Six Holes Stroke Play! Who’s Buying Dinner?!

This is Matt and Gintas. Dominion Club stroke play Loser has to buy dinner This is the first tee; 316 yard par 4 Let’s see what Gintas can put down the fairway I’ll try my best Oooouuu That was not bad. Right side of the fairway. Into the ruff. Short of the first bunker. Not-not bad Matthew… About to bomb one in the fairway LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE Straight in the middle of the fairway Baaaaaam I’ll take that! Got Gintas from the right ruff Going to the green. 7 iron That’s a little bit out right a little right Matthew, trying to pound this onto the green looks good! Lookin’ good! Birdie chance! yup! Gintas. Chip shot Knockin’ it close okayyy… still gotta little work left. Rolling closer, rolling closer alright, you’re fine, you’re fine Okay, Matthew Got a little bit longer of a putt than I expected with a birdie putt Hits it… lookin’ good Oh that was so awful. So bad A little bit too hard. I’ll take it, I’ll take it Gintas trying to make par. Doesn’t really wanna buy me lunch. Get in the hole. Turn. Turn. Turn Ahhhhh Alright Matthew, trying to make this tricky par put I bombed that. Niiiice Good par good par. Gintas, for bogey Alright. Alright. Alright. You’re down one to me Alright. We’re on the next hole. 502 yard par 5 Dogleg right Trying to land it right up in the corner Matthew trying to pound one up there Straight… In the fairway, rolled over the bunker. That’s good. Let’s gooo! Alright, Gintas, you can hit this one straight Don’t slice it, don’t hook it I’ll do my best Alright, had it some curve But curved into the fairway about where mine is Okay. Gintas 270 yards to the green on the par 5. 2nd shot playing it safe… gonna smash a hybrid Straight A little bit left. It’s in the fairway Right over that bunker right there Hitting a nice long iron Gonna layup on the green 260 yards away A little left

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