Slaughter Party – Full Movie

[music playing] [yawn] This is it? This is the, uh–
spooky old hideout? Yup. Doesn’t look so scary to me. The scariest places
never look scary. Most of the time they
look perfectly mundane. That’s where they
get their power from. After all, if a place looked
creepy as a motherfucker, who’d go there? Example? OK. High school. Yeah. High school was a
pretty scary place. No one ever tells you that
the “high” in high school means how high your
shit-stained underwear are gonna be hanging from the flagpole. Funny, I, uh– I don’t
remember your underwear ever flying from a flagpole. Ha, yeah. I guess you were the
expert in that department. I dunno. Maybe it means, uh–
how high we all got. We certainly did that. What the fuck
are we doing here? There it is. This place isn’t haunted. This place is a shit hole. You ever see a mad man
in a nice, swanky place? No. They’re all attracted
to shitty rundown holes. Like Puerto Ricans. That’s no good. Neither is your girlfriend,
but I’d still fuck her. Will you two stop the bullshit? All right. Tell me what we’re
looking for again. Well, there are two
stories about this place. One is that it’s haunted. Haunted by who? How the fuck do I know? Ghosts. Not special ghosts, not famous
ghosts, just ghosts, OK? Is that good enough? Whatever. Anyway, the first legend
is that it’s haunted. The second is that
there’s a crazy old guy up there that escaped from
an insane asylum years ago. Why would he want to
live in a dump like this? Maybe he’s Puerto Rican. I dunno. ‘Cause he’s insane? Hm. So, by logic, if
someone’s insane, they would lack the
standards of common living. Apparently insane people don’t
need interior decorators. Does your girlfriend use
an interior decorator? This sucks. I’m ready to go home. Well, it’s better than watching
you jerk off to a kid’s show. I don’t jerk off
to no kid’s show. Bullshit. He’s talking about
Lizzie McGuire. Have you seen her? She’s hot. You know what they say. 16 can get you 20, but man,
that could be worth it. Whatever. Come on. What was that? Maybe it was a rat. CRAIG: Maybe crazy grandpa. CHARLES: If you had a
life, you wouldn’t be here. Maybe this isn’t
such a good idea. Oh, would you quit crying
like a little bitch? I’m just saying, it– [rustling] What was that? Guys, what do you say we just
leave now, smoke some weed, watch some “Lizzie McGuire,”
forget this ever happened. We’ll get stoned
when we’re done. No sooner, no later. It was probably a– you
know, a bobcat, or something. Yeah. A bobcat. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. Who am I bullshitting? We’re all gonna fucking die. People have been here. Well, there goes our chance
of making some great discovery. Like Columbus. He’s discovered a
continent full of people. OK. So we know people
have been here. But did they leave alive? This is insane. This is insane? This whole fucking
desert is insane. I mean, did you guys
ever stop and think that maybe it was the
desert that made the old guy crazy in the first place? Why would any sane
person come out here if they didn’t have to? Exactly, Charles. Exactly. You ask yourself that question. Guys, what are
you worried about? This is a shit hole cave out
in the middle of nowhere. The story’s a myth. It’s all bullshit. I mean, if it was
real, why haven’t the cops heard about this
place and raided it yet? Maybe they’re scared too. So why aren’t we? They’re coming to get
you, [monster noises]. Asshole. Where’s Craig? Man, I dunno. He’s probably around the corner
jerking off, or something. Oh, wait. He can’t. There are no kid’s
shows on here. No, I’m serious. Man, I don’t know. He probably went
back to the car. You saw he was about ready
to piss himself, right. I mean, he’s probably
back at the car right now, lighting
up a fat one. I mean, you know how Craig is. [inaudible]? Fuck no. Do you know how much fun it’s
gonna be to tell everyone we scared the shit out of Craig. You just love to torment
your brother, don’t you? Guy’s gotta have
his hobbies, right? [footsteps] [laughter] [laughter] Squirm, you little bastard! Squirm. [screaming] Shh. Now, you’re just gonna
feel a slight sting, OK? [screaming] Probably should have
sedated you first, huh? [cackling] How droll is that? [screaming] Sounds like your
