Slumber Party Sneak-In | TOO LOUD

(upbeat music) – (Sara) “Dear Sara,
slumber party at my house 8:00 PM sharp. Bring
your PJ’s and a smile. Girls only. Love,
your pal Rachael.” Oh, I’m so excited for tonight! (crash) – Hey Sara! Why? What’s tonight? – Jeffrey! Well, Rachael’s
having a slumber party, and I’m- _ Slumber party! Now I’m
excited! When do we head over? – Oh, uh, see Jeffrey,
the thing is, it’s… – …gonna be better
than our visit to the Museum of
Assorted Jellies? – No, it’s gonna… – …be the best
night of our lives? – It’s girls only! (deflating sound) Sorry, Jeffrey. It’s
just me that’s invited. – Oh, okay. It’s cool. (somber piano music). I’ll just go home, and
sit alone, in the dark. – Aw, Jeff. Why don’t you have a dudes
night with our guy friends? – Boys are so boring. I feel a real connection
with all my girl friends. Well, at least I have my
personalized, motivational photo of you to keep me company. You go and have a great time. – Aw, I can’t just leave
a tender flower like you alone all night. Hm. – (girls singing) Snacks,
snacks, we love snacks! Snacks, snacks,
slumber party snacks! (laughter) – Thanks so much for bringing
this homemade dessert Jameela. What’s it called again? – Falooda. Milk, syrup,
basil, jelly, and ice cream! My family and I always
had it in Pakistan. – It’s so tasty! – Any dessert that doesn’t
make me break out in hives is a plus. – That must be
Sara! I’ll get it. – Hi Rachael! – Ah! Hey Sara, welcome to
the sleepover of the century! – Is that someone else with you? (buildup music) – Hello there. – I hope you guys don’t
mind I brought my, er, uh, cousin, yeah, from out of town! Her name’s Jeff…J…J… Jenny! – Desiree! – Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Desiree. – What brings you
to town, Desiree? – Oh, your great
theater program! I got bit by the acting bug! (laughter) See? (screaming) (laughter) – Okay, ladies. We’ve
got a big night. Music, scary
movies, video games! – You play video games, too? I mean, we? – Desiree, we’re girls, of
course we play video games! – But let’s kick the
night off with… – (all together) Crafternoon! – I love Crafternoon! Look, I sculpted a
bowl, but it’s a piggie! Piggie bowl! – Oh nice, Sara! What’d you make, Lynn? – For my Crafternoon,
I made a BFF necklace for me and Jameela! – I made a little felt me. Let’s go to the felt
library, Felt Molly. Uh oh, here comes
Felt Jeffrey and Sara! “Hi, Molly! Hi!” “Ow!” Felt Molly’s eardrums exploded! – Oh boy! I remember that! – (coughs) – I mean, you painted
the scene so vividly, it’s like I was there. – Oh, yeah. Thanks, Desiree. – (Rachael) Hey, it’s 9:00! The new C*Lacious
single just dropped! – Hey, it’s your girl C*Lacious
with my brand new music vid! One, two, three, four! (heavy metal) Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Heck yeah! – Ah, she’s such a genius. – I wish she’d tour
in Chestertown. – Well, why don’t we just
do the next best thing? – (all together) Dance party! (upbeat techno music) – What a great idea,
Desiree! You’re so cool! – They think I’m cool? I’ve
never been called cool before! Sara, I’ve never been so happy! I’m having the time of my life! – Me too! I’m so
glad it worked out! – No, you don’t understand.
I feel really good! Like, as a girl! I
feel like myself! Is that weird? – No, not weird at all!
Plus, now I get a sister. (firework sounds) – (cheers) – (gasps) (record scratch) (all gasp) – Oh no, oh no! My wig! (cries) I’m sorry, I just wanted
to be with you all. – (Rachael) Actually, we knew
it was you the whole time. – Wha? – Huh? – Yeah, we weren’t
fooled at all. – But I thought
this was girls only? – Look, it doesn’t matter if
you’re Jeffrey or Desiree. – You’re still our cool
friend that we love and like to hang out with. – So what do you say to that? – I say… last one to the video games
is a slippery space slug! – Alright, Desiree! (all cheer) (laughter)

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