Sll x Annual Dinner 2019 | ธีมซุปเปอร์ฮีโร่ แต่งเป็นแม่ฮีโร่

Hello, Welcome to SoFar SoGood Channel. Today, See? See? And One more. Where are we going today? We’re going to the Company Annual Dinner. I would say that the theme is Super Hero. This is also Super hero, Super hero when I was young. I’m a Super hero’s wife. I’m Ginny’s wife. When we’re kids, we like to watched thai drama “Little girls in the lamp” and we love it so much. So we decided to dress like her. Even our face isn’t like her, here’s our best tried. We’re trying to be Super hero in our heart. First I tried to cover like this…. but it look difficult to eating food. Actually it should like this… and open it…. and done. Yes, Because we have to eat grilled chicken and chili sauce. And it doesn’t look good. Hey, can’t open mouth. haha Okay, we going to see how’s others reaction about this dresses. Ah ofcourse, they must screaming…. See you at the event….. Everyone, now we arrived at Nexus already. We’re going inside the event. But just now we came to the wrong way. Actually, we dropped at the right side already but someone told us to go others sides. So we walked to other side. Right? Nong Lin? Yes! And we must cross to this side again. That’s our team… they walking too fast right now. Let’s go. Let’s see at the event, how’s other would dressing. For me, I’m a mother today. To take care all of my four gilrs. haha Let’s go hah… So tired… I haven’t walk too much like this..
Let’s go…. This is Thai Team. Now we’re going to take a group pictures. Finally it’s done. So turbulent……. Don’t want get inside the hall. Want to take picture more. Because bought this dress RM100 so it must be worth it. Wirda! Hi, what is super hero? I’m Green Hornet. Green Hornet? Ya.
I don’t know. Haha Wirda!! What are you? I’m lady in red for tonight. Ahh Lady in red. Boon, What’s you dress? I don’t know too, what I’m dressed like. But follow my team. What’s your theme? All the same. Beauty team, Got the crown as well.
Yes, everyone got the crown tonight. Oh hoo But the actual them is Super hero. Now we’re inside the event already. And see? We got super…. what? Superman This is moster. This Adigators. Bat Aladin Bat man Jasmin. Jasmin. And Jasmin. It’s dark, can’t see it clear in the camera. Beauty in the dark. We are beautiful in the darkness. Ahh, But the face so green. haha Because our face will change sometimes blue, sometimes rainbow. It’s red! why not red? look the light behind us! This is light which doesn’t help us. I will try to shoot if there is something interesting. Stay tuned. Got the light now. How’s it? So starving now. Haha Starving…. Jennie starving. I lost of energy now. To sat and look at the pot in the middle and singing. haha When we can eat? I’m starving….. Look at every body faces. Starving! When this pot will be open up? Look every body face. No energy to battle. Warrior doesn’t have any food to the stomach yet. Now we will have a group pictures. We will have Wirda! This is our boss. Now I already out from the event. I going to back home. There’s nothing much, it’s just normal company annual dinner. And there’s lucky draw.
But I can’t stay because it’s too late now. So for today, overall is okay. But for me as eater, the food is not much delicious. It’s mixed Malay and India food. But can eat, actually so full. Because I’m starving. Emmm What’s else? That’s it. I just throw the lucky draw at the event. Because want to back home. However, don’t forget to follow SoFar SoGood. Please press like, share and subscribe. Can’t speak louder because there’s people around. Okay. See you then, Bye bye.

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