little pals are coming. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll just be right back. You wanna go back? Shit no. If we manage to capture a
crazy old guy, we’ll be famous. We’ll be on the Springer show
and get laid all the time. Get laid all the time? Greetings, boys. The doctor will see you now. Go on, little doggies. Watch it, watch it! Oh, easy, easy! Easy! Get up there! Come on! [laughter] Here’s just an FYI,
fellas– you might not want to wander into the
cave of the doctor who’s killing you. Come here! Get up there. Get up there. Put those chains on, bitch. Now! Do it now! Put those fucking cuffs on, now! Now, or I’m gonna cut
your fucking tits off! Do it! Do it! [whimpering] What are you doing? Well, you boys
were trespassing. Can’t have that, now, can we? [laughter] I’ll tell you what. I’ll kill you last. Huh? I’ll kill you last,
and I’ll do it quickly. One slice of the jugular. How does that sound? Sounds good? [laughter] You must be the leader of
this little expedition, huh? The alpha male. Oh! You get to go first. After all, leadership
does have its privileges. [sobbing] You know what they say–
curiosity killed the shithead. A little kidney. [laughter] Oh, yes. What do we have here? Mm. Mm, mm! It seems you’re as
tasty as you are feisty. I’ve had better, of course. But not bad. Not bad at all. What else you got in there? [whimpering] No– Eat up. Eat up. It’ll help you
regain your strength. [laughter] Just let us go. All in due time. Right now we have more
important work to do. Very important work. You really are to be commended. You’re quite delicious. I’ve had better, of
course, but not bad, right? He’s really good. Not bad at all. Bastard. I better hurry. He’s going quickly. You know, some things
are best served cold– -Don’t kill me–
-Hold on. Some things are best
served cold, but alpha male really is best when served warm. [laughter] Always tastes freshest
straight from the tap. I don’t care what you do. Just do it fast. Aw. You know, I didn’t mean
to kill your friends. I mean, you can still get out
of this, though, you know? All right. You got me. I’m lying. So sue me! [laughter] What are you gonna do? Take a blade and chop
me up and eat me? No. I’m not just gonna kill you. I’m gonna give you the
gift that keeps on giving. I’m– I’m gonna make you live. For eternity! [laughter] Turn over, you little bitch. [screaming] Ride ’em cowboy. You little motherfucker. You’re gonna take
it and love it. Yeah. Daddy likes his ponies. [grunting] Shh. Everything’s gonna be OK. Uh– I guess I’m
your internet date. CRAIG: Kim, right? Please come in. I guess I should officially
introduce myself. I’m Craig. Where’s your restroom? Just in the corner there. This is not the guy that I
picked out on the internet. He looks nothing like that. Oh my god, what am I gonna do? How am I gonna get out of here? Oh my god. OK. Just have to think. All right. Just, uh– tell
him that you left your curling iron on
at home, and you’ve gotta go back right away. Yeah, that’ll work. Oh my god. [knocking] I’ll just be a minute. I’m just– I’m just
washing my hands. Oh my god. OK. The curling iron trick. Yeah. That one always works. Um– just one minute! God, I don’t want
to touch that towel. Can I have a little
bit of privacy please? Let’s skip all
the getting-to-know chit-chat bullshit. I’m ready to fuck. What’s the matter with you? Ahh! [squishing] It’s the best part of sex. Good. I left her breathless. Tell you what. After 15 years on the job, shit
like this doesn’t– doesn’t get any easier. This is one sick
fuck we’re dealing with here, that’s for sure. I’ll tell you what. Since this is your first
gig as a detective, you gotta stick close
to me on this one and just watch me work. It’s gonna take the boys down in
forensics more than a few hours to figure out this,
uh– this mess here. Well, what do we do now? Well, you know, I noticed
a, uh– I noticed a bar around the corner, and it’s
likely that someone saw or heard something,
so I think that we should probably go on over there
and poke around a little bit. All right, I’ll head over. Sorry, boys. OK. So tell me about your flight. First class? How did you get first
class, girlfriend? What’d you do? Was he hot? You’re learning from me. Well, I’m gonna get
started on dinner. So what time do you
want me to pick you up? I’ll go get a bottle of wine. OK. All right.
