Six Dinner Sid Children’s story Read Aloud

Come on, come and sit down. Listen very quietly to a story. I love listening to stories, don’t you? I’m Mimi and I tell stories. He also lived at number two, number three, number four, number five
and number six. Sid lived in six houses so that he could
have six dinners. Each night he would slip out of number one, where he might have had chicken, into number two for fish… on to number three four lamb, mince at number four, fish again at number five… rounding off at number six with beef and
kidney stew. Since no one talked to their neighbours in Aristotle Street, no one knew what Sid was up to. They each believed the cat they fed was theirs, and theirs alone. But Sid had to work hard for his dinners. It wasn’t easy being six people’s pet. He had six different names to remember and six different ways to behave. When he was being Scaramouche, Sid put on swanky airs. As Bob he had a job. He was naughty as Satan… and silly as Sally. And sooty he smooched… but as Schwartz he had to act rough and tough. All this work sometimes wore Sid out. But he didn’t care as long as he had his six dinners. And, besides, he liked being
scratched in six different places … In fact, life in Aristotle Street was
just about perfect for Sid, until… one cold damp day, he caught a nasty cough. The next thing he knew, he was being taken to see the vet. Poor Sid, he was taken not once.. not twice… but six times! He went with six different people in six
different ways. The vet said Sid’s cough wasn’t nearly as nasty as it sounded, but,to be on the safe side, he should have a spoonful of medicine. Of course Sid didn’t have just one spoonful of medicine. He had six! Now, one black cat does look much like another, but nobody, not even a busy vet, could see the cat six times without becoming suspicious. Sure enough, when he checked in his
appointment book, the vet found six cats with a cough all living in Aristotle Street! So he rang the owners at once… and, oh dear Sid was found out! When they discovered what he had been up to, Sid’s owners were furious. They said he had no business eating so many dinners. They said, in future, they would make sure he had only one dinner a day. But Sid was a six-dinner-a-day cat. So he went to live at number one, Pythagoras place. He also went to live at numbers two ,three ,four, five and six. Unlike Aristotle Street, the people who lived in Pythagoras place talked to their neighbors. So, right from the start, everyone knew
about Sid’s six dinners. And, because everyone knew, nobody minded. And that’s Mimi and meee…

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