Sixer Tamil Movie Scenes | Radha Ravi agrees for Vaibhav and Pallak’s marriage | Sathish

Boss, are you here for contract? No, it’s a love issue. I’m in love with sir’s daughter. That’s why, I came to talk. Good message, boss. Thank you Thangarasu, is he there? Yeah, he is in good mindset. Whatever you ask will be done, today. Finish your work. Good timing, Boss. Already, he is happy. He’ll be jubilant if given the bribe.
He’ll immediately agree your proposal. Congrats! Boss, what’s your zodiac sign? Virgo. I’m Aquarius. Good things will happen
to you because of me. Go and talk to him. Whom are you trying to bribe? Get out. Get lost. If not he, others are there. He is doing too much. ‘Good things will happen
to you because of me’. What are you tweaking in the office? Oh, god! Sir asked you to wait in the terrace. Wonder, what’s going to happen today? It’s 4.30 now.
I’ll talk to uncle and leave early. So that I can go home
by 6 o’clock. Uncle. He doesn’t seem to be related to Krithika Sir Who is he, looking like
actor M.R.Radha’s son? Hello, uncle! Must deny though how much
money he gives. He has a bar inside! He is boozing without sharing. Shall I open? Will you have it? Myself and my friends won’t booze. Will he drink a lot? On that day, in temple… Sir! Not known where the file is. I kept it there. – Search it.
– Okay. sir. – He has BP too!
– I’ll look for it, sir. I’ll wait. Sir, it’s on the table. – I’ll hang up the call.
– Okay, sir. Actually, on that day in temple… It’s getting late! Uncle, shall I come tomorrow…? Did he find out? He is looking at the time. It was inauspicious from 4.30 to 6 o’clock. My inauspicious time
starts only now. I first saw your daughter
in the TV station. I liked her very much. But, when I proposed my love,
she denied. She told that
she didn’t like me, uncle. I don’t know what to do? Suddenly, my parents took me
to a temple to see a bride. But, to my surprise,
your daughter was the bride. Listen to me, uncle. Listen, uncle. Then… I swear, I’ll take double quantity
than you. Definitely, I’ll learn it. Someday, I’ll learn all these.. Who is he talking to? And accompany you, uncle. I’ll be a good son-in-law. I swear. I know you’ll like me. Speak to me, once. I’m waiting for you to speak, uncle. Not speaking?
What, uncle? Uncle, it’s raining. Come, let’s run away. Come, we’ll go. Hey! – Tell me, can’t you see?
– No, uncle. Someone has lied you. I can see well. I can see. How much is this? Two. Hey! Uncle How much is this? Uncle, I can’t see only in the night. But, can see well in the day. Do you have ‘Night blindness’? No, it’s ‘Night blindness’ ‘Night blindness’? Talking in English? Blind fellow. Do you want my daughter? You won’t get her married in this life. Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Hey, attend the call. Do you know how many missed calls? Will the problem be solved,
if you don’t attend? Ask what’s the matter? You… How can I attend? Hello! Can’t you attend
when the phone rings? You must attend like this. What research is going on? I am talking to you only What’s he upto? – Speak now.
– Hello! Speak now. Hello! Hello! What are you doing? How many times to call you? Come home, immediately. I’m furious on you. Not that, anyhow you’re going
to humiliate me. That’s why… I didn’t ask whether
you’re coming or not? You’re coming. Dot. What? – She is asking to come.
– Come, let’s go and see. Come Only god must save you, today. What to do, then?
Come. They’re moving the wardrobe, it seems. Oh, it’s the sound from uncle. Who is he? My friend, uncle. Hello, uncle! It’s okay. – No need, okay.
– He is enraged. Yesterday, you came to the office,
didn’t you? Uncle, to say the fact… Did you come or not? I came, uncle. In the evening,
we went to the terrace. That’s what, to say you
in the terrace… Did we go or not? We went. We were talking for a long time. That’s what,
I tried to tell you… Did we talk or not? Yes, we were talking. Why did you leave from there
without informing me? Did I leave wthout informing? What’s this? My dad will forget everything
he spoke, when drunk. What were we talking, yesterday? I said we’ll go to Kerala. But, you preferred Bangkok. For what? For honeymoon. Then, you told to take
the friend too. Why to take your friend
for honeymoon? That’s what, he too asked. You told him to get the cash
if not going. What, dear? Is it okay for you? Okay, dad. Then, you both like each other. Bring your parents. We’ll find an auspicious day
and fix the marriage. Okay, uncle. We’re leaving, uncle.
Come on. Okay. – Dude!
– Yes, uncle. Is my daughter’s face
resembling me, now? Both of you look the same. Actually, if she has moustache and
bit awful, she’ll be exactly like you. Oldey, bursting in laughter.

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