Love you. Miss you. Bye. [water running] [scream] Here’s Johnny. [sobbing] Why’d you have to go? [phone ringing] Hello? Yo, where you at? Where do you think I am? Well, I don’t care
where you’re at. The girls want to party, and
you’re gonna come with us. Carrie, I don’t feel
like being around that. CARRIE (ON PHONE): No choice. Two hours. Be ready. No.
I mean it. CARRIE (ON PHONE):
Wet cell phone. Breaking up. Two hours. Be ready. Hello? Oh, god. [sobbing] BARTENDER: Hey guys. Hey. BARTENDER: How’s it going?
-Good. BARTENDER: What
can I get for you? Give me a club soda. Jack and Coke. BARTENDER: That’ll be $4. Rookie’s honor, man. Hey, buddy, I
don’t suppose that, uh– you’ve heard anything about
the two unlucky sons of bitches that, uh, met their demise
in the back alley last night, did you? You know anything about
what I’m talking about? BARTENDER: Nope. Maybe this’ll help jar
that memory of yours. BARTENDER: Eh, forget it. I’m not telling you shit. Worth a try. Let me show you how
you do it my way. Hey, bartender,
come here a minute. Lean in just a little
bit closer, will ya? You didn’t convince
me, motherfucker. Now he’s gonna ask
you again, so speak. Did you or anybody else see
anything unusual around here last night? Do I still get my $20? Wrong answer, buddy! Now speak! Look, all I know is
that one of the regulars was taking a piss out in
the back, releasing himself. And he saw these body parts
all chopped up and shit. Deader than Elvis. That’s all I know. That’s all you know. Well, if you happen to,
uh, learn anything else– you call us, all right, buddy? You understand? Donut-eating dickheads. Pigs. [beep] BOB (ON VOICEMAIL):
Hey, Tara, it’s Bob. Uh, I heard your sister
passed away, you know? If, uh, you need any
help, give me a call. Fucking psycho. [knocking] [phone ringing] -Yeah, hello?
-Yeah. Would you answer your damn door? I’ve been out here
for 15 minutes. Oh, fuck. About time. I told you, I’m not going. Oh, come on. Come on, Tara. You are not gonna
mope around this house for the rest of your life. You have to take control of
what happened to you and go on. You make it sound so easy,
but unfortunately, it’s not. If it was your sister
who had gotten hacked up by some fucking sociopath,
maybe you would see things a little bit differently. OK, come here. Come here. Look, I know that this
was traumatic for you. And I’m not trying
to discount that. It’s just that– I mean,
I’m worried about you. This isn’t normal. This situation isn’t normal. OK. Even then, it’s not right. I know this sounds like
a little bit of a cliche, but do you really
think Jen would want you hiding out in this house? Come on, Tara. That wasn’t Jen at all. You know she would have
wanted you out there. Besides, if you drink a
little bit, we can– you know, push it back. Come on. Just for tonight. You deserve it. Right? Get your little
knapsack and come on. We’re going. My knapsack. Get your knapsack. Chop, chop, chop. I’m moving. You’ve gotta be kidding me. There’s no fucking way
I’m going over there. Oh, yeah? Yes you are. This is exactly what you
need– a little nostalgia. Ugh. Carrie, this is where– Oh, yeah this is where– I know
where this is where it’s at. Why do you think we’re here? He’s not gonna be here, is he? Oh my god.
That is such a great idea. -No!
-I’m gonna call him. -No!
