Sivakarthikeyan Birthday Special – Compilation | SK Blockbuster Movies | 4K (English Subtitles)

Welcome one, welcome all!
Sunglasses for sale! Time flies by
So do we! These glasses will even make your wife
fall in love with you I should buy one of these Others have sale only during Christmas
But we have sale all 365 days! Easy to give offers when the glasses
are not even yours You sound just like a salesman!
But don’t turn into one Remember why we’re here
– Why? We’re hear to catch the man who’s
robbing that ATM I thought you said you’re looking
for a good job? What’s wrong with this job?
I won’t beg, lie or steal- That’s all Begging is fine if it’s once.. Can lie
occasionally too. But no stealing! How much can you make selling a glass?
– I get five rupees I’ll have had a turn-over of
a hundred rupees by evening Come with me, I’ll sell it all I’m a pro and I’m finding this hard enough.
What could an amateur do? Don’t trouble yourself. Carry on You’ve dropped my sister’s child home.
This is the least I could do Hop on..
Mathi, do you copy? You.. and I.. together in this bike… To sell these glasses? Mathi, are you there? Flirting with the girl who came to
buy glasses? Mind your job Too much disturbance here.
Shall we go elsewhere and mind our job? Uncle, these sunglasses will cool your eyes.
And good for your sight Even the old look young in these sunglasses Yes! If you wear for a while these, no one
can tell who you’re looking at If I wear them for a long time?
– You can’t see anything It’s of great quality, look! Just take one of these You’ve got a paunch on your face.
You’ll only look nice with these glasses Just buy one of these, aunty Yeah, aunty Yeah, aunty Keep quiet for a while Buy one from me?
– Okay, give me one Here you go. All sold.
There’s two left Wait, we’ll find some idiot… Found them!
– Who? You, in the green saree! Can’t you
hear the girl calling you? Keep walking…
Stop glaring at me! Give it to me We only have two pieces left.
Please buy them His mother is mentally ill What about his sister? She died We must sell these to save his mother Please take them? Let him save his mother.
Give her the money Thank you so much, mother!
Your son shall prosper She’s just a girl I know
That’s all Did you babble something? No! I just told her you were in love Why?
– Don’t worry. But thinks she might be your lover Even I’m not so sure yet Where did you find that girl? Physics book?
– It’s Facebook, mom! So that’s where you met her Don’t know how to explain.
I’m just trying now Will let you know if there’s
some development Let me know if you need some help It’s not like you have a friend to play cupid Cyber Sanki alias Sankaranarayanan befriends
people on Facebook… … And commits fraud, You Honour He’s lied to my client that he’s software engineer
and a millionaire and cheated him, Your honour One small correction, Madam He’s the one who gave me a friends request.
I only “upsetted” it Is “upsetting” a crime, Your Honour? Don’t speak out of your turn Just answer the question Did you steal
money and jewellery from his house? True, but I didn’t commit the crime alone.
He aided me He’s my partner. Am I correct? I don’t understand
– Let me explain, your honour Just a week after adding me,
he kindled the greedy man in me… …By posting pictures saying “This is my family”
and “This is my house” with the complete address A few days later, he posted that he was going
on a vacation to Goa for a week… … And said “I’m missing my home” I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.
So I went and logged into the internet He’s chilling with his whole family
in the beach! I posted a comment “Have fun!” I drank his brandy and had fun, too Three days later, he posted “Back to Chennai” I had packed everything there was He then posted “On the way home”.
I cleaned up my puke and ran away Tell me, your honour.
If I committed a crime, didn’t he aide me? What’s that bruise on your face?
Did you slip? Yes, I was asked to say that
– By who? This head constable.
Don’t know what his problem is, took it out on me Moron got me in trouble! Did you hit him?
– No madam, while recovering the jewellery… Don’t speak! Tell me
– No, while recovering… Don’t speak! Tell me You’ve beat him like cattle! And he called me a buffalo, too! Will I get fired?
– Possibly What do I do, then?
– Become a T.V anchor I’ve warned you several times.
This is the last warning Take him to a good hospital and
get him treated Samarasam, spend from your pocket! From my pocket! Sanki at the hospital.. Divya will treat him..
Yay! He got us caught in there!
Don’t pamper him He hasn’t got “us” caught.
