SMG4: Mario’s Fancy Dinner

Hey guys SMG4 here! If you haven’t heard already, we’re going on a tour in AMERICA! (Holy!) Come to my live show where you the audience will be helping me make an SMG4 Episode! (cool my guy) AThe Dates and Times of the Show are RIGHT here! 😀 Link in da Description to get Tickets! Thanks guys see you in America! Glitchy Boy… and… Wait for it… NEW SMG4 Intro! (Nani?) [Are story begins in a fancy-ass resturant…] *Crowd humble and bumble’* *The Dong Shiver in’* [When a certain big monkey awaits for some ass.] 8D *Tick Tock* [In comes Jevees, The talking fork waiter…] [In other words, a rejected Pokemon.] *Orderly pushing of da chair* Adjusting that fork boi (: *Old Man Laugh* Ooooooi! *Gorilla Talk* (Turly the most exotic language) Keeh? fork language is just complicated….. Mmmm? MONEY! MOTHERFECKER! OOOHH, BANANAA!! ….. Oooi! Ooo [He then asked the guest to leave the restaurant in a polite manner…] Frick Off! (Calm down mate Andrew: why should i.) Jeeves Laughter Ya hoo! Hooh.. Hu hu Pauline is in da house! (expanded dong level: Ova (9000!) Hallejuh! Hallelujah! Holy Shit!! *Jerking of the dong* More Jeever Shenanigans (Jeeves Shut Up!) Woohoo! D.K slams his, fingers…? Pauline Talkin’ [Mental god-damn breakdown!] More Pauline Talkin’ [The ‘I wanna shit so hard’ face engaged!] {Mathematical Hell!} Jeevers: *talking* D.K is Dying from the Inside.. ( Hello Darkness My old Friend) O.K! Pauline Talking V.2 Electric Boogaloo HELL YEAH! [When DK’s worse nightmare shows his ugly-ass Italian face…] HA HA! *Italian language thingy* :V STINKY hmm? Hey where did everybody go Weird talking V2 Pauling talking *le gorilla grunt* (DK’s Mind) WHAT?! Lalala humhum humm La La LA Woho ho Hey D.K (Sr Pelo gasp) GET THAT MOFO Hebe, Jevees: Hmm? K? YAHAA Italian language* (It’s Italics, boi] Mamma mia… HE BOUT TO GET WOOPED! Hmm? Ahh! HAHAHAHAHA! AHHHH! K???? ORHHH KEERAAAAA oh no MMMMMMM MAMAF***KER Ohhhhhh… Ora Ora. NOOOOOOO! NO! NOOO! NOOOOO! [*cries in Spanish*] *Italian gibberish* Nooooo! Mamma mia! K? OOOH YEEE [Not happening!] *look at all that mess*
Come here fishy, fishy! Here, fishy, fishy! (mouning and grunting) *Supa Saiyan RAGGGGGGGE!* Mayo: Boing! [Mario uses Za Warudo] Oh, Yea! Oh, Yea! [Screaming and Singing] Let’s za go! [DK has every right to lose his shit right about now.] ITS FIGHTIN!!! Hmmm.. NO!! *Italian gibberish* GET THE F**K DOWN FROM THERE!! how bout u succ mario’s PINGAS!! Oh no… scared* oh shoot [Top Ten Moments Before Disaster] oh sheet… (grunting) (So…Much….Rage!!) hey stinky! are u ok? fine yeah sure…. sanity level: -3 sanity level: -9 sanity level: about to rage sanity level: over -9000!! Rebel 1, Action! [Beautiful] so calm is int it? the dong is shocked 🤗 (grunting) DK: BARFING* ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!!?!>:v the dong tryn to apologize… WHIPE!! (oohh) plump thats not the word id use…. umm ya think? drope moooo?? hay. haha! mario diging for gold!! gluting? okie dokie! 😀 well it’s close to that *Sign* mamma mia… gg keine the dong once again shocked La la la hm hm hm hm hmm *pauline language* gg kein no *Italian gibberish* ahhh cr*p!! I forgot about that [*grrrruuuuuuuuunnnnnt*] U CAN DOIT!!! [Actual intense struggle] hehehe [MARIO GOES SUPER SAIYAN AS D.K. FUIRIOUSLY BITE HIS NAILS AS HE CHATTERS HIS TEETH IN FEAR] [*pop*] I got it! whoo. okie dokie!! 😀 (gibberish) din ve jims! *Pauline language* two SHIT (fat man gibberish) *jeeves language* ITS PRONONCED LE CRAP!!!! yes! iWOW okiedokie fork language* *more fork language* *MORE fork language* yeah….. *laughing* drunk language* *Le dance* SO SWEG!! *pauline language* the dong i feal u… more swag* 0.o SHIT!! mamamia!! doh i got it!! The f**k no you’re the OPPOSITE of that hears a ur shet! ENJOY 😀 TADA

YOU DONE F*CK UP NOW WHAT IS THIS>:V mario is doomed* O.O *squished* OoOOooh, very scar y more italian language* RAGING OOF stuff is going DOWWNN O.O hoo keeeeee *fork language* jeeves i feal ya… U WOT Come BACK I STILL LOVE YOU *italian gibberish*

no one wants your shit talk mario I LIVE!!! *Fork language thingy* a wild fork appears between pauline :v *Pauline language* oooiii HAHA LOL Candle:check BIG ASS CHIKEN:check red wine:check Steve’s piano song: 💯] ok 😀 *More pauline language* Dong size: Over 9000000 yes YES!
[A fucking Nintendo Ape gets on more dates than me wtf] *italian gibberish* yeah! *more fork language* 0h bOY Bob4-chAn, I’m sO h4pPy U D3cIdeD 7o c0mE to d1nNeR toNi7E!!!!111oneone!! Hello! It’s a-me Mario! Ha-ha! 0h hElL y3Ah, tH1z wAIt3r l00kz dEC3n7! THiz f4NcY d1nN3R iS g0nNa b3 gRe4T!!! Thanks for watching everybody!
Captions by WilsonPerez3, Travis Punnett, JakeJesmond [thats me] and many more!
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I’ll catch you up in the next one! Peace out! 😀

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  1. WE'RE GOING ON TOUR IN AMERICA! Come to our LIVE show where YOU will be helping us make an SMG4 episode!

  2. 2:43 you are under arrest for staying in the restaurant. The penalty is forced labor. Luigi will be held for questioning. The future of Mushroom Kingdom is unknown. Glory to Arstotzka.

  3. I thought Pauline was retired from being the best mayor in New Donk City. She must be riding a limousine to this fancy restaurant.

  4. Mario runs a restaurant!
    Dinner is served!!😋🍽👍🥐🍤🍪🍨🥧☕🍾🍷🥂🍻🍴🥄🔪🍰🧁

  5. Press 1 it's time to close
    Press 2 DK likes Pauline's dress
    Press 3 Mario gets kicked out
    Press 4 Waiter get's splodge and goes of duty
    Press 5 Jeeves is sad
    Press 6 Ordering
    Press 7 Mario's drops the food
    Press 8 Jeeves goes in the washing machine
    Press 9 Pauline and DK are happy now

  6. 1:58 that's basically the same dress you wear everyday

    edit: Pauline is so sexy with her bullet bra and pointy boobs

    also Pauline looks too shiny at 8:36

  7. Jeeves: 8:00 Ugh…looks like it’s come to this…

    That’s what you should’ve said when you made Mario a waiter.

  8. Man I love these games but dammit they make me wanna smash my head into my keyboard. Sooo frustrating. Fun though. Ugh, I need a break. Run 3 game at 88kgames so cooooollllll

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