-I’m gonna call him! Oh my god. Rick? Rick, hi. It’s Tara. I’m where you popped my cherry. Wanna come
[inaudible] some more? You’re such a bitch. I know. Fucking cunt. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So who’s gonna be here? Who do you think? You know you’re more of a
pain in the ass than a help. OK! Ow. I’m sorry. Ow! No, it’s just gonna
be– you know. The usual suspects. All the girls. So weird. It’s almost like deja vu. I can see them. It’s like everybody
from that exact night. That exact night. That exact night. It was hell of a slumber
party, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was. But I don’t feel good. You’re gonna feel good. That’s why we’re here. What are we doing? We’re partying. We’re gonna drink. I got a ton of liquor. I got some great weed. Whatever. Whatever. Fucking bitch. Fucking bitch. Bitch. Fucking bitch, cunt, whore. Stupid slut. You’re my only real friend
that’s gonna be there. I know. Hi, guys. All right, ladies. Who’s got liquor? I do. All right. Let’s go swimming. Woo-hoo! Oh my god. I feel so sick. She’s the worst driver ever. I’m the best driver. We, like, barreled
around that turn. [music playing] [shouting] [laughter] [shouting] Oh, fuck it. Let’s just go smoke some
pot and drink some beer. Woo-hoo! Here’s to our last
great night together. Yeah! Woo! So, who’s dating someone now? Not me. Shawna’s dating
Herc Krish right now. Ooh. WOMAN: Shawna, details, details. Inquiring minds want to know. Well, we’ve been
dating for about a week. Uh– Sandy Robertson
hooked us up. WOMAN: And? It’s no big deal. WOMAN: But– does
he have a big deal? It’s a good size. WOMAN: You two have
already been at it? Hells yeah. First night. WOMAN: Oh, don’t hold
out or anything, slut. Shit, would you? WOMAN: For that? No. I didn’t know talk
about big dicks frightened you so much, Tara. Fuck– fucking bitch. You OK, girl? Uh– yeah, I’m fine. So, um– what’s everyone
been up to since last time we hung out. I’ve been working
at the radio station. Yeah, I heard you. Yeah. I was, uh, thinking
about calling up and telling your listeners
some embarrassing story from your past. My listeners? Really don’t have
many listeners. I think our average listener
is, like, 120, anyway. Well, I’m still trying
to get through college. It’s been a bitch trying
to finish everything up. All I’ve got left to
take is college algebra. Ew. I hate math. Me, too. I mean, I don’t understand why
I have to take algebra, anyway. Can somebody please tell
me what college algebra has to do with criminal justice? What about you? Oh– oh, um– let me see. My last job I got
fired from because I was late for nine days. My parents just got divorced. My last boyfriend? Well, he left me
for another man. And my sister– well, you
know, she just got hacked up by some fucking sociopath. Fuck all of you. Your petty bullshit. Oh, here we go. So, uh– who’s dating
the biggest dick? Yeah. My boyfriend made me pay
for dinner last night. That’s not the kind of
dick I was talking about. I think I’m gonna go talk to
Barnett up in forensics, see if he, uh– could distinguish
anything from those bodies. Or what was left of
those bodies, actually. Why don’t you do that, and
we’ll meet back over here in a couple hours? What are you gonna do? I’m gonna hang around here and
talk to a few stool pigeons, see what they might know. Well, maybe I
should come with you. No, you go back to
the station, Donovan. Trust me. It’s, uh– you’re not
gonna like my methods of extracting information,
and it’s better for both of us if you don’t go. Come on, man! [phone ringing] Hello? Yeah? Fucking telemarketers. [shout] CRAIG: So, you like
to play rough, huh? [grunting] Los Angeles used to be a safe
town, then it got dangerous. We let in, you know–
the, uh, you-know-whats. I used to have to
look over my shoulder? Now, with this killer
midget running loose, I gotta look behind my shins. It’s really– it’s awful. I got a pain in my back. It’s bad for my sacroiliac. Kill the midgets,
that’s what I say! Kill the midgets! And there are lots of us
who say kill the midgets, kill the midgets. Kill all midgets! But use very small knives. [scream] What the fuck! [screaming] I’m gonna get you! [scream] [shouting] You’re getting
away that easily! Oh my god. Holy shit. What? What? You guys– What is going on? Oh my god. Are you OK? Are you OK? Dude, what the– oh
my god, it’s you! What the fuck! [screaming] What the fuck is
wrong with you, Tara? [shouting] What? What? You know this guy? How do you know him, Tara? Oh my god– Fucking convulsing? Guys, someone help him! Guys, seriously. Don’t fucking help him. Tara, how do you know this guy? Guys, seriously. Someone help him. Oh my god. Shh. Tara, stop. Oh my god. Oh god, oh god. Does anyone have a cell phone? Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! What the fuck did he do to you? [shouting] Calm the fuck down! Calm the fuck down! Calm the fuck down! He’s a fucking psycho! Calm down. Calm down. Calm down, calm down. Calm down. OK. Oh my god. Oh my god.
