Sixteen Candles (1/10) Movie CLIP – They Forgot My Birthday (1984) HD

you’re 16 today. Physically, You’re still 15. [ sighs ] Hopeless. Nope. I look exactly the same
as I have since summer. Utterly forgettable. No, I didn’t expect
to wake up transformed. I just thought that turning 16
would be so major… That I’d wake up
with an improved mental state
that would show on my face. All it shows is that I don’t
have any sort of a tan left. [ sighs ]
I better get downstairs. My family’s probably pissed off
I haven’t let them wish me
happy birthday yet. All right.
I’ll see you at school. You need four inches of bod
and a great birthday. Where’s my briefcase ?
[ mike ]
where’d you leave it ?Don’t be a smart-ass.
Okay, I’ll be
a dumb-ass. [ sara ]
you already are. Okay, where’s sam ?
my briefcase ? Sam ?
Allow me, brenda.
Hey, birth defect ! [ brenda ]
you missed breakfast again. [ dad ]
it wasn’t my idea to give her
her own phone line. [ sara, mike arguing ]
[ brenda ]
grab a doughnut. It’s small.
It’s brown.
It’s made of leather. It has my initials on it.
And I believe… That’s it. [ car horn honking ]
don’t forget the grandparents
are coming this afternoon. Are we still having dinner
with the rice chex ?
Rizczechs. 8:00 at the club. You’d better learn their names.
As of tomorrow, they’re family. That’s a lovely
Hmm. When it comes
your turn to get married,
do me a favor. Elope. Who’d marry her ?
Mr. T. I’m sorry, you’ll have to
buy lunch today. I didn’t
have time to fix your carrots. She’s only eating carrots
to increase the size
of her breasts.Mister, you had better
shape up, or you will miss
your sister’s wedding.Promise ? Now, don’t give me
that pouty look of yours. You can eat your carrots
when you get home. That’s it ?
You don’t have anything else
to say to me today ? What would you like me
to say, sam ? Come on now, honey.
You’re gonna miss the bus. Have a good day. I can’t believe this. They fucking
forgot my birthday.

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