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It’s a birthday day! A double
birthday day! Ring the Smighty Birthday Bell!
Ring the Smighty Birthday Bell!
Ring the Smighty Birthday– Beeeell. That’s one million notes, Melody. *
Just 600 more to beat your record! *
Keep on going. 110..120…130 Guys! Guys! Didn’t you hear the bell don’t you know what day it is? Yes? Yea. The day you ruined my world
record attempt at most notes played
in an hour while spinning on your
head? Yeah, that. But also: it’s Zap and my’s
birthdays! Thanks! But I have big idea, too! I’m going to throw Zap the best
surprise birthday party in the
known universe! I’m so gonna
Ziprise him with Zonuts and
Zupcakes! Yeah, it’ll be ziptastic!
Unforzippable! It’ll be– –Stop with the zipisms already!
They’re makin’ my ears hurt, and my
ears are my life. Will you guys pleaseohpleaseohplease
help with the party? Allright!/Indubitably!/ Let’s go! Yes…yes…I feel a plan, a very
evil plan, forming in my head. I had something form in my head
once, Boss. It was a brainfart. GIGGLE Move it or lose it, Biggs. To the
next spytastic location! Um, Milkshake Gardenia?
Mocha Petunia? I know! I know!
Vegan Salsa Tulip! You’re getting warm, but not quite.
It’s a Smaisy! Try again– Hmm, smells like a Zap flower! Hey, Zap! I heard the bell. So, you
and Zip have your big birthdays
today. You said it! And I want to surprise
my sister with a birthday party.
I’m going to have ALL her
favorites… everything that starts
with the letter “Z.” Of course!/Right, bro!/ Let’s go! Excuse me, Madam. Oh, my plan is SO gonna work in an
ever-so-evil manner. I can’t wait to see the look on
Zap’s face when we surprise him! I can’t wait to see the joy on my
wonderful sis’s face when we unveil
her surprise birthday bash! Huh? You’re planning a surprise birthday party for me You’re planning a surprise birthday party for me I don’t know about you, M, but if
this happy birthday gets any
happier, I’m gonna be miserable. Ha! I shall deliver myself to Zip’s
and Zap’s surprise dumbday parties, and while they’re busy “happying”
it up, we’ll sneak off and try to
steal a Smighty Stone or three, the
source of all their powers um Um, Biggs, when was the last time
you bathed? Well, me and water don’t really get
along, so, let me think. never GAH! Biggs! That’s disgusting. Like it or not, you’re
getting a surprise birthday
party! Oh, yeah?! Well, not if I surprise you first! Shh. Quietly, Biggs. Like a mime
with slippers on. A mobile gift? Something’s not
right. We made it. Let’s get those stones! Do birthday presents usually dance? Smighties? Biggs, the Present
Protection System! Oh no! It’s Sneevil and Biggs! I’ll keep them busy, while you
sneak out. Excuse me! Do you know the history
of birthday presents. It all started back in Egypt in the
time of King Smightankhamun. Stop the madness! I have news! Mmm, chocolate. Sneevil is trying to get the
Smighty Stones! We have to work
together to stop him! Work together? Not unless he
wants to be surprised! Never I surprise you, But if we don’t work together, how
will we stop Sneevil? Ha! I’ll stop him myself! Unless I stop him first! Ha. Lemme show you how to surprise. Ha! Silly Smighties! They are
nothing compared to me! Nothing!
Soon the Smighty Stone will be mine
and I shall reign supreme! You know, maybe we’ve been a little
silly about fighting over who gets
to get a surprise birthday party. I’ve thinking the same thing. We
work better together than apart. Too close! Let’s get outta here!
It’s digging time! Octopus Bow, brah! According to my calculations…
that away. Happy birthday to you, brother and happy birthday to you sister. EVERYBODY PARTY! TOGETHER! hi, ah you

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