OK. He’s a fucking psycho. OK, you’re OK. He’s a fucking psycho. Does anyone have a
fucking cell phone? No, she’s right. She’s right. He’s a fucking– I know him. How do you know him, Tara? He’s the killer. He’s the killer. He’s the guy who fucking
killed my sister! Tara, what are
you talking about? Tara, stop! You don’t know what the hell
you’re talking about, Tara. Someone help him up.
Somebody help him– Don’t fucking help him. Tara, you don’t know him. Tara, shh.
Shh. It’s OK. This guy needs some help. Guys, I did see him.
I did. How? How did you see him? I saw him in my dream. That is him. I– I saw him. Oh my god. Guys. We need to take this
guy to the hospital. -No, you can’t.
-Guys, we can’t. We can’t. Why? Because. We’ve all been drinking. Can you stand up? [interposing voices] Not only have we been drinking,
but we’re trespassing, guys. We’re seriously gonna
be in deep shit. Let’s get wasted. Oh my god. I can’t even tell you
how down I am with that. Can you believe what a fucking
cunt Tara’s acting like? Oh, come on. What the fuck is up
with that, though? She’s been through a lot.
She’s been– Have some sympathy. Can you even
begin to understand what she’s been through? Jesus Christ. More importantly– Like, what the fuck
was that over there? I’m sorry, throw a
fucking rock at my head? Fuck you. You know what I’m saying? Did you really see
that guy in a dream? Yeah. What was the dream? Well, my sister was
killed, and ever since then I’ve had this vision of– of
him, that guy, coming after me. We gotta help your friend. If it’s not too late already. Come on. [music playing] [screaming] [scream] OK, you ready? This is the good shit. I only want to
share it with you. [music playing] So, yeah. So you have a boyfriend? Yeah. But he doesn’t care what I do. Really? Mm-hm. Well, what do you do? I do everything. Are you serious? Mm-hm. Wow. Things have changed. So you into– friends? Yeah. We’re just friends. Why? You jealous? I dunno. Maybe a little. Yeah? Yeah. So maybe we should
explore those feelings. OK. Yeah? Yeah. Good. [inaudible] Why don’t you stay
here [inaudible]. OK. [inaudible] You promise? I swear. [inaudible]. Hurry up. OK. I’ll just be here waiting. Hey, bitch! [scream] [footsteps] Stupid dyke! Ahh! So this thing you’re
gonna show us, it big? Yeah, it’s huge. You sure it’s a UFO? Yep. Certainly is. My parents used to say my uncle
Eugene was abducted by aliens. Right there, there. UFO. Right over there. You see it? UFO right there. Oh! That was too easy! I didn’t even need my gun! Oh, this is great. I’m gonna take your money and
I’m gonna violate you guys. Oh, this is good. Nice little young stud-muffins. Oh, this is good. This is good. Well, Herman, you ready? I got a nice little
surprise for you. [laughter] Now who’s violated? [screaming] What do you say I,
uh, pop out your eye and skull-fuck you, just
for the name of science? Time to split. [ripping] Oh– oh! Oh! [moaning] Oh. Have a heart. This is so delectable. Oh my god. [shouting] All right, seriously,
I want to go now. -What the fuck was that?
-I want to go now. We’re going now.
