Skokie Public Library Bookmatch 10th Anniversary

[Intro music] Once upon a time, there was a reader lost
in a sea of books. What should I ever read next? So many
books, not enough time! Like many before her, she didn’t have time to read through hundreds of reviews coming out all the time to find her next great read. Have no fear, gentle reader.
Skokie Public Library is here to help you. But I don’t want just any book, even if it has great reviews. I want a book just for me. Well let me introduce you to Bookmatch. Fill out this simple questionnaire on what
you would like to read and why. Is this some kind of computer-generated list? Never. Actual real people work hard on your Bookmatch. Let’s meet some of them now. This is Lynnanne, and her favorite book
to recommend is… The Traitor’s Blade by Sebastien de Castell. I love Bookmatch because I love spreading my love of reading and books to the community of Skokie. Bookmatch gives everyone in the
library and the community the ability to have conversations around books. Discussing our favorites and then sharing the ones that didn’t work for us. Every Bookmatch is personalized and no two are ever the same. This is Lukie, and her favorite book to recommend is… Deep Creek by Pam Houston, or any
memoir by Pam Houston. I love working on Bookmatch when someone’s taste seems similar to mine, and I can recommend a lot of the books that I like. But I also really enjoy working on Bookmatch when the person likes things that are
different than what I would normally read. It’s like putting a puzzle together. There are a lot of different things to consider. But it’s really gratifying when
you can fit in the pieces of the puzzle and
find a solution for someone. We’re kind of like book detectives! This is Steven, and his favorite
book to recommend is… John Connelly, The Book of Lost Things. What I like about Bookmatch is that it’s a conversation between readers. When I look at someone’s Bookmatch form, I get to see the books that someone else has read and enjoys. This makes me more aware of the vast universe of books out there that I don’t have first-hand experience of. I definitely think I’ve gotten as
much out of Bookmatch as I’ve put into it. And that’s a great thing. This is Allyson, and her favorite book to recommend is… Anything with “royal” in the title. I love mulling over books and trying to think of titles patrons will love. One title will remind me of another title, which reminds me of another title until I get to that, “Aha! This title!” moment. And then I start thinking about books
some more. That’s right, our Bookmatch experts love to ponder what books YOU love. And then email you a thoughtful and personalized list of 8 to 12 books selected just for you. And it’s accessible as long as you have the link. Wow that sounds easy! It is! Just go to
and fill out the form online. Or, you can ask us for a paper copy if you prefer. Sign up today and find the perfect book just for you.

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