Skepta celebrates daughter’s first birthday with adorable photo of River – Latest News

 Skepta has shared a very cute photo of him and his baby daughter in celebration of her first birthday  The rapper has largely kept his private life, well, private and only announced the birth of his daughter River earlier this year in an Instagram photo which has since been removed  The 37-year-old shared a rare photo of himself holding his daughter to social media today, with the caption: ‘Happy 1st birthday my angel’  The announcement of the birth of his child earlier this year caught many off guard and prompted many to speculate that his rumoured ex Naomi Campbell was expecting his first child  Skepta – real name Joseph Adenuga – is the brother of rapper Jme and radio presenter Julie Adenuga  Speaking to his sister on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Skepta recalled that upon learning his partner was pregnant for the third time after two miscarriages, he ‘kept it to himself and spoke about the moment he finally revealed he was going to have a baby to his brother Jamie [Jme]  ‘It was mad because we were in the studio and obviously he [Jme] knew that… I spoke about [miscarriages] in my music and stuff, and I think – not even in my music – in interviews before, about miscarriages and how I was feeling at a certain point that maybe this is not meant for me, am I not supposed to have a kid, after the second one,’ he said  ‘So on the third one I didn’t tell no one for a time until it got to a time when I could tell  ‘So we were in the studio and Jamie was leaving, so I’m like, “Oi Jamie, come let me chat to you ” I’m like, “yute, man, I’m having a yute, bruv. Actually having a baby, bruv, this time ”’  ‘Our kids are five months apart, they’re basically twins. So they’re going to have a good time with each other and maybe, you know, the other two miscarriages, it just wasn’t meant to happen then  ‘Because it definitely made everything feel worth it.’

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