– [Girls] Let’s party! – In today’s video,
Parker has a slime party. But, before we get started,
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. – Slime Time! (camera shutter clicking) (dark electronic bass music) – [Girls] Let’s party! – Welcome to my party! (door knocking)
Come in! – [Kids] Happy Birthday! (upbeat joyful music)
(kids chattering) – Is this slime candy? – Hey guys, so today is Parker’s special slime birthday party and one that she has
been looking forward to for a long time. Guys, she loves her
birthday parties so much. It’s your birthday baby. – Parker!
– It’s your birthday baby. (upbeat rock music) – Minnie Mouse! It’s a backpack. – [Jamie] Let me see. – Ooh.
– Ah. – [Jamie] I love it. Is that, what is it? – Minnie Mouse. – Should we do a birthday dance? ♪ Birthday dance, birthday,
birthday, birthday dance ♪ (upbeat rock music) Parker? ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Obviously, choosing slime
for a birthday party was easy because Parker plays with
slime every single day. She has her special slime collection and every day she gets it out and plays with all of the slime that she has. So, I thought, why not
have a slime birthday party because it fits Parker perfectly. Parker, I hope you have
a great birthday party. You are the cutest four-year-old I know, and I love you so much. – [Girls] Let’s make slime! – Let’s make slime. (goofy orchestral music)
(camera shutter clicking) – Who wants to make slime! – First we all need a container. – Next we need glue. – [Woman] Please sit down. – Is that slime? – Next we need to choose
the color of our slime. I want green. – Green! – Red! – Blue! – We don’t know. – I got purple. – Now we need to add baking soda. – Ew. Ooh. – Look at my blue slime. – And the last ingredient
is contact solution. – It’s turning to slime. – Now it’s slime.
– Slime. – Whoa. – We wanted light blue
colors, I like light blue. – Come get food! (bright rhythmic rock music) Time to open presents! My favorite part! Presents, presents! – [Woman] What? – [Girl] Oh. – Oh.
– Yay! – I got backpack and sunglasses. (camera shutter clicking) (paper ripping) – Stop.
(man laughing) (paper ripping) – See, (mumbles).
– Whoa! – Looks cool. I got sticker pads. (camera shutter clicking) (group chattering) I got a Polly Pocket and underwear. (camera shutter clicking) I got Hairdorables. (camera shutter clicking) How do you open it? – [Kid] You have a 10 dollar bill! – Thank you Grandma. – [Jamie] Parker, is
that all your presents? – Yes! – I got you another one. (Jamie gasps) – [Jamie] Daddy got you an extra present? – [Kid] What is it? – I really wanted this one. – [Jamie] Did you, what is it? – A big Barbie. I got a big Barbie. (group chattering) Ah! Now it’s time for birthday cakes! (upbeat electronic music) ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday dear Parker ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ – Happy Birthday.
(Parker inhaling deeply) (Parker blows) – [Group] Yay! (Parker blabbering)
(Stephen clapping) – You did (mumbles). – A slime ice cream. And that cake was good. Bye guys, thanks for coming to my party. That was a fun birthday. I hope they liked my party. – Thank you guys for watching, make sure you subscribe to our channel. – And comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And see you guys tomorrow, bye! – Bye! (slow electronic rock music) – Happy Birthday, Parker! – Happy Birthday, Parker! – Happy Birthday, Parker! – Happy Birthday, Parker! – Happy Birthday, Parker! – Happy Birthday, Parker! – Thank you. (bright acoustic guitar music) (upbeat bright music)

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