Mathi! I tried my best.
But he heard the bell He’s on his way Copy these files on to the hard disk How long will it take?
– Half an hour How much longer?
– Almost done, sir I’ll bring it later.
You should leave now You got us in trouble!
– Shush! Just take him away.
– Yes! Let’s go Wake him up Hey Shut up or l’ll splash water on your face Wake up, man Looks like l should kill myself
for your love failure! Looks like l should kill myself
for your love failure! What, man! You’re sweating so badly You could have B.P or something Get it checked Huh? Huh? Let’s leave We need to go out Leave, man She’s calling you, right? l’m talking to you! lf she’s asking me to leave,
it means you should! Falling in love is easy, but being friends
with a guy in love is impossible Don’t know that you should
go ’round the deity? Follow me Hey hey, healthy guy! She was talking to me Have l ever gone behind your missus? Thank you! Okay, A hundred rupee ticket is enough l’ve bought a ticket
worth hundred rupees, only Give me 2 hundred rupee tickets My leg! Sorry sorry lt’s not such a serious scene Why so much popcorn?
Stupid! We’re on a fight! Hello! Watch where you’re going Hello! She says to watch where you’re going Wonder if she’ll reach home in one piece Sports shoe Peter told me you’re running the marathon l don’t care what you’re running for But it’s nice to know that
you’ve got some motive in life And it makes me happy to know that
l’m one of the reasons for that My friend Baanu knows this coach She’s already spoken to him You’d better go meet him tomorrow Excuse me, sir Harish Yes, come in Baanu spoke to me and l couldn’t refuse l met with an accident 3 years back
I quit this coaching business then l’m a member in this useless board now Tell me, sir! That boy represented lndia, sir Oh, so you don’t want my suggestion. You’re informing me Okay, sir Okay, sir. Whatever you say You just want my signature, right? Send him in Money has become everything in sports Give me some time to think about it Okay, sir Subbaiya brother! The guy who just came to meet me? lf he’s outside, please ask him to come You have prevented me from doing
anything for you You must do this as a favour to me She’s my student. She’ll train you from tomorrow Hi You were busy yesterday.
So we couldn’t really chat Let me tell you about myself l’m basically an athlete!
A sprinter l’ve won lots of prizes in
school and college ln fact, when l was 15 My area’s M.L.A was really
impressed and appreciated me The P. D of my college always
talked about my on-throw lt’s that forceful! Beleive me! And then. Loosening the limbs before running The stride length ..there is one more thing.. Oh yes! The front block push up
will also be correct So it shouldn’t be so difficult
for you to train me Just tell me how many
laps l should run every day, l’ll follow up on everything else That’s all, yaa Take your shoes off Excuse me? The shoes! Sports shoes? Crazy fool! You’re pumping air into a punctured tyre Higher! Can you swim? No, l don’t! Why are you giving me these random tasks! Marathon is all about running, right? Sir, if you didn’t like me
you could’ve beat me up or cussed at me Why did you have to link me to that girl? Why?
What happened? What happened!? Sir, it doesn’t look like
that girl is training me to run She’s training me to run away! She makes me walk on swamps, blow balloons, hang from trees, catch chicken and make soup out of it! What does any of this have to do with running? She pushed me into a well, but that’s okay She made a dog chase me! I managed to escape because l’m an athlete What would an ordinary person have done? There are three stages in marathon training : General Conditioning Specific. Walking on the swamp was resistance Catching chicks was agility Blowing balloons was your vital capacity Swimming is to make you relax and recover And the dog? To pump up your adrenaline Come on, sir You’re talking some international stuff
but it was a stray dog that chased me You’re just covering up, sir 11.02 is the Asian record for 100 metres She achieved that three years back
in a national meet She’s the one girl who’s really impressed me
in all my years of experience 11.02, you say? Then why does she sell
incense sticks for a living? Have you come here to get to know her or, Have you come to train for the marathon? 11.02..? You can’t talk about that l’ll tell you when to start and when to stop The first qualification of an athlete
is to obey the coach What move should I plan next? What happened? I think we are out of petrol. Wow, superb! No problem. I like this night lighted road. Lets walk. Superb chance, Don’t
miss this opportunity. Then? Hope you like the idea of love? Why? I saw you deeply enjoying
that romantic movie. Blushing? So definitely there is
some guy in your life. No way. Why? Who the hell is this?
