Skills Training UK: Midlands Celebration of Success – Summer 2019

(upbeat music) (clapping and cheering) – It’s about celebrating your success, sharing in that success with
your family and your friends, recognizing that through music, the certificates you’re getting. Having a real, good, fun day. – He told me once that the only
time he looks down on people is when he’s helping them up. So Amaan, congratulations. (clapping and cheering) – Today I’m very proud of myself, what I’ve achieved, and obviously,
I think I’d advise people to come to Skills Training ’cause they’re really helpful. They helped me a lot. (upbeat music) (group applauding) (muffled rap music) (applauding and cheering) – Really appreciate
what Skills Training UK has done in Dudley, like thank you. Like I didn’t think
I’d actually get a job, start at Newbury Foundries, and yeah like, didn’t think it would happen. – For today’s event I think
it’s just been phenomenal for the students because
it gives us the opportunity to give a little something
back to the students. I mean a lot of students have
failed, but we always say that failure’s your first
attempt at learning. Which for a lot of these students it is. It’s just they have to pick
themselves back up and go on. And I do believe here at
skills we can do that. ♪ I loved, I was here ♪ ♪ I did ♪ – She’s extremely,
extremely inspirational. (upbeat music) – I wanted to actually move forward, and, from Skills Training UK, they
actually did help with that. They helped me become
more confident in myself, and put more work and
time into what I actually wanted to do. I’m actually extremely proud of myself, and I couldn’t have done it
without Skills Training UK. – What marks you out as a
human being is how you deal with the knock backs. And I’m proud of this point’s
for him, so well done Jamie. – Some of the learners we work with are from really venerable,
deprived backgrounds, they’ve got multiple challenges,
and having a day like today to really celebrate
them is what it’s about, celebrating their successes
since they’ve joined us, some of them have overcome real obstacles. – It’s absolutely fantastic opportunity at Celebration Success to thank
the referral organizations and the employers that we work with. Without those individuals,
we wouldn’t have the learners here, that we love to work with and see succeed. (inspirational music)

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