I want to go now. No, I’m serious. It’s probably just
Craig fucking with us. No, no. Hey, you guys, where’s Krissy? I’m out, I’m out. I’m fucking– I’m
gone, I’m gone. Hey, come on, you guys. Fuck it. [screaming] [interposing voices] [laughter] [scream] [screaming] Help me! [music playing] [screaming] [scream] Time to get screwed! [screaming] Apparently I found
some interesting things about this guy. He’s been killing people
for about 20 years and getting away with it. And the department has
never done anything. So I have the feeling,
dollars to donuts, that he’s got connections
on the department. What do you mean? I mean that he’s been
getting away with it and he’s never been arrested. And I’m gonna catch that
sorry son of a bitch and put him away. I don’t know, man. This one sounds messy. Maybe we just write it
off as a gangland killing and forget about it. You’ve got a– you
guys got a weird way of doing things around here. No, I’m gonna call
a friend of mine, and she’ll know what to do. DONOVAN: What friend? My friend. DONOVAN: Why is she
gonna know what to do? She’s fucking smart. Siebert, here. CAGE: Hey, Donna. What are you up to,
you crazy bastard? You know, just
hanging and banging. Oh. So how do you like
working in Greenville? How’d you know I
was in Greenville? I’m a hacker, Cage. I know everything. I could probably take your
temperature from the chair you’re sitting in right now. What you got? This guy has been killing
people for about 20 years, and I think he’s got a
connection to the department. How long have we
known each other, Cage? Just about that long. Right. Well, would you do
something for me? Sure, you got it. I want you to let this one go. This one’s too big. Really? Why’s that? I’ve already told
you everything I can. The shit that goes down
in that city’s classified. I can’t talk about
it on this phone. Not even to me? It’s above us all. Leave it be. Didn’t your chief
brief you about any of this when you started? I mean, stuff happens
on the other end. Put down the phone, Cage. CAGE: Donna, I gotta go. All right, where is this place? Where do we go? [laughter] [screaming] Please! Why did you ladies come here? You really should have
gone someplace else, missy! My friends– Dead. All dead. They were just
trying to cheer me up. Oh, well, they
certainly made me happy. You are one sick motherfucker! You ain’t seen nothing yet. You have absolutely
no idea, sweetie. Your pretty little
mind can’t even begin to imagine the
things that I’ve done and the horrors I’ve seen. Ah, done it. Let’s see. Same old shit. Need to try something new. Please stop. [laughter] Missy, have I got plans for you. [screaming] I just love that. But now that I think
about it, this is really such an overused weapon. It’s so yesterday, you know? Become such a cliche. Ah. No, please. Done that, too. Do you have any ideas? What the fuck is
wrong with you? Ain’t nothing wrong with me. It’s like the man says–
just doing my job. Your job? Yeah. My job. I was caught using fresh
dead bodies from the morgue, so now I have to kill
to feed my experiments. Your experiments? What are you– My precious
children, I call them. I create my experiments
by using the body parts from the dead human beings. Shh. You should feel privileged. Right now I’m needing a leg,
and yours should do just fine. You’re not taking my leg! [inaudible]! [screaming] Before I take your
leg, maybe you’d like to see the children, hm? It might make you feel
a little bit better about the contribution
you’re about to make. They really are quite brilliant,
if I do say so myself. It’s taken years of
work to perfect them. But I’m finally
getting to the point where I can make any
body part work on them. Soon I’ll have exactly what the
government has always wanted. Shh. You see, the government
hired me to create an army of unstoppable,
indestructible creatures. Until they mentioned it, I never
even really thought about it. [inaudible] They’re not going
to get my children. I have other plans
for them entirely. Big plans. Like what? [sobbing] [laughter] Well, darling, like
all mad scientists, I suppose, I one day
would really love to take over the fucking world. Come quickly. I’ll show them to you. Oh, you’re really
gonna like this. Fuck. Daddy’s here, now. Come see the children. Come on. Come on. Ah! [laughter] You’ll be fine. You’re a real trooper. [screaming] Take a good look. Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god. Please don’t. Please stop.
