Slime Sam Turns a Boring Drawing into TOOTHY PARTY FAVORS – Fun Idea For UNDER THE SEA THEME PARTY

Yahoooo! This disco ball inspires me to throw even more parties! Hey guys, do you remember that video where we made this disco ball? Give a thumbs up if you do! To make it extra awesome, I need to throw a theme party! Hmm…A monster party? No. A space-themed party? It’s cool, but not this time. A pirate party?.. Oh, oh, a sea party! Yes! Awesome! But….I need to plan so many things! Food, music and… and party favors! Sam, what’s all this noise? I’m planning another awesome party. And… I don’t have any ideas for party favors. Well, you’ll think of something, I’m sure. I’ll have some tea…. mmm…. good…. What do you think you’re doing? Er… I’m drinking tea. How can you be drinking tea when I’m in trouble?! I can’t think of anything! Oh, alright. I’ll help. Argh! Just don’t worry. I have an idea for a party favor. Here, look. You can give your guests pictures of fish. Just right for your theme. Hm… er… No! This won’t do! It is too ordinary. Well, alright, you’ll have an ordinary picture of fish. But you will have to draw party favors yourself! It is your party, after all. Alright, alright. Just show me how. Here, look. We’ll take a piece of paper. Yep, got it, got it! What’s next? Be patient. Next we will need a marker and some pencils. Yep, yep, yep! I’m off to get the pencils First we need to draw an outline with a black marker. Yep, yep, yep! I’ve got a pencil! Sam! Stop running around like crazy! Sit down and watch. Fine, I’m watching. Let’s continue with our fish. I’ve got it! I’m off to draw! Oh Sam, you haven’t even watched to the end. Guys, do you think Sam will be able to draw the same picture as me? Okay. The outline is done. Now, it’s time to color! Coloring already? Yes, yes, yes! Oh Sammy. Can you watch from a distance? Yes. Now we need to color the fish to make it pretty. To make it pretty. Yes, boss! Oh… Sam continues to amaze me. Well, alright, I need to finish the drawing, anyway. Annnd…done! Hey Sam, come see how it turned out! Yes! I’m here, here! This how your party favor will look like. Hm… it isn’t much different from what you showed in the beginning. And now? Aaaaaaaah! Wow! Hahaha! Cooool! Show me again! Sure! If you make pictures like this you will definitely surprise your guests! Yeaaaaah! I’m off to draw! Guys, do you like this idea? Give a thumbs up if you do. And subscribe to the channel to see more of Sam’s ideas come alive! And if you draw something like this, send us photos or videos! It will make our day! Mmhmm! Bye! Alright… I need to draw more! MOOOOREE! Cool, right? Right? Er… Maybe I should draw your party favors after all? Well if you insist…

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