Slovakia to Italy – Happy Birthday = Tanti Auguri = Všetko najlepšie MATTEO!

Ciao Matteo! I’m here because today is
really special day so I just wanna tell you “Happy Birthday”! and I just wanna wish you all the best in
your life so much love very good luck and very good very good health because it’s really
important you are very very special person to me so I´ve just decided to shoot a little video for you from me and from all mine very good Slovak friends and
family to just tell you “Happy Birthday! (italian) I really hope that you will enjoy it and not just this video and your Birthday, but all your next future life and all your next days so last time again Happy Birthday Matteo! (italian) Dear Matthew! Today is a special day. It’s your Birthday and because of that I wish you a future full of successes, happiness and joy! Ciao Happy birthday Matteo Happy Birthday Matteo Happy birthday Matteo! Enjoy your life! Happy Birthday Matteo! Happy Birthday to you..dear Matteo (kiss) :* Happy Birthday Matteo Ciao Matteo! Happy Birthday! Uuu Oh! Hi Matteo! Happy Birthday, I wish you the best and don´t be poor as me Happy Birthday Matteo Happy Birthday Matteo (East-Slovak dialect) Matteo Ciao! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Matteo!

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