Only you. And one more thing.. We need to treat him
at a good hospital at your expense I was wondering how to make time
for Divya in this busy schedule… But our Sanki here has paved the way! So you don’t care if other go to hell.
As long as you get your chick? What does that mean?
– You’re in love? How did you know?
– You’re smiling for the whole family Have you told her yet? No, there’s a problem.
She doesn’t know that I’m a cop Shall I tell her?
– That I love her? No, that you’re the top cop
– What’s your problem! Don’t mess it up, please! This is how I begged you in the station.
You didn’t listen You beat me black and blue.
I’m telling that girl that you’re a cop Can you say that from here? Over here? A little back Little front… Take this seriously!
Attention! When does your duty get over?
– Ask him to open his mouth Open my mouth? Why? What are you doing here?
– My uncle is having chest pains Oh no! I said “Oh no”! And on our way here,
the auto met with an accident The shock of accident fixed his chest pains
– And then? We decided to take him back home.
But there were a few bruises… So wanted to keep him here.
For observation… And to keep observing How careless! Where is he now? He is…
Here is my uncle who met with the accident He got his mouth fixed Why get his mouth fixed? He has a sharp tongue.
Gets me into trouble with it So he needed to get his mouth fixed What’s he saying? He’s not a philosopher to say something
to this world He just went under the knife.
So he says he’s in pain Go on now. I’ll manage
– Okay! Take care I couldn’t say what I had to!
Your fault You must have gone to meet your girl She must have spoken friendly,
but you didn’t have the guts to propose So you’re wondering if she’s into you.
Am I right? It’s not like you solved a new case.
I’ve been whining about this for a week Give me ideas, sir! Ideas? Does she have colleagues? Yeah, there’s an overgrown baby That overgrown baby is the key.
Your babe will go to meet this baby And talk to her about you If the baby looks at you,
it means she’s in love! Won’t you listen to your father? The bike has not been fixed yet
Go with Uncle today alone Buddy, won’t come with Uncle? l won’t, buddy We’re friends, sir We talk to each other like that only Let’s go to school! Dad and son both look like a forest elephant Uncle, let me go Wait for a bit, sweetie. What’s the rush? Good morning, miss! Good morning! Geetha miss has come l’m going l said wait! Morning! Sir! Wait here Parents aren’t allowed inside Parents aren’t allowed inside l’m not a parent! l’ve just started trying All that will happen soon Doesn’t matter, sir The rules are clear l have orders to allow only those
who are paying the fees and latecomers Uncle, l still haven’t worn my trousers We’ll do all that on the way l’m getting late for school Today is not my happy birthday But let’s celebrate anyway!
Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday do do! Please get down Sir, l’m with the client right now, sir Okay sir Thank you, sir We got delayed Heh. Thank you! What’s Geetha miss like?
Will she hit you? What happened? Why so late? His father is sick
We just admitted him in a hospital You don’t worry, dear
Your dad won’t leave us and die Sorry, Karthik Go sit inside! You should study well, okay? Don’t remember me? You’d come to collect money for charity l paid 500 rupees! Pink shirt.. You even said my name is nice You don’t remember? lt’s Harish! Sorry. l meet a lot of people for charity
So l don’t remember Oh, it’s okay Class… Carry on! What, you still haven’t started? Owner! Owner? Why hasn’t he started? ls there no end
to your sense of responsibility? lt’s a Sunday So what if it’s a Sunday? Kids shouldn’t study? So much happened But you only remember me
when some problem occurs? What are you saying! Do you know what friendship means? Free booze Correct l even bought you beer last year
without you asking for it! You buy me beer twice but
have pointed it out two thousand times! Okay. So you sure that’s what you want? Only one beer was cold Haan no problem, brother I’ll drink it How many times have
l told you not to eat the button? Hand me the opener! Look at his face! Looks like an emu Hand me the opener! Don’t know why Everything seems to be
happenong right since l met her Everything seems to be
happenong right since l met her That’s what you say
about every girl you meet That was different Take, for instance,
there was only one cold bee. And l got it! You didn’t get it
You shamelessly grabbed it! Okay, what’s her name? Geetha Miss. Geetha Miss. That’s how all the boys call her All the boys call her? Hey! She’s a teacher Got her phone number? No, man! Have you given her yours? What, man! How long will you just sit here
like Maayakannadi’ Cheran? Getting her number is difficult, dude! Why are you always so
keen on getting the number? Give her your number How can l do that? Your number, your right. Your number, your right. My gold, my right! Revolution by Kalyan Jewellers… By the time you drop him and return,
petrol rates will get hiked! Let me drop him, owner! You took him because
my bike was under repair. Now it’s fixed. So l’lI take him! Don’t bother yourself! What’s the bother? My route is this way
and the school is that way l can just drop him on the way Daddy, l’m getting late for school See, even he wants to go with Uncle His school’s principal has called
l need to go along with him Your son has failed in 4 subjects out of 5 How will he pass this year? Sir, he’s only in his second grade
He’ll get better, sir Sir, our school has a reputation We have to protect that, right? What more can l do, sir? Kids come home and
watch cartoon channels on T.V But he watches cookery shows
and makes a list of food to eat His mom has spoilt him! Look at how he’s just
standing there in front of you l’m very troubled , sir You want to put your kids
on a good school But you don’t maintain the standards
And you don’t even try! Excuse me, sir? Come. His class teacher is here -Sir, his report
– Give it to me Geetha Miss What you do is- You keep quiet, sir He pays no attention to the fact that a great man has been yelling like a
mad man since we got here! Doesn’t even say ”Sorry, sir.
