Sixteen Candles (5/10) Movie CLIP – Very Clever Dinner (1984) HD

[ gong clangs ] Very clever dinner. Appetizing food fit neatly
into interesting round pie. – It’s a quiche.
– Hmm. How do you spell ? Well, you don’t spell it, son.
You eat it.
[ guffawing ] Dong has only been in
our country a short time, fred. – I think we could all
help him assimilate.
– [ chortling ] oh. [ dorothy ]
long duk dong is
about your age, sam. You two should have
a lot to chat about. I love, uh, visiting
with grandma and grandpa… And writing letters
to parents… And pushing
lawn-mowing machine… So grandpa’s hyena
don’t get disturbed. – Hernia !
[ fred chortling ]Oh, yes, yes, yes, indeedy.He does the dishes
and helps with the laundry.
You betcha.[ all chuckling ]
may I be excused ?Where are you going ? I have a dance to go to…
At school. It’s a very important dance. Uh, we’re being graded on it…
For gym. Wait a minute.
I have a wonderful idea. Would you like to go
to the dance with sam ? [ gong clangs ]

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  1. I've seen this movie so many times!! Really over 20 times.. In this scene I've never noticed until today the Donger eating with his food with the silverware at the opposite ends like chopsticks.. that's hilarious!! Can't believe I missed that!!

  2. Long Duk Dong steals almost every scene in this movie… the dinner scene, driving Grampa's car at night while wearing sunglasses and smoking cigarettes, parking Grampa's car on another car at the party, welcoming Farmer Ted and his friends to said party, jumping out of the tree, passing out on the lawn, greeting Jake at the front door. All classic moments.

    No more yanky my wanky! The Donger need food!

  3. yeah he does! i really hate when people think this movie is racist, Long Duk Dong does steal almost every scene 😀

  4. I missed that as well. When I began reading your comment, I stopped before the 'silverware' part to see if I would notice anything different, then I saw it after watching again.
    I never thought i had missed anything all these years either. 🙂 Interesting.

  5. I like to think that Long Duck Dong is actually a stoner named Steve from Pennsylvania who needed a place to crash rent free so he pretends to be a Chinese exchange student despite being a second generation Japanese American who's gets his knowledge about the Chinese culture from movies.

  6. I've seen this movie easily 50+ times in my life, I just now noticed for the first time ever he is using upside down utensils as chopsticks. That's amazing

  7. I really miss light-hearted movies like this, they are gone forever. Everything today is death and War and zombies and darkness, aliens and special effects, these were the classic and awesome movies!

  8. That look of shock and indignation Ringwald displays at the very end, when her grandmother suggests that Long Duk Dong (gonnnnnnng)… go to the dance with her, is priceless. She was such a wonderfully gifted actress.

  9. This movie is weird. I can’t always get behind this movie. Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching the same movie as everyone else’s

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