Please stop. He’s my child. Look at him! [cackling] Good, good. I love you, my boy. He’s such a good boy. Go ahead. Go ahead. OK, OK. Say hello. Come here. Come here, you. One of these days
I’m gonna win a Nobel Prize for my experiments. Killing people is a strange
way to achieve a peace prize. Perhaps you’ll
get an opportunity to learn an appreciation for
my experiments [inaudible]. Wake up, darling. [kissing sounds] [laughter] [screaming] Look at those teeth! Oh, those would be
perfect for Shawn Michael. Hang in there, darling. Hang in there. TARA: What are you doing? I’m experimenting. You can’t make a frittata
without breaking a few eggs, you know? TARA: Let her fucking go! Oh, because that would just
make things a little bit worse. TARA: We won’t say anything. You really won’t tell anybody
me killing all your friends? I may be insane,
but I’m not stupid! Besides, I need the parts. [screaming] Yes. TARA: Fucker! Now, what are we
gonna do with you? Oh– Krissy– Krissy, where
the fuck have you been? Krissy, we have to get
the fuck out of here. No, Krissy– Krissy,
what are you doing? We gotta get the
fuck out of here. Come on, let’s go. Let’s get the fuck out of here. Krissy, I mean it. Come on. I’m gonna eat your tits. Fuck– no– [choking] No– no! Stay the fuck away from me! No– [inaudible]. Oh my god– no! [sobbing] Ah– no! No– fuck you– fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! You killed my friend! Die! Die! Fuck you. Fuck– fuck you, motherfucker. Die, die! Fuck you! Die! Fuck– die! [sobbing] Fuck. [laughter] Uh, there’s a patient who
could use your assistance. Mind if I, uh, take a leg? [inaudible]. Let me go! Oh, well– OK, I’ll let
you– I’ll let you go, I’ll let you go. I’ll let you go– to hell! Oh, I’m gonna need
a bigger knife. You’re a fucking
sick motherfucker. I’m gonna rip your fucking
guts out, you sick fuck! Yeah! Yeah! I– I’ve never
seen such hostility, especially from a woman. Jeez, you’re a nasty little
piece of fleeshy-fleshy meat, aren’t you? [cackling] [inaudible], like all
little nasty fleshes, time to cut you up. You fucking killed my friends. You’re fucking
killing us slowly. You’re not a fucking doctor,
you’re a fucking psycho! Well, it’s all in how
you look at it, bitch! Help me! You say po-tay-to,
I say po-tah-to! You’re not fucking
doing experiments! No! You’re fucking
[inaudible] fucking taking over the country! Just let me the
fuck out of here. I’ll do anything. Anything? TARA: Yes. Anything? Well, let’s start
with the leg, then. [chainsaw revving] No! Please! Stop it! Did you see the giddy-up
sticks on this bitch over here? Oh my fucking god! Oh, no! I was just gonna toss her
out like yesterday’s news, but I’ll tell you what,
that’s Shawn Michael’s leg right there on the right. You’re off the hook
for a second now. [chainsaw revving] But not for long. Oh, fuck. No one’s ever broken free. Now I have to run. [music playing] Tell you, this is one place
I’d hoped I’d never see again. It’s that bad, huh? No. It’s worse. [gunshot] I sure hope that was the
doctor you were talking about. No. But we’ll blame it on him. You’re my kind of guy. But I should have
fucked her first. [screaming] [inaudible]. Oh my god. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. My leg.
-OK. All right.
We’ll take care of it. Sit down. Relax. Sit down, relax. TARA: He’s coming. He’s coming. We’re– we’ll take care of you. We’ll take care of you. Don’t you worry. Now why don’t you pull that
little knife out of yours and slit your own throat, huh? Stand up, Cage. You’ve got two choices. Choice one, you help me protect
the doctor and his experiments here. Or choice two– I slay your ass. I was just having fun. Oh, really? [screaming] [scream] [music playing] [cackling] Where’s an arm or a
leg when you need one? Oh, my children
will eat tonight! [footsteps] [howl] I’m gonna keep my day job.

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