l’ll study better from now on” Pig! Sorry, owner Only if you study well now you can
get a good job and pick up a good gorl What can a class teacher do? She can only teach Like it’s said in Thirukkural, we should only learn the learnt and. . . get and obtain and show how it’s done! lt’s our duty lf you’re finding it hard to study in school, you should go to the
class teacher’s home everyday and go for tuitions and… …and develop yourself slowly lf you simply come to school and go,
nothing will work out What, Geetha Miss? Am l right? Have you even got the class teacher’s
hone number to call when you have some doubt? Huh? Have you got her phone number? l’m asking him so many questions
and he doesn’t even open his mouth, sir! Here’s my card Keep it! My number is in it lf he’s not doing well, call me You can call me anytime! Madam, he’s only been dropping
my son for four days. But Iook at how much affection he has! Karthik, l’ll take you to your class Son, a bag is very important to study lt’s okay. You’ll do well Don’t worry, Owner.
Now that l’ve given the card, everything will work out Hello, Geetha Miss! l happened to pass by… So how are the kids studying? l asked you to call but you never did! You only gave me your card this morning! So far there haven’t been any problems At least you could’ve called to tell me that
there are no problems, right? Bye, Karthik! Why did you turn it Off? You were doing good. -Really? The people who danced at yesterday’s
funeral were paid with huge sum. I will recommend you.
Just give it a try. Mom? Do I dance like someone
dancing in funeral ceremony? Don’t under estimate my talents.
keep an eye on me. One day the entire Tamil Nadu
audience will be cheering me. Entire Tamil Nadu? -Ya. I bet that’s never going
to happen anyways. Useless… useless… How dare you bark at me? Don’t make me serve
you what she cooks. Mom You are under-estimating me. Either come to my
drama sometime. Even the yesterday’s play
received tremendous response. They compared me to Superstar. Shall I call him on the phone
and you can ask for yourself. I did spoke with him yesterday He started weeping. Which is why I am asking
you to quit acting. The least is, you could have got a job
if you had completed your education. Now you can do neither.
-Mother… I’ll only get a
job if I study… …but if I become a hero I’ll get
fanatics from all over the country. Don’t irritate. -Punch Dialogue Go and eat. Upma? Even a beggar get variety
of recipes these days. Why do you want me to
have this Upma every day? Should BAN this Upma
from Tamil Nadu. What? Is SK home? -What’s the matter? There is a young girl from Kerala
who’s new to our neighbourhood. If SK is free and interested.