He looks very comic. What a funny… What a funny. He is my fiancé. I was just kidding. I’m sorry, if I
hurt your feelings. Here after I won’t
tellyou the truth. Is it a love marriage? No, He works as a
doctor in Pune. I accepted because my
parents liked him a lot. Then it’s arranged and
not love marriage ? I just waited for this moment. Can you please show
me his picture again? You look super
gorgeous, look at him. Even I wouldn’t have
accepted this proposal. Listen, You shouldn’t get
married to a doctor… …you should marry an
actor, in my opinion. Actor? What I meant was, he
should look like a hero. What’s wrong with my fiancé.
He too looks good like a hero. He will not suit you.
So reject him. I shouldn’t have shown
this picture to you. I’ll ask you one last
time, how’s my fiancé? I won’t change my opinion,
how many times you ask me. I have to say only
one thing about him He looks sh*t! I hate you sister. Its difficult to control girls,
but they can be easily confused. Hello. Hey Tell me. How does he look? What’s wrong with you? How many times are you planning
to ask me the same question? If you aren’t interested,
then tell me I’ll marry him. Whom should I ask next? This isn’t good. Goofy. It’s tasting disgusting. Where are you going? I need to attend this call. Whatever should not go
meanwhile having dinner. I will come back mom. Sit here and talk. Hello. Look sister I know
that he looks good. But i will ask you one last time.
How is my fiancé? He looks like some
Demo for groom. You will get someone like Remo. I mean, someone handsome
brilliant charming like me. I hate you again sister. I love you Doctor. What’s going on here? It’s just a rehearsal mom. For what? -For going to jail. Give that, stay starved tonight. Stop there. I asked
for mask not flask. Now I’m caught. You looked very old and tired. So I thought you might
ask for some tea. Do you really know
anything about nurse job? I was keeping and eye on you. Coming to hospital grooming yourself
and you walk here and there . Are you acting? Trying to act as if
you knows everything. I want to see your work now, Go and check that
patient at that bed. That old man? -Yes check him. What kind of language
is she speaking? Come here. Hands up. Don’t flirt. Go to your bed. Sister, I checked
him thoroughly. He has nothing. I mean, not even a single penny
to pay the hospital bills. Please check me also sister. Okay. Get out… You don’t want me to give a try? Get out. ‘OUT’ How beautiful you are… uff.. Acting like a girl is the
most difficult thing on earth. Look sister I’m 23. Both me and my parents know with
whom should I get married with. Mind your own business. Oh my god! She saw me! She saw me! She saw me without my wig. Where is my wig? Wasn’t something missing? Topless. -What? I mean I’m helpless. That I couldn’t make you
understand anything. Tell me why you don’t like him? Tell me why you like him? Because, He is smart. Well educated, Doctor,
well settled family. And above all this, my dad
mom likes him. Enough? What is this doctor? My mom and dad likes him.
My pet likes him. Is this all a reasons? Come to current trend doctor. Girls do arranged marriage only when
they are not looking good and smart. What about you? You are
looking good and smart. You are a doctor, can’t you
decide which suits you better. Stupid girl. What are trying to say? Marriage is not about
exchanging rings. It’s heart that
has to be shared. I hope it never happened
to you both and it wont. Just wait. A guy will come for your love.
Love him and get married. Look at her. She is doing her graduation. Just 20 years old.
Acid attack victim. You know why? Because she rejected a
boy’s love proposal. He would have loved her right? Then how did he have the
heart to do this to her? You asked me why I opted for
an arranged marriage right? See the status of the so
called LOVE with guys. It all boils down to this. Love is totally lust. Listen Doct… Look sister… You told me that you were
searching for a job. So I got one for you.
There it ends. Don’t try to get into my
personal life here after. Remo sister. Why are you sad? Nothing dear. I am fine. You go and get some sleep. Don’t lie. I know. Whenever I used to be sad. My
mom used to do this to me. It makes me feel better.
