Oh My Gosh It Looks Like A Pill Oh My Gosh What The? (Mark) You Wanna Know How I Did It (Kid) How? So I’m Going To Make A Video About This Right? Then In A Couple Of Weeks I’m Going Put It On YouTube Then Watch The Video And See How I Did It oh my goshhh *laughs* OH MY GOSHHHHH *Xbox achievement sound effect* So A While Back I Made A Video On How You Can Use A Coat Hanger And A Drill To Make A Watermelon Smoothie And A Bunch Of You Said You Did It And Told Me Everyone And Your Party Thought It Was Awesome All But Yet Slightly Creepy So This Is Another Watermelon Party Trick And The Key Is To Start With 2 Watermelons That Are Similar In Shape And Size And Then You Just Want To Make A Bunch Of Shallow Straight Cuts Until There Is No Green Left And Then For Round 2 You Want Harness Your Inner Fruit Ninja And Just Make A Bunch Of Little Slices Until There Is Only Red Left And This Looks Okay But The Problem Is You Can Still See A Lot Of Edges From The Flat Cuts But Some Brand New Dish Scrubbing Pads Make For Great Watermelon Sandpaper And Then It Gets Super Smooth So The Second Watermelon Is Pretty Straight Forward You Just Cut It In 2 Halves Cut It Using Your Favorite Method This Is Watermelon You Can Actually Eat Later At The Party At Well and then carve out both halves so the coolest part is now you can put it back together and take it to the party like this just don’t forget to chilling for it and this totally works for any size watermelon and you can get creative – this is sort of like an impossible ship in a bottle type of concept depending on the size your watermelon average prep time is about ten minutes which is less time than making most other summer party dishes like gross and lame potato salad which let’s face it nobody really likes plus it’s way cooler because once people are done in firing your artwork you can slice it up and it’s super easy to eat because there’s no Ryan to clean up much watermelon or you can just go barbarian get a big bite before I show myself getting undeservedly ganged up on I want to take audible for sponsoring this video I’m a fan of learning to be more creative and I just finished listening to creativity Inc by Ed Catmull who is the founder of Pixar and widely known as being a brilliant leader in it he mainly talks about all the failures they went through creating each of their hip films he focuses on how to create teams that truly foster personal creativity and innovation so if you work on a team that needs more innovation and you want to listen to this book or any book for free all you have to do is use the link of the description or go to slash mark rober those who know me can vouch that I listen to audio books all the time just because it’s super convenient especially if you have any kind of commute over five minutes my sweet watermelon shades Oh yeah

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  1. its time to update the last few seconds where it says "over 50 Million views". You have 101,646,261 now. And it was awesome!

  2. >be me
    >be member of watermelon overlord race
    >be archeologist studying the ways of an ancient society know as Hu mans that existed 20,000 years ago.
    >be disgusted by the savagery

  3. IN MY HEAD: I used a crazy trick than need professionals to create this watermelon
    IN REALITY: How… Okay… Two watermelons…

  4. Wanna see a little girl karate chop a watermelon? Click and subscribe for more fun! 🍉🍉🍉

  5. I hope no one actually eats it…..oooo, nevermind you feed it to the kids. Hope they like scotchbright particles. Gross.

  6. From someone that worked for NASA
    To a person that cuts watermelons 🍉

    🤣🤣🤣👌🏽❤️ I love this channel so much

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