Vallikanth asked him to join us. Tell him, I’ll beat him to pulp. He is the one spoiling my son. Don’t you know that my
son is afraid of girls. Don’t worry, We will
take care of him. Is he inside or not? Get out. I wonder how can be kids
so spoilt these days. They asking for you
to join them idiots. Where is he? Well… Right now I’m
acting on a movie. There is a vacancy for
heroine friend role… Mind sharing your number…? Sorry, Not interested. But I’m interested. How easily they are
chatting with girls. I’m Santhosh… Mohana Santhosh. My name is beautiful. Your name is beautiful. And again… Santhosh… what are you doing? I was preparing myself
to chat with her bro. 98… SK… Guess he got her number. So what? He won’t share it with me. So can you ask him and
Whatsapp me her number? Take off your hands. Being with me won’t make
you a hero’s friend. Bro…? Am I not handsome? No you are not. Siva.. Siva… Save me from this
west indies bowlers. Bro… Bro… Hold on guys. What happened? This crazy aliens attacked me. What is this bro? Don’t
you guys have sense? Just stop sounding like some school
kids singing carols in chorus… One bald guy, one beard guy
and four road rollers. May I know who is the
leader for this gang? Yes sure. -Who is he? He is the one. Just now you mentioned
him as lady. Well… Well… wait…
I’ll get back to you. Let me tell you guys a story. There were 100 Crows in a tree. A hunter fires a shot with
his gun pointing at a crow. Then how many left? 99. Sure? -Of course. Now blow your sound
horn for me once again. Oopsss…. Now tell me. How many crows left? Only one will be
left and that’s you. Uncle please leave me. How dare you come up
with this hairstyle. Beat me however you want
to, but spare my face. Why? I don’t want to lose my charm. I didn’t knew that you had a
face, so why need to worry. Boss, Mind your words. I’m attending audition tomorrow at K.S
Ravikumar’s office for hero selection. Don’t I have to look good? That’s what I’m asking don’t
the hero have to look good. Boss, Is there audition
at K.S.R Office? When and Where? Why you asking that for? Doesn’t it make us proud to know
boy next door become a hero. What are you talking about? He even can’t manage to do stunt
like monkey that does in circus. Please don’t insult
someone with his looks. Sorry, forgot your presence. Keep quite. So just tell me the address bro. Tomorrow morning 7am
7th floor at AVM. Dude,we both are going
for audition tomorrow.. OK? Mummy. Not mummy. Tomorrow
you will look dummy. Hey, K.S Ravikumar’s
auditon bro. Movie ‘NAATTAMAI’ comes to my mind
when I think of KS Ravikumar. Since I was so much in love
with the Teacher character. Get out, You Fat pig. Who is next? Come. What happened? They couldn’t see my beautiful
face hidden behind this plaster. Was it a joke? Joke? idiot. Oh my god… Conjuring Ghost. What happened to them
Are they feeling Shy? Have I seen them before? Better not to see him again. Boss, my Greetings. -Our
greeting to you too. What should I do now? Boss check your pant zip It’s ok, I want you to see it. Yuck. It looks disgusting. Then apply some powder on it. Then apply some powder on it. Go and try on some ghost movies.
That might suit you better. Why should he ask me to do that? Hey Siva. Please get the
hero chance this time. Why? I’m planning to join
you as your comedian. Does he acts well? Does he acts well? I might be bad in studies,
but I do act brilliantly. The scene happens in a hospital. You will have to inform the
parent about his son’s illness. Please Listen to me. Your Son has a terminal illness,
He just has 2 or 3 Months to live. So Please keep him happy. Happy? Happy. -Happy. Are you ready? -Ready sir. Action… Please listen sir. Your son is a terminator,
He is 2-3 days leave, And keep him ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. Sir, may I ask who
wrote the dialogues? Why? Though it’s in English,
It’s hilarious. It’s not a funny scene.
It’s an emotional scene. The boy is terminally ill. The doctor asks them to
take care of their son. You have feel sad, Don’t
make the audience feel bad. I just have to say
that the son is ill. Sir, rather than voicing the
dialogue out, won’t it be better.. …if I just enact the
emotions than talk this out? How? Arun. -Sir. Come here. Kudos to my acting skills. Superb selection. Idiot,
ask him to get out. Sir… Sir…Sir… Sir, you were right. Dialogues are more
important here. Get me a cup of tea. ‘Neruppuda’… Wait bro.. Sir, I don’t need tea.
Just give me Hero role. Let me accept that I don’t know English.
But I act well. Give me a chance with
another dialogue. Will you act if I give
you another scene? Have you been in love? Let me narrate a
romantic scene for you. Here it goes… On a
summer day evening. Crowded road. You are standing at the bus
stop with your phone fidgeting. Suddenly, it starts to breeze
like something struck you… You take a look at the
other side of the road. There stands a gorgeous girl.
That’s our Heroine. While walking away from you. Suddenly
she turns back and looks at you. From nowhere a cupid
arrow hits you. Like someone whispering
at your ears… …don’t loose her.