You too will be fine. Hi… Hello small gents
and small ladies. Meet Nancy. Your new friend. Okay? Let me show you guys a magic. My dad can perform
better tricks than this. Hey… Keep quiet. Don’t
interrupt when I’m performing. Not only your daddy, I can
perform a great trick that.. …no other magician
in this world can do. Will you be doing that
great trick now ? I’ll do it only if you start
being friendly with Nancy. And only if she asks me to. What’s that magic about? Elephants? Nope. It’s much better
than all those tricks. When will you be
showing us that magic? Only when you start taking
your medicines regularly. At least tell me what’s
the magic about? Wow! Really? Then for sure you have to perform
that one day for me promise? Promise. We will be Nancy’s friend. Will you
show us that magic trick now ? Only when everyone of you
become friends with Nancy. Take care of Nancy. She will be alright. Ok dear. I am feeling really happy. I feel like she is
getting better now. Don’t worry Ramya. My love for you, wasn’t
because of your looks. Will get married once
you get discharged. The girl is conscious now.
She can speak. I enquired her. She remembers who hit acid on
to her but don’t know his name. The guy is from velacherry. He
used to follow her on bus stop. I’m the one who you
are looking for. Don’t move or I’ll
slash her throat. Don’t make any noise. It’s
better if you guys get out. Kill her. Will kill you all. Don’t you have any conscience.
You wrecked her life. Now you want to kill her too?
Are you guys even human? You stay out of this.
-No, get out. Stab her too. Look at her. Guess, who got guts? Wait…Wait.. Wait. There are 3 conditions
before we start this fight. Condition 1. This is a hospital. So I don’t want anyone to
scream in-between the fight. Condition 2. Everyone who gets knocked out, should
get admitted in this hospital. Condition 3. No one should disturb my makeup. Where is this guy staring at? Idiot… Where are
you staring at? You got me or what? So what are you
guys waiting for. Lets start. What did you say
about men’s love? Love is all about appearance,
love is totally…? Some soap name… yes… Lust. Well you are wrong then. See even after she is burnt
half, He is here to marry her. That’s what I call love. He looks smart, Doctor,
Well settled… Nothing really matters. It’s a feeling. A guy, who would do
anything for me. I’m sure you will
feel it one day. Don’t judge guys ok? There are guys who gives
his life for love. And there are guys who love
their lover like his life. Seems your girl’s friends are here. She’s asking
whether if she can come in to see the match. No need, do you know which
is the most humiliating? Let your girl sees herself that
you’re worthless. We can just die.
– So you want her to come in. Don’t you understand my punch dialogue?!
Keep quiet! May all this boxers save me. With only round with him,
I’ve need to have 10 rounds of drinks at home! He’s looking like a gorilla’s baby. Where you bought this belt? We will give the belt by ourselves
if buffaloes like you win. You should not bring yourself. I won’t get anything from others. Then, will you like to
get hit by others. Why all of you behaving
like the same? I’ll whack you! You are insulting me
in front of my brothers. You will get nasty if they hit back. All of them? They looks like some
weird creatures. I’m angry with him
more than you. He’s my aim. He’s my aim. HE’S your aim?! Mine as well. Give me your hand. He have tortured me
during the previous match. You must beat him to death. Come, let’s go beat him together. You are the one must beat him. Are you trying to put me in jail?! Don’t try to do any hanky panky
thing like in the previous match. Look at him.. He just like a bear. He will beat you to death
with just one punch. Try to save yourself or beat him. Don’t go after Yazhini!
– You don’t go after her! Don’t talk about Yazhini!
– You don’t talk about her! Wait guys! Who’s that Yazhini? I’m in love with her. I joined this boxing competition
just to get married with her. Yes, that’s the way.
– What is this all about? He’s lying. He’s a very dangerous. It’s seems you are lying. Not me, he’s the one lying. Are you guys mad? Are you guys really
came here to fight? Than let me go. Hey, come back here! They just torturing me. Hit him! The bell going to ring. He always pull me closer. Look here! If you guys going prolong this… I will decide the winner by
tossing coin. I want head(Ajith).
– Than I want “Thalapathy” (Wjay) You guy’s may choose anyone. Since you are here,
just try to punch him for once. You idiot.