She is yours. Trying to get those
words into your heart. You are supposed to give
the girl a romantic look. That’s the situation. Mind blowing situation, sir. The moment I saw her… …an arrow which Kattappa
triggered in Bahubhali hits me. Historical arrow in
this modern film. Very Good. With the cupid arrow in my heart. 
see how romantic I’m going to perform. Now you be my heroine. Is the arrow tearing
you with pain? Yes, sir. Me too. Arun? -Sir. Should I sent him sir? You think he will leave? Better I’ll leave. I will get dates from Kamal
Hassan and Rajinikanth. Well, you are good at comedy. But that’s not enough. The character in this script
need to perform in lady getup. Nurse character. ” Avaishanmughi ” part 2. You too? Don’t you want me
to be in trend. But please do give me a role in this movie,
I’ll suit the character if I do a shaving. So do one thing. Be
ready with shaved look. I’ll give you a call when
we plan for a sequel later. Sir… Please. -Can’t
you wait for 6 months? Arun, I’m leaving to home
first ask this chap to leave. Seriously is the next movie
about Lady getup? -Yes. Nurse getup??? A great opportunity for us dude. I
somehow need to bag this chance. Dude, seriously I don’t understand
how you are sounding this confident. He is not our drama
troupe Mouli sir. Where you can cheat
and get away with. Also there is one more problem? What problem?
– You need to act for real. You don’t even know how
to act romance scenes. Yes, I agree that I don’t
act Romantic scenes well. Ask me why? How can I do romance with
a grumpy face heroine? Romance is a felling. I would have acted marvellously
if it had been that kind of girl. That kind of girl? What? I meant asking
what kind of girl. A girl that would make me feel
music instead of heartbeat. Who will bow arrow in my
heart, The moment I see her. My Kind of Girl. He’s gone nuts. When am I going to see her? Suddenly, it starts to breeze
like something struck you… Love symptoms around you. “Whistle” Like someone whispering
in your ears… Don’t loose her.
She is your life. Is he trying to tear
off his shirt pocket? Hey what? Take this one out for me.
-Which one? This arrow! -Where’s the arrow? Are you not able to see it?
-Nope. I’ve finally managed to see her. Who? Let me try to impress her
today without talking a word. It’s working I believe. It’s working I believe. Hey, don’t come. Why? He have brought the mechanic. Whom? Whom? Hmmm, my friend. Looks like the silencer worked well. OK sister. How much? Brother had paid me already. The sister is expecting
you to speak to her. If someone speaks always and don’t at times will disturb
the girls feelings more according to Peter’s Technology. It is a crowded at
this petrol station as well. Don’t know how
long it’s going to take. Please follow the queue.(pam attendant) Wait! I’m keep on saying follow the
queue and you seem not to understand. No, my friend is over there. Please meet him outside
and please be fair to others. Come one, I have fueled in my tank
extra to share some to you. Come one, I have fueled in my tank
extra to share some to you. You noticed me is it? You noticed me is it? Are you a Boxer? Yes. I must start my love journey
after filling up this petrol. I love sports very much. So do me,
I’m mad about it. Hmmm,
I have never even watched any on TV. How much? Don’t worry. As it is you have paid for my tire that day,
tell me how much please. I don’t want any money,
buy me a coffee and that will do. Coffee and patrol seems to be the same price nowadays Is it true that all
of them here are lovers. Yes. What will they think about us. Sure they will
think the same too. Is it.
God is on my side now. Is it.
God is on my side now. Hey,
you do not have a boyfriend rite. Don’t lie, sure you will have one
plus you are looking pretty. Look at her. She also has one opposite
her and one in her phone. She also has one opposite
her and one in her phone. Nope,
seriously I am single. Fine I will make it doubles
but please confirm with her that So you don’t love anyone. Boys use to follow me and
say that they love me but, When they come across my dad
they will run away never returned. Is your dad that ugly? It’s not that! It’s not that! You will have to win the competition
which is organized by him. You will have to win the competition
which is organized by him. Competition?
What competition? It is a rhyme competition. You mean rhyme competition. How many rhymes? Minimum 10. Not 10 but I can more than that about 5.
Opps 55 I mean. You just name me the place,time,day and
date and I will be there. He thinks that he is great
if he reads English book. Yalini’s Villa. After marriage must immediately
change it to my name. Hello uncle. Why all of them are reading? She mentioned that it is rhyme competition. Must we read for that? Even animals
have IPAD nowadays. How do I meet Yalini now
without these peoples knowing? Hey! Hi YA!(Yalini) What are you doing here? To participate the competition you said. Hey, are you trying to get recommendation. If you are the girls uncle doesn’t
mean that I must be scared of you. Uncle? I came for the competition too. You look like a caperator but you claim yourself as a
competitor. Please don’t make me laugh. Hey are you trying to be funny. You mean token? Hey token come and sit here. Make sure you note this guy,
go I say. OK competitor please don’t bark,
I will go. When we are looking only
she goes in the house. For that you must
at least look good a bit. What’s your name? Vaval(owl) Do you know the rules
and regulation of an owl. I’m Tamil language graduate.(Muniver) OH, Muniver but I don’t like. I will marry off my daughter to someone
whom can tell 10 different rhymes of (Thiruquaral). Come, start. The best Hotel is Mau hotel…
Full stop. Am I selected sir? I asked our Tamil lecturer why
there is the word hotel in the Tamil poet. I asked right. Yes. He sent me in after confirming that it’s correct. I missed the opportunity. Good day to you. I’m so handsome. Enough, tell me the rhymes. Are you working as a bus assistant. No! I’m a Tamil language teacher. Tamil teacher! Hey, you pass right.
Congratulations. A very good day to you sir. Your name? Peter. Is this your first try
or your second try? That one I am not sure but I can
perfectly say the rhymes that you want. He is going to be
impressed on my performance. You are just going to speak out
and why are you showing your back to me. There will be some action
involved while I tell out those rhymes. The first voice. The total boys outside there including me are 15 of them. 10 of them look like Pakistan terrorist. 4 of them look like suspects of police. I am the only one look good out of all the competitors. The next I will mimic on
this voice with respectful words. I am your loving Tamil film director Barathy Raja. Talking about your daughter Yalini,
she is such a beautiful girl. No one in this world will
believe that you’re her dad. But I believe the mother must be beautiful,
where is she. OK we don’t need her and I believe
that Peter is the best partner for your daughter. OK big nose. Sorry it came in the flow. Sir, you will love this voice. There is a black ship within our group. Hey is your head spinning,
you must be pregnant than. Soldiers, rotate your heads. Sethu! Which to shoot first your head which is
thinking or your face which is staring. I can speak in varieties
of voices like this. Idiot, I’m asking for (thirukural) but you
are speaking in many different voices. Thirukural means? Who wrote (Thirukural)? Vairamuthu. The man with beard. Vaalee. We are gone. Is it wrong? Let’s make things easy for you. Hey who wrote Kambarramayanam? Kambar. Look, it’s in the titles name as well. Than the person’s name who
wrote Thirukural must be Kuralarasan. Yah, yah very smart. Hey, if don’t know means say don’t know. If you all talk a lot
means you see what I will do. OK don’t go to her come here
I will teach you as you understand. The person whom wrote Thirukural is Thiruvaluvar. Thiruvaluvar! They have split into 3 Chapters. Than how about Amala Pal. I will kill you. What is this Kamapal. Since the ladies are
asking come one answer. Why can’t she ask something else? How do I explain this? Male+female=Baby. This one I understand. Practicing(Thirukural).“. Excuse me. This will not work,
let me give you guys an idea. This is Yalini’s house blueprint. Then why is it green in color. Let her speak sir. Gokul,vaisu,joe and me
will take our positions here. How about Sandy? I will stand on the streets. That’s what I expected. Please concentrate.. OK, where are we going to plant the bomb. In your mouth. You mean to say in front of the house? All of a sudden he started to think properly already. We will symbolic the rhymes and you will
have to tell out to Yalini’s dad using this help. What do you mean? Show him an example. What is this? Gun. Which rhyme must you tell when she
shows you this gun during the competition. Which rhyme? So this time whose voice
are you going to speak like? My voice. Are you aware that this is about Thirukural. Tell me. It is right why are you nervous. They are gone. Who? Do not stress yourself
and just tell it out calmly. Going to Dubai? Gone, I am going to lose my lover. Can I get some water. Wow! What do you mean by Rahini printers. I have read out that together. I thought that I was going to fail due to nervous. How did you win? You love towards Rahini(printers). That’s why you read out Rahini printers is it. How you know? I am the one whom hanged it there. Our hero has three
important chores. To handover breakfast
for his Grandpa ..then lunch ..and dinner. Is it fine Grandpa? Yes! This is ‘Rotation’ Mani. Every 6 months he
organizes something. New festival, Grand festival, ..Family festival and
Colony festival. Today it’s for his son. I have to get home
soon, bring the kid. This is the kid? I would have
brought a knife had I known. Be careful. Why are you screaming
like it’s the first time? This is the fourth time,
I myself am bored. Hey, stop it! If you don’t maintain the lines,
I’ll take the money and leave. Majestic moustache, but you’re
offering only 2 rupees. Huge pays will be taken first. Beautiful
girls drop your number along. – There’s a seven rupee note behind you.