Punch him for once. If you brave enough,
try to punch me. Great challenge!
Punch him..punch him! Are you guys making fun of me?! His he pissed off? Let’s get back to the fight. What they are doing? No shame at all. Get out of my way.
I’m in a good mood. Hey! That’s Peter! As the competition enters
the third day,.. …semi-final match will be starting
in few hours more. Since “Maan Karate” Peter
going to fight today… he’s getting overwhelming support
from children’s and boxing fans. You might bitten by an ant. Did you see that? He is so tough. You must knock out him. How dare you? I have forgot my job already. Wait! I just got to know that
even my body has blood. He’s disqualified
since he punched me. You were showing off
too much just now. You are qualified for the final,
since we have no choice. Really boxing is so easy. This way guys.- This party is for me
by my father-in-law. So, please behave yourself guys. Look who’s talking. I’m not hitting you because you
have treated me many times. Peter, that girl looks really nice. Hey, she’s my mother-in-law. Please don’t spoil my life
by getting drunk and make trouble. You may go now. Make sure
don’t disturb any girls. Where is Sandy? Give me that! Is this good? Isn’t good to drink without me? Leave some for me. Why you were drinking
cheap liquor? You can get expensive liquors here. It’s gone. Let’s go. Don’t touch that. Are we at market? Let’s us ask him. Can we get some liquor? No. Only vegetable soup available. What? Non-sense!
What are you talking about? Hey, stop it. I’ll get it outside. What you going get? This two girls. Liquor..for him. Only for me? Can you take a leave now? Let’s go together. Go to the other side. You have promised me to give
a kiss during training itself. Now I have entered final already. Can I get one? I’m leaving, somebody is calling me. Please help me to get a kiss. I’ll borrow my mouth. I’ll get pissed. I can help you in your love matters,
but not to get a kiss. Then you are useless. That’s it, not going to
get kissed or liquor to drink. I know this will happen since earlier. I got a doubt with your father-in-law
so I have hide a full bottle here. Together with this man? What you were doing inside? Somebody have left this bottle here. He’s the one. Will I let it go?
No way. I have finish drinking it. I will whack you. I will not get a kiss. You still can get
a kiss after ten o’clock. Can you get liquor? Yes you are right.
What to do now? They have closed it. Why can’t you keep open it till late? Karthiga! Hey Anandhi, come. Let’s leave.
Quick, it’s getting late. Why are you checking
out a tea shop owner? – He’s not a tea shop owner.
– Then? He’s put up the
shop to impress me. – Bro
– What? My girl is coming. Play a song that will
make her fall for me. Don’t I have any other work? What is this? Stop the song! – What?
– Let’s have a tea and go? Tea? What if your dad finds out? Dad’s not home, come. – They’re coming to our shop.
– Sad. 2 cups of tea. – Bro!
– Yes? – Two cups of tea.
– Two? I didn’t expect a crowd. – What is it?
– There’s no sugar. – No sugar?
– No tea powder either. – What is there?
– Only the boiler. How can we give the boiler? Get it from the other shop. Will he find out that I have it? It’s here. No more stealing, go get it. It didn’t hurt. Tea master! – Tea master?
– Go prepare the tea. – Me?
– You’re the master right? He’s trying to flirt with you. I can see that. Why are you looking at me? Make Horlicks, need
to get addicted. – Hey
– What? – Make it really strong!
– Strong right? I’ll make it now. No sugar. Salt will do. The colour of love is yellow. The favourite
hangout for couples is a coffee shop. Sounds about right. This is nature. This is also nature. Stop. What? You give your girl. I’ll give my girl. Your wish. Cheers. Excuse me. Here’s milk with Horlicks. Here’s tea, with love. Where’s the response? It’s on the way. Do you like it? Damn bastard! – Why?
– Senseless! – You added salt to love.
– A bit. And you wanted a song.
Go clean the vessels. – Who’s there?
– Welcome sir. It’s you? You opened a tea stall
to check her out? – Yes sir.
– Let’s leave. – She fell for you?
– Not yet sir – Please wait
– Long live! – Thank you.
– Long live! – Have a tea.
– No, I’ll feast on your wedding. Hey, how was the tea? – It was good.
– Only the tea?

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