– Where? – I got it.
– Okay. – Have you counted these?
– Yes. Give it. – Why?
– He’ll find out if you take so much. Yeah right. – How much is there?
– 10, 30, 000 rupees. – How much according to the book?
– 10, 70, 000. 40, 000 missing? No one
is leaving, sit down. Dad, we have 10 lakhs. Why are
you worried about 40, 000? Did you think we
got it for free? – We have to do it again next week.
– Yeah right. I suspect you. – Get up.
– I’m your son. That’s why I suspect you. – Dad!
– I said get up! He calls himself son
and he steals from me. Should I steal from
Swiss banks then? There’s only 20, 000 in this.
Where’s the rest? – He got caught.
– Why are you looking at me? Are you saying I stole it? – You st..
– I stopped you from stealing. – What is this?
– What is this dad? Dad he’s my friend. You’re insulting him. You brand me a thief for
all the work I did today? I’m leaving right now! If you get up,
you’ll get caught. – Uncle listen to me..
– He’s a teacher’s son, he wouldn’t have. Stupid dad! 18, 19, 20. My share for this year’s
function is ready. Where’s your share? I have my brother for my share. To everyone present at this 5th
Anniversary of the Apartment Council, I issue a warm welcome. Moreover all the games
that take place here and those who are sponsoring it I will read out their names. Mr. Ramamurthy, 1000 rupees. Mr. Malligarajan, 1001 rupees. – Thank you!
– Is this an amount? Now comes the donation that
will lead by an example. Mr. Rajini Murugan, 30,000 rupees and Thothathree, 20,000 Now that is a honorable act. Sit down first. Where did he get 30,000? – Did you not lock the house?
– I did lock it. You get home, I’ll
take care of you. One by one all the
programs will take place. Why are you going up? – To remove the pot.
– Why? If you cannot break the pot, you must
marry a donkey. Hence, no one is willing. What? Is there no one here… that can break the pot? – Bro, save the world!
– Relax. Are the girls looking at us? Yes. Then I’ll go. Go ahead. Mister, I’ll break… – this pot.
– Give him the stick. The pot that nobody could break is targeted by Mr. Rajini Murugan. Whether or not he’ll break it, his marriage to the donkey ..has everyone’s attention. Everyone step aside. Don’t show off too much, the bluetooth earphone
might fall down. Okay, okay. Ready, ready. Move right, one step right. Steady, keep straight. You’re facing the
pot straight ahead. Take 7 quick steps like
you’d walk on fire and stop. He’s gonna break someone’s
head instead of the pot. Bro, he’s confusing you. We’ll break the pot later.
Turn left ..take four steps
and on the 5th step – hit his head.
– Wait. – Mango?
– He’s thinking He has turned around. – Is your sister here?
– My dad is. – You can go.
– Bro? Say something bro. – Hello.
– Please recharge your account. – Bro?
– I can’t hear anything. Damn, my balance is over. – It’s gone.
– I wonder how he’ll manage. I shouldn’t have participated. Damn, what do we do now? Stop laughing. I don’t know where I’m standing. Please help. – Here have some soda.
– Really? – Give it.
– Have it. Bro is back. This is more than enough. Get lost! – What?
– Donkey.. Only 30 seconds left for
the donkey’s marriage. – I’d rather marry your daughter.
– Almost there. Hit it. He’s right below the pot. He’s going to hit it, he’s
going to win the prize. He’s trying to confuse me! – Time to set up the marriage!
– Time to win the prize! – Damn!
– Well… – that’s my style now!
– He has done it